Tropico 5 Review: A Beautiful Second-fiddle to its Predecessor?

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While large gaming websites tout Tropico 5 as a worthy successor within the franchise, user reviews argue that Tropico 4 is still the superior version. Here is a low down of Tropico 5 pros and cons versus its predecessor, according to first-wave users:

The Positive

  • Better graphics
  • Longer play time
  • New dynasty feature
  • New trade route feature
  • Better wars and riots
  • Co-op feature
  • Managers for buildings
  • New edicts

The Negative

  • Lack of character customization
  • Faction leaders no longer provide recommendations
  • Poor implementation of the new notification box and overlays
  • Colonial era is uneventful
  • Very limited building models
  • The happiness chart of classes are worse then Tropico 4
  • Limited stock islands
  • Gameplay is oversimplified

In summary, Tropico 5 is a decent game with a fresh injection of good ideas, albeit not all of which are well executed. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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