Toribash Review: Challenging, Funny, Fulfilling

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Ever wanted to be your own Bruce Lee? Wanted to pin someone to the floor with nothing but brute force? Or did you ever want to gracefully pluck your opponents’ head off their shoulders before splitting apart the rest of them with one kick? Ok maybe not the last one, but if this sounds interesting you’re definitely gonna love this game. Now seriously I have never loved gore fighters. Wrestling was more of an afterthought than anything else. But there is a certain thrill you get when you’re able to do a backflip and kick your opponent’s arms off. This game combines the freedom of ragdoll stick figures and mortal combat in a really amazing turn-based but rapid action masterpiece.

Performance and Gameplay

I first heard of this game about a year ago and I was interested then, but my machine at the time couldn’t run it. But I got a new one and when it came out on Steam I quickly checked it out to see what would happen. The small download size was really great as I didn’t want to wait long. My first experience in the tutorial made me feel almost helpless as my character seemed to have so many parts and possible actions I didn’t know how I could remember all this. The fact that it was turn-based made it seem quite complex. Fast forward 1 day later and I was a Green Belt. After looking at a few moves online and trying them out, I found a couple easy to do, easy-to-remember moves which brought me success in my games.


This game is really hilarious. I mean ‘drop down dead laughing’ hilarious. In low belt ranks, people who don’t know how to control their characters leads to one hell of a ridiculous experience which has everyone wishing for more. The wait in large lobbies can be a little tiring but most of the time I’m enjoying watching others play and I can learn from them. The wait is also great for the moments when you wanna take a bathroom break or try to memorize a new technique online.

Mods Available

What makes this game stand out to me are the mods that are currently avaliable for it. Right now I can’t count the number of mods that are in the list and I’ve only tested about twenty now. From sword-fighting to pool diving to racing, this game has it all! I could not believe my eyes when I found myself in something like a drag racer that raced down the map into the oncoming wall. Needless to say I had a very good laugh.

Already my review is really long, so I’ll say this last. Download the game. Play it for even a day or two. You won’t regret it. And it has a very good community, perfect for taking my mind off bad experiences in League of Legends.

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