Top 10 Fixes for The Red Solstice Crashes, msvcr120 Error, Freezing, Low FPS, Missing exe, White screen, Cannot find lobby, Resolution

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The Red Solstice is a solid tactical coop, but like other PC games, you may experience a few crashes, errors, and bugs. Here is a list of common problems and possible solutions to The Red Solstice game-breaking issues.

Top 10 Fixes for The Red Solstice Crashes, msvcr120 Error, Freezing, Low FPS, Missing exe, White screen, Cannot find lobby, Resolution

1. Frame rate issues

You might experience some frame rate issues when running the prologue mission but do not worry, please try to turn off in game cursor which is in the menu. This solution has worked for many users so it probably would work for you too.

2. .msvcr120.dll error.

When trying to start The Red Solstice game, you might see this message “msvcr120.dll is not available on the computer” and you tried to geek up to see if it actually isn’t available and you saw it .here are the solutions

  1. Download the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft download centre, its free
  2. Reinstall the game and you are ready to go.

3. Freezing for a few seconds in the game

These are known solutions for freezing in The Red Solstice:

  1. Turn off the in game cursor in the menu
  2. Update drivers especially the graphic card driver
  3. Reinstall the game

4. Virus detection game.exe

Add the game to your firewall exclusion list or disable the anti-virus and reinstall the game

5. Resolution problems

If you are having any resolution issues then:

  1. You can use the image settings to change resolution to the preferred
  2. You can manually change the resolutions in the config file at C: Users Ironward2 User AppData Local TheRedSolstice settings.ini

6. Game failing to start(missing Executable)

This problem is caused by Steam or your antivirus software.

Try these options:

  • Turn off steam client completely and start it again
  • Follow these steps:
    • In library section right click on the game and select properties
    • Select the local files tab and click verify integrity of game cache
    • Steam will verify the game s files and wait till the check window automatically closes
  • Disable antivirus or add an exception
  • Another steam troubleshoot
    • Completely exit Steam.
    • Navigate to your Steam installation folder (~C:Program FilesSteam)
    • Delete the ‘appcache’ folder.
    • Restart your computer and attempt to launch the game through Steam
  • Reinstall the game completely

7. Cannot find player in lobby

Set your steam download region to another country and restart steam

8.White screen.

So you started the game and you saw different colours then a white screen.

  1. Update drivers.
  2. Disable anti-virus or change antivirus.

9. Stats page problem.

This may be caused by a server being down problem and be patient until it comes back.

10. Can I run The Red Solstice?

Be sure that your PC has passed the minimum required specifications which are:

  1. Intel CPU Pentium D 820 2.8GHz
  2. AMD CPU Athion 64 *2 Dual Core 4400
  3. Nvidia GPU GeForce 315 512MB
  4. AMD GPU Radeon HD 4550
  5. Os Win Xp 32 bit
  6. RAM 1 GB
  7. Direct x DX9
  8. HDD space 6 GB

If you happen to experience other problems or some of the solutions did not work for you please, comment below for further help and guidance from the community.

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  • cabowabo

    Are there any known fixes if i only have intel hd graphics?

  • this game is fucking not worth paying for until its be beta tested to great extent and clear all bugs (most) simply joining lobbies and friends list are buggy.

    not worth the money they ask i’m sorry.