Top 10 Fixes for Final Fantasy XIII PC Crashes, Errors, Stuck at 720p, Lag, Stutter, Poor FPS, Black screen, Controllers, Audio, Esc key

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The thirteenth installment to the much acclaimed Final Fantasy saga did not deliver as was expected by its loyal fans. Nevertheless, it was a fine game play that lives up to its predecessors. Frankly, I personally love the game for its graphical detail, but realistic hair strands might not cut it for all of us. As with every other game, issues are bound to pop up and interrupt your exciting afternoon of play. Here are 10 most common Final Fantasy XIII PC crash issues and their fixes to help straighten things back out for you.

Top 10 Fixes for Final Fantasy XIII PC Crashes, Errors, Stuck at 720p, Lag, Stutter, Poor FPS, Black screen, Controllers, Audio, Esc key

1. Game locked at 720p resolution

While this is not an issue per se, the fact that Final Fantasy XIII PC version came locked to a 1280*720 screen resolution has raised a number of disgruntled voices. To fix this simply download Durante’s plug-in, GeDoSaTo, and it will give you screen resolution capabilities of up to 3840*2160p.

2. Game stuttering/lagging during play

This is especially felt during cut scenes or when moving the camera around. To fix this, go to your start menu and then right click on “Computer”. Choose “manage” and navigate to the “Device Manager” page. Click on “Human Interface Devices” and disable all “HID Compliant Devices”. This should fix the problem for most of you.

3. FPS drop fix for Nvidia

To fix this simply navigate to your Nvidia control panel and then into the “Manage 3D Settings / Global Settings”. Find the power management option and set it to prefer maximum performance. You can also set the default windows power management option to maximum.

4. Final Fantasy XIII PC crash instantly after start

Try disabling data encryption protection for starters. If this does not work, you can try running the game as Admin.

5. Game running at a constant 30 FPS

Turning the Vsync option on Nvidia graphics control panel to off will probably help get rid of this problem.

6. Poor FPS on AMD

Try hitting the Alt-Tab keys and see if the issue goes away for you.

7. Black screens during cut scenes

Try changing your screen resolution to 1280*720p. You should also make sure your video codecs are installed and up to date.

8. Game pad/controllers issues fix

This fix might be a bit tricky but here goes… First navigate to c:Program FilesSteamAppscommonFinal Fantasy XIIIWhite_dataprogwinbin. Create a new file, joypad.txt and paste the following into it.

  • Pad.Back = Button.9
  • Pad.LeftStick.Click = Button.11
  • Pad.LeftStick.X = X-Axis
  • Pad.LeftStick.Y = Y-Axis.Inverted
  • Pad.RightDPad.Down = Button.3
  • Pad.RightDPad.Left = Button.4
  • Pad.RightDPad.Right = Button.2
  • Pad.RightDPad.Up = Button.1
  • Pad.RightStick.Click = Button.16
  • Pad.RightStick.X = off
  • Pad.RightStick.Y = off
  • Pad.Start = Button.10
  • Pad.Trigger.LeftBottom = Button.5
  • Pad.Trigger.LeftTop = Button.7
  • Pad.Trigger.RightBottom = Button.6
  • Pad.Trigger.RightTop = Button.8

Rename the file to joypad.exe from joypad.txt.

9. Audio not working

Try updating your drivers and see if this helps before doing a reinstall.

10. ESC key closing game

To fix this Final Fantasy XIII PC crash issue all you have to do is set the game to play with borderless windows. This should ensure a confirmation message pops up allowing you to deny the game’s closure.

If you have any Final Fantasy XIII PC crash related issues that you have encountered and we have failed to cover, please let us know by posting your experiences in the comment section below. Happy gaming.

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  • muhsin

    wah i just seatrching the gamepad solution and i ended up on here, thanks so much and i’ll try it 😀

  • Isaac

    My game keeps crashing after about 10 minutes of gameplay. Luckily, I can reach most save points before that time, but it is a pain to continually have to reload the game.

  • light

    I run the game with 4gb of ram, yesterday I upgrade the hardware to 8gb and when I start the game I got this error > “Fatal error(2).VRAM insufficient to star the game”. Please help me!

  • mint

    pls help me.. my game still has black screen during cut scene n all your method don’t work.. btw i using window 8.1

  • Pittonecio

    I tried the solution for the crash after start but it didn´t works 🙁
    My computer can run the game perfectly but i can´t open the game for that problem.

  • jo

    i’ve upgrade flamberge to omega weapon. now when i reopen the save game, there’s no more omega weapon but it turn to lv.47 in the inventory and i can’t even use it. when i try to dismantle it, the game crashes.


    my game also crashs after 10 mins any way to fix that?

    • det

      same issue.
      I hope somebody had a soulution for this problem 🙁

    • dragongod

      your not the only one.

      mine just crash after an average of 11mins of gameplay on my windows 8.1

    • Kevin

      and yet no one replies with a solution had more shit with this game then my toilet did in a year

    • EAnIL

      I post a comment if your still having problems do read my comment below.

  • chu2ever

    mine is stuck at the square enix screen. -_- help pls.

  • Train

    Sorry to say, but it doesn’t fix my gamepad problem yet. Still bad move camera on right-stick analog controller and wrong button.

  • michael

    i open the game smoothly but the problem is after 10-15 mins of play it closes stating that theres problem somewhere i tried the DEP fix but still error occurs hope to get some replies on how to fix this issue thanks

    • EAnIL

      I post a comment if your still having problems do read my comment below.

  • Kenneth

    Still having the problem with my controller. Right joystick not working. Back and Start key changed to L3 and R3. Camera left and right moved to LT and RT. Please help man.. I really wanna play it.

  • John

    When i pressed new game the game the screen goes black and theres no sound but the subtitles are shown. Please help i really wanna play the game thanks.

  • Rosene

    i have same problem as john

    • Ahmed

      just pause (0) and skip (1). i think you installed ffxiii repack, so there is no cutscene.

  • Scott

    Does anyone have a more detailed gamepad.exe to re-map the ABXY buttons? The buttons on my gamepad don’t match up to the defaults and it feels weird.

  • Chester

    PLS HELP… after 8-10 mins of playing always force closes then ffxiii stop working… plss help its annoying 🙁

  • MetalZQR

    A mi no me iniciaba el juego y lo solucione asi : En las opciones DEP elegi la opcion de “activar DEP solo para programas y servicios de Windows esenciales” (panel de cntrl / sistema/ config avanzada del sistema / opciones avanzadas /boton config./ prevencion de ej de datos / activar DEP solo para ….etc etc
    Desactivar los dispositivos HID que consecuencias trae ??? y una vez que he dejado de jugar tengo que vover a habilitat cada uno de estos dispositivos ???

  • MetalZQR

    sorry use google translate

  • John

    Thanks a whole bunch for this! Really helped! 🙂

  • EAnIL

    For those whose game been crashing 10-20 min in game play here’s a solution.

    Go to gamecopyworld final fantasy XIII pc. look for the fix files there (there’s only one the steam ver.) download it add, merge or copy it to your root FFXIII file and this will solve your problem but BEWARE your precious savefile will be delete so if you know how to make backup saves do so.

    • TheansanZero

      eeh, sry but it didn’t help, it still crashes every 10 min…

    • Magnaton

      Thanks a lot!
      now it doesn’t crash anymore.

    • NobodyKnows

      how do i download from that site, i can’t find it on the page.

    • NobodyKnows

      never mind, I was able to download already :))

    • NobodyKnows

      The game no longer runs any more after I did the procedure above so I had to re-install it again
      BTW I wasn’t sure what fix I downloaded because of there are 3 fix files in there I only downloaded the “FINAL FANTASY XIII v1.3 [MULTI8] Fixed Files #2” and copy and replaced (merged) it to the FFXIII files.
      Did I do anything wrong to make the game unable to run anymore?

    • Joel

      Which exact file? Now there is alot if fixes posted there. Pls reply. Thanks

    • bnrkrnia

      mine still keep on stopped working every 15 mins

    • bnrkrnia

      could you give a more detailed instructions…? pls reply. thx

  • Themis

    I open the game and when i reach at the first battle it doesn’t show the battle menu.i have tried every fix i found but do i fix this?

  • NobodyKnows

    The Game pad/controllers issues fix doesn’t work for me
    BTW I’m using a Generic USB Joystick (it looks like a PS2 controller), it has jumbled controls
    such as:
    Triangle/button 1 = X (confirm) in the game
    X/button 3 = Square (map) in the game
    Square/button 4 = Triangle (menu) in the game
    L2 = RB (libra) in the game
    And the rest just works fine.
    Is there anyway to fix this?

  • D4rk

    HELP … after 10 minutes of playing always force closes then FFXIII stop working … plss help

  • jun-jun

    Help……after cut scene, it just stuck…….but still got music and can pause….any solution?

  • Pedro Alves

    For those who still have problems with black video screen with no audio please search your game’s directory and see if there is any movie folder on main game’s folder. If there is cut and paste on white_data folder. The movie folder is suposed to be inside this folder.

  • I feel that is among the most vital info for me. And i’m happy reading your article.

    But should observation on few general things, The web site taste iis ideal, the articles is in reality
    excellent : D. Good process, cheers

  • edhie

    always stop working for 10 min, i do all suggestion but still crashing. sad

  • kaizen

    I have Windows 10 for OS on my laptop and the game crashes every after 15 minutes. Although I can find nearby save points before the game crashes, however, it would be much easier if the game doesn’t crash at all. Is there a solution for the game crash? :'(

  • kaizen

    My FFXIII game crashes always at exactly 15 minutes and I have to reload the game again. I’m using a Windows 10 OS on my laptop and doesn’t seem to be working properly, but with FFXIII-2 it works perfectly fine without the game crashing. Please do help me with this or send me a permanent fix on the game so I can play for as long as I like. :'(

  • MizzDr Biggest Fan

    for those whom downloaded this and having a problem with the cutscenes/movie not showing up or showing only black screen with subtitles, simply navigate to your FFXIII installation directory and move the “movie” folder into the “white_data” folder. also don’t forget to set the launcher to run as administrator. if you’re using windows 8, set the launcher to run in compatibility mode for windows 8.

  • midou nahla

    plzzz friend how i can fix this issue or error please :'(

  • midou nahla

    plzzz friend how i can fix this issue or error pleasezz :'(

  • i’m stuck in first loading how i can fix that 🙁

  • Zarazyro

    So my Final Fantasy XIII starts normally. I can see the intro and set all Settings. Going to new game and choosing any difficulty makes a confirmation bubble pop up. At that Point, the game no longer takes any of my Control commands except esc. Can you help me please?