Top 10 Fixes for The Evil Within Crashes, Errors, Won't Start, Change Resolution, Skip Intro Video, Unlock 30 FPS, Black bars, Console Commands, Launch Options

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Ah, The Evil Within, the latest release from Bethesda, the horror laying down the hype. But don’t you hate it when you get those glitches and problems that you don’t know how to fix and your so intrigued in the game you don’t want to wait to play it? To guarantee you have the highest chance of no problems or system failures make sure you have 41 GB HDD space available for game instalment and 4GB RAM free for games progress to run smoothly. Windows 7 or 8.1 is advised for this Game to work to its full Capability.

Top 10 Fixes for The Evil Within Crashes, Errors, Won’t Start, Change Resolution, Skip Intro Video, Unlock 30 FPS, Black bars, Console Commands, Launch Options

1. The Evil Within downloaded but won’t play

you have downloaded the game and nothings happening, this could be due to a setting on your computer that avoids the game receiving data. To fix this problem you need to go to your control panel, select your system and security folder, select system, advance system settings, advance, performance and then your data execution prevention folder you will need to add your games exe. folder here to ensure your game is receiving the data needed. once followed this step your game should work just fine.

2. The Evil Within crashes when launching

If your game still doesn’t work after following the solution above, you may have an out of date version of DirectX. You need to update to version 11.

3. How to change resolution and performance via console

To enable your ability to change the setting you need to change to fix the problems with this game go to your ‘the evil within steam’ option, select properties, set launch and enter the code ‘+com_allowconsole1’. once you have entered this all the codes to fix the resolution, performance and ability settings will all be accessible by opening the in game console and entering the codes needed, which are provided in the corresponding fixes below. Read on!

4. The Evil Within runs slow, stuck at 30 FPS

Your game running slow or acting as if someone is pressing a play pause button every half second? That could be due to the fact this game is custom to 30 frames per second and may not work properly on other settings that require more or less frames.

To limit your game play to the 30 frames per second:

  1. On Steam, right-click on The Evil Within
  2. Go to properties, set launch and enter ‘R_swapinterval-2’

This limits your frames per second to 30, this setting is a default for the game’s performance.

Enter ‘R_swapinterval-1’ to limit them to 60 but as the game play standard being set on 30 FPS the game still may not play the best.

5. How to change resolution and remove black bars in The Evil Within

A common problem with this game is black bars, that is due to the aspect ratio of the game. this game was designed with being 2:35:1 the game may not download with the right resolution for ultimate game play. to set the game to the right resolution you need the code ‘R_foraspectratio’

Once you have installed the game it will be set on the default aspect ratio of 2:5. 2:35:1 the best resolution setting for this games performance.

Before you can enter that you need to work out what resolution you want.

For full resolution enter ‘R_foraspectratio0’ but with the game still having upgrades and repairs as no games perfect as soon as its released. Full resolution is not ideal and may cause glitches and freezing or only a selected view of the game screen.

‘R_foraspectratio1.8’ or ‘R_foraspectratio2’ sets your game aspect ratio to the 2:35:1 ratio setting that the game plays best on and also removes the black bars that are displayed through game play.

Once you install the game it will be set on default 2:5 so this is an advised straight up edit.

6. How to get unlimited ammunition

Everyone hates getting so far in a game then getting stuck at the same stage repeating the same quest and running out of ammo, dying and having to start that stage again. For endless ammunition:

  1. On Steam, right-click The Evil Within
  2. Go to properties > launch settings
  3. Enter ‘G_infiniteammo’ to supply yourself with a gun that will just keep shooting

7. How to stop the timer

Alright now you’ve got the ammunition but just not enough time on the clock. don’t you wish you could just stop the clock? Follow the steps above, but this time input ‘G_stoptime1-‘. This will freeze your timer.

8. Using the debug camera

Never know what is around that next corner, then your attacked with never ending things to defend yourself from? Then you’re looking for the next trick. This allows you to explore with the camera but your character Detective Sebastian Castellanos stays where you left him.

In the launch options as described in above steps, this time enter ‘toggledebugcamera’.

9. God mode

Getting stuck in a corner with too many attackers to escape or getting stuck in a room with no way out? enabling ghost ability of passing through walls is quite helpful in these cases. Enter ‘god’ and you can fly through as many rooms as you like without needing to open any doors or break any windows. this game play edit also helps deter enemies and seem invisible to them that you can walk right by them and they don’t see anything.

10. How to Skip Intro Videos

Just edging to play the game but getting stuck watching the introductions and tutorials? enter ‘+com_skipintrovideo1’ and this will ensure you get to your game play as soon as possible with no waiting for your game to show you how to play.

Hopefully these tips and solutions solve all your problems and you enjoy playing the game to its full capability.

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  • alex surikov

    PLEASE HELP IM DESPRATE!!! hey i have a problem i tried everything from your fixes
    from downgrading direct x11 to direct x9 and reinstalling the newest direct x11
    to reinstalling: nvidia drivers,the game itself,vc redist
    i did windows recovery and the DEP fix doeasent work because DEP dont apply on 64-bit applications
    my problem is:the game is launching in windowed mode,plays the intro and then it says:
    aplication stoppend working
    i click to see more info
    i see appcrash and something about this file:nvwgf2umx.dll

    • If you have nvidia card just turn off 3d global setting antialiasing – FXAA then lunch the game; that fix my same error, you can turn on later.

  • My Solution

    I had the same problem. I solved it by complete accident by creating a profile for it in Nvidia Inspector, I didn’t even change any settings in the profile. The game starts windowed but you can change it to fullscreen once you get to the option menu.

  • alex surikov

    thank but i stayed all night to fix it
    and for me worked to change setting to “let the 3d application decide” in the nvidia/adjust image settings with preview/
    sorry for being desprate but i am a fan of residen evil(the early ones) and now i can finaly play this epic game. and this is for the tango gameworks:why not make games that works on both AMD and NVIDIA?

  • sam fisher

    why is the main menu invisible??!! any help!

    • guest

      I have the same problem here, and I couldn’t find any solutions for it.

    • Unknown

      I searched the web….
      Looks like you need to update your graphic card’s drivers….
      This issue is mostly reported on AMD graphic cards and updating the driver fixed it…..

  • Ethan

    So i played TEW completely fine up untill chapter 2, when after talking to the Pale white Character, there is a trap you need to disarm, after disarming it, and walking out if the cave, the map seems broken in that nothing is there but a few patches of grass, and a lot of just nothing-ness. if anyone can help, that would be greatly appretiated.
    Things i have tryed:
    Using DBug cam
    Diabling Anti aliesing
    Not using Console (at all)
    Restarting the chapter
    Restarting the game
    Restarting Story
    (Haven’t re-installed the game yet, but i would like to keep that as a last resort, as the game is 32gb)

  • Chris

    So im at Chapter 11 about to finish the game and I get to a part where Kidman comes out of the door when I save her. My character becomes frozen as I watch kidman and the screen is frozen I restarted the whole chapter and got to this part again and the same issue .. I cannot progress through this game

    • xraymondo

      the same did u find any solution

  • TIm

    Im on chapter 4, where you find valerio, and after using the mirror, if i try to save in the hospital, whether i overwrite, new slot, etc… the game boots back to the home screen, and gets stuck “loading profile”

    ive tried opening drawers, upgrading, doing nothing and saving, defeating the doctor then going to the hospital… nothing works. i cant progress any further.

    im running an i5-4430, 8gb ripjaws, gtx 770, b85-plus mobo.

    also, side note, yesterday, the game ran perfectly smooth on max settings, up until i tried to save at that same mirror. then, after that, the whole game runs choppy, even at lowest settings. Its bugging the %##& out of me, cause i really want to play this. help?

  • Andrew

    I hope that someone could help me:
    I’m in the chapter three and, just the moment when the big man had to die the game stops and closes itself. I tried some solutions but I don’t know how to avoid this bug.

    • Paul

      have you found sth yet?

  • Dennis

    Please help me. I have something like a strange graphical glitch. The game runs fine, but I have something like strange black boxes (squares, like bigger pixels) in the background of Main Menu and in the game itself- like bugged shadows or something. I tried to reinstall DirectX (I have DX11.1, Windows 7), reinstalled .NET Framework (have 4.5), also the game itself, tried different graphical settings, but nothing has changed. I am out of options and kinda desprate.
    (BTW. I have W7, DX11, AMD Phenom II X4 N950 2,1GHz, ATI RADEON HD 5650 2GB)

  • Emmanuel

    The game worked fine until chapter 6. Now each time I open the weapon wheel the game crashes 🙁


    Sorry to be a n00b but how what is the..exe file called or how do I find it?

  • David

    Hi the game has run great on my pc up until chapter 6, me and Sebastian are in the damaged building and there are 4 boxes hanging from the tower firing bolts, we have cleared the zombies and now shot the zombie in the first box which falls and crashes, now as I am running around killing the zombies that have been let out, the game glitches and I end up dangling from the bridge I get back up the first time but second time I fall its so frustrating, has anybody else had this problem please help thank you….

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    because this point in time i am reading this enormous educational post here at my residence.

  • Jason

    I am looking for any help possible please.
    I had crc errors when downloading but after 2 days of rechecking the torrent it finnally went through and finished. I have since rechecked it a few times and it says 100% ok.
    The problem thus far is it errors out when I go to run it :


    It happens everytime at this file:


    I have looked all over online and here and tried everything I could find. Such as:

    making sure I have the latest .net
    making sure I have the latest c++
    Geforce GTX 760 making sure I have the latest drivers
    making sure I have all windows updates
    and even inserted latest d3dcompiler_43.dll into system 32 folder

    with no success.
    This is myrigs specs:
    AMD FX 6300 6 core cpu
    16 gb ram
    windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

    Please help with any suggestions.

  • mike

    hi I have a problem when I want to run evil this error comes:The evil within has stopped working please help me guys.

  • saravanan

    pls help me an error occured black box setup stopped working after 46.7% and another problem is i got 3 dvd for that game but only 1cd is having the full game file i dont no what is for other two and it also says as the evil with in

    • Anonymous Gamer

      Fuck you stupid cunt filthy Indian pirate! Buy your goddamn games!

  • amit

    hiii anybody get this error 0xc000007b in evil within..plzzz can anybody fix this promblem..

  • avi

    The Evil Within game works very slow in my Windows 8.1 pls help

  • lau

    Could not find LetterBoxFix2 injection point, The Evil Within may have updated to a version that is no longer supported.

    Try restarting The Evil Within or selecting a different version and re-enable the fix. how to fix