Top 10 Fixes for Edge Space Blue Screen Crash, Can't Load, Start Menu, Lagging, Freezes, Pause Button, Servers

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During setup and while you are playing Edge of Space, you might encounter some issues or problems, such as BSOD, lagging, loading saves, menu crashes, and more. This includes the top ten most common problems for Edge of Space and how to fix them.

Top 10 Fixes for Edge Space Blue Screen Crash, Can’t Load, Start Menu, Lagging, Freezes, Pause Button, Servers

1. Starting a New Edge of Space Server

  1. On the Edge of Space home screen, you should see a tab that says “Start Edge of Space Launcher”. Click on that.
  2. In that tab, you should be able to see four different icons located on the left hand side of the screen in a yellow and blue box. They are News, Server, Settings, and lastly, Support. To start a Edge of Space server, click on Server.
  3. Make up a name for your Edge of Space character as required.
  4. Afterwards, install the server as instructed as well as the admin.
  5. Then, select start server.
  6. Using your name that you set up and the password, you can now log into the server.

2. Connecting to the Server

  1. If you have problems with connecting to the Edge of Space server, first launch Edge of Space.
  2. After, click on the button that says Connect Button.
  3. In there, you should see a tab that says Add Server Button. Click on that.
  4. Then, type in the information for your server.
  5. For the server name, you can just make up one. Ensure that you will remember it.
  6. For the IP Address, you just simply type in your IP address of your server.

3. When I come back to the game, I can’t get back to where I left off.

  1. Open the Edge of Space game.
  2. In the startup menu, click on “continue game” instead of “start game”. Start game means restart the entire game over while continue game means to continue where you left off.

4. I am not able to get to the start menu.

  1. First of all, open the Edge of Space game.
  2. At the bottom right hand corner, there is a little setting symbol. Click on it.
  3. In there, click on start up.
  4. Then, you should see two options. Check the one that says “Automatically Appear When Started”. Therefore, the start menu will automatically appear.

5. Blue Screen Crash When I Open the Game

  1. Ensure that everything that is required for the game is installed properly and is in the correct format.
  2. Make sure that you’re connecting to the game is secure and correctly connected.
  3. In the settings tab in the startup menu, click on Refresh and Restart.

6. Edge of Space is Slow

  1. Make sure all the requirements for the game are met.
  2. Install any other optional files needed for Edge of Space.
  3. Ensure that you install the “Resolution Screen” file which would improve the speed of Edge of Space.

7. The tutorial is lagging.

  1. In the game files, select Edge of Space.
  2. Then click on Tutorial Settings File.
  3. In there, you should be able to see three different options. Click on Verify Integrity.
  4. Let that to download and your tutorial should be much faster.

8. Edge of Space Freezes

  1. This is one of the biggest problems of Edge of Space. First, open up the game file and click on Edge of Space.
  2. In there, click on Screen Settings and Speed.
  3. After, click on reset speed and a file should download.

9. Edge of Space Crashes

If Edge of Space crashes, you just follow the exact same steps taken above (Edge of Space freezes).

10. The Pause Button Doesn’t Work

  1. In the settings bar in Edge of Space, click on controllers.
  2. The biggest reason why your pause button doesn’t work is because you accidentally disabled it which happens a lot. Therefore, in controllers, click on enable pause button.

If you encounter any more problems, you can leave them in the comments below. We will try our best to help you solve them.

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  • Jerome

    I’ve encountered a problem where my game loads forever…it just remains on the loading screen with the firefox on it. Haven’t even been able to play the game.

    • Jackomond

      Yeah same, im on windows 10 here with the game bought on steam