The 16 People You Will Meet in DayZ

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New to DayZ? While you should check out our survival guide, be prepared to meet the 16 types of people in DayZ.


1. The Noob

  • “How do I attack?”
  • “How do I take stuff?”
  • “Can I drive that car?”
  • These are the natural questions of a noob.
  • He does not know how to attack,
  • He does not know what to do,
  • He does not know how to play this game in general,
  • But he is too lazy to read the instructions before he plays the game.

2.The Nice Guy

  • He’s hard to find but if you find him you become buddies.
  • He does everything so that you survive.
  • You’ll become bros… until one of you dies of course.

3.The *******

This is the Type of person you will meet most in DayZ.

He is called the ******* because he just shoots you in the face and then loots you dead body right after that. Often *******s have really good armor, huge backpacks and a motorhelm.

Stay away from these people because they never are alone, they live in groups of *******s.

4. The Pro

  • He has the best armor in the game and the best weapon.
  • He could be an ******* or a nice guy you will never know.
  • It’s a 50/50 chance.
  • But if he is a nice guy you will be in good hands.
  • If not… Well… You’re ****ed.

5. The Troll

What should i say about this guy?

  • He is naked and tries to punch you to death.
  • If you hurt him he just runs away like a little kid.

6. The I-Don’t Speak-Your-Language-Guy

He connects to an server with a (german),(english),(russian) in its name and doesn’t speak this language.

Usually he just says No or Yes if you try to speak with him.

7. The Hacker

It`s the big brother of the troll and the son of the *******.

He just ruins the game for everyone.

  • He can fly
  • He can become invisible
  • he can turn invincible
  • He can be a little bug
  • He could do everything and become everything in DayZ

8. The Admins

  • Admins are just like hackers,but the problem is… they’re allowed to do that!
  • When it’s their server then they are allowed to fly ,to cheat stuff and ban/kick people.
  • But they can be useful agains hackers because they could ban them.
  • But they could also be *******s and just ban YOU without a reason.

9. The Traitor

  • He acts like he is the nice guy but after a while he betrays you and kills you.
  • These guys are a mixture of nice guy and *******.
  • But more *******.

10. The Juke Box

  • These guys are harmless.
  • They just spam songs in the voicechat.
  • It is really annoying but it is better than meeting an *******.

11. The Horder

He is an ******* too but in his own way. He collects many zombies and runs around you so that the zombies kill you.

12. The Psycho

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13. The Roleplayer

  • He Acts like his favourite zombie-apocalypse movie-/game-star.
  • He speaks like his favourite zombie-apocalypse movie-/game-star.
  • He thinks that he is his favourite zombie-apocalypse movie-/game-star.
  • Mostly these guys play Daryl Dixon or Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead).
  • So mostly they are nice guys,but they are a little bit creepy.

14. The Terrorizer

  • These guys are *******s too but,they are the worst ******s.
  • They killl everybody…..yes,they kill fresh spawns too.
  • They yell in the voice chat: ”Die!!!Noobs!!!!!!Die!!!!”.

You will meet many of these guys… believe me.

15. The Loser

He’s the little brother of the traitor and the son of the *******.

He is the Loser.

You give him an axe even though you have a rifle full loaded he tries to kill you and fails then yells in the voice chat that you are a bandit.
those guys are just dumb everybody ignores them and nobody likes them.

16. The Kidnapper

He sneaks up behind you, handcuffs you,puts a sack on your head drags you with a rope to a different place then breaks your legs with a melee weapon so you dont die and then keeps you with him.

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