Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers – 10 Most Common Problems and How To Fix Them

Below is a collection of the 10 most common issues we get regularly regarding Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers. While not comprehensive, you may find it useful to browse this short top ten list of problems and solutions to see if your issue is included.

1. No Sound for 64bit Windows 8

To fix this error, go into the Tiny and Big main directory. Create a temporary folder and move all files (but not directories) into it. Then change directories to the bin64 directory. Select all files there and copy them into the main directory.

2. Camera won’t stop moving when using controller or mouse

You may need to use the SDL launch option. Of note, this will turn off the rumble effect, but wil make the game otherwise playable. Try the setting:

–display=sdl –input=sdl

3. Choppy frame rate in Linux

For OpenGL support, it is recommended to use Gnome 2.0 or Gnome 3.4 or higher.

4. Game not working on integrated graphics chip

The game is only designed to work on more advanced, dedicated graphics cards – specifically Nvidia or ATI/AMD hardware. It also is not designed to work on Intel graphics chips/cards. This is not a bug, but simply a design limitation. As such it won’t be “fixed” in any scheduled release.

5. I get an error stating a file cannot be recognized

You likely have a corrupted file. To verify this, right click on the game and select properties then the local files tab and click “verify integrity of game cache”. Alternately, you may need to reinstall the game.

6. I get an error “No running steam client detected”

Sometimes Steamworks fails to start properly. In such instances try restarting the game and, if that fails, try switching to offline mode and back to online mode.

7. Game hangs at initial load screen on Ubuntu system

Try changing the resolution in the launch options:

–width=1024 –height=768

8. Game controls not working correctly with my Razer Nostromo and Xbox 360 controller

These two devices will not operate correctly during game play if both used on the same computer. To fix issue, you will need to deactivate the Nostromo HID in Windows device manager. To do this, click on the device’s driver tab and select “disable device”.

9. My Razor Sabertooth seems to be malfunctioning, making the game unplayable

In Windows, add the following launch options to Steam to manually select SDL:

–input=sdl –display=sdl

10. How do I manually change the resolution?

Add –dialog in the launch settings. This should display all options when the game starts. You can later remove it once you have the settings you desire.

Additional problems

This list is by no means comprehensive. Issues can always arise with new hardware and software. If you’re experience other issues with Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, please post your problem in the comments section so your issue can be researched. Also include the operating system you run the game on. Finally, it’s also very helpful when reporting a problem to include the log file from when the error occurred.

Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers PC Review

This is probably one of the most pleasantly suprising indie games i’ve played in a long time. The basic mechanic is this: You can cut anything in the game. With a laser. As many times, and into as many shapes, pieces & bits as you want. I honestly got sidetracked by cutting stuff into pieces and screwing around.


This game is one of the logical extremes of destructive environments, considering you can cut the entire environment down into little bits.

And no, it’s not just a special type of block you can cut only a certain amount of times in certain locations. You can cut everything. No, you don’t have to have a certain amount of energy to cut something. As long as you can draw a line across it, you can cut it. Even things you’d need to finish the current level. There are as few restrictions as possible. Also you have a rocket tool that can push whatever you can cut and a grappling claw that can pull whatever you can cut.


This game is really a wonderful example of what the indie community can bring to the table. The art style is superb, I never tired of the 3D, comic book-esque, sound effects popping up and the cel shaded graphics works well. The mechanics are unique and solid. You can interact with way more of the environment than necessary to complete the tasks which leads to quite a bit of goofing off, tearing things down and blasting them around. The story actually ends up having a bit of depth once you get through a few slow bits in the middle. Given how this game was developed and published it is unsurprising to see a few issues, like some occasional control bugs, but all the things it does right gloss them over. I can certainly recommend this game but I would caution against buying the soundtrack until you’ve heard the music.