Mario Kart 8: First Impressions

PokemonYouTube and Megamanmushroom666 are only some of the users who were able to nab an advanced copy of Mario Kart 8 at SEARS this week. From their initial feedback, Nintendo’s highly anticipated flagship racing game seems to be worth the wait, featuring smooth graphics, very refined controls, balanced items, stutter-free gaming, and rewarding, skill-based gameplay.

On graphics:

Remember that demo you played on Gamestop? Well the game looks even better than that. It looks so much better on my TV.

Item balance:

And I love the item balance, whenever I am in first, second, or third I feel very safe. On the other hand when I’m behind the pack it is very hard to catch up. Previous games have had this backwards.

Online play:

I played online and I am pretty much the only American playing and boy it runs so smooth. I have not experienced any lag whatsoever and I had plenty of 10-12 player matches, the game plays like a dream.

Gameplay and skill:

In other words, in this game everything counts, it finally feels like you need skills more than anything. Hitting all those jumps, boosts (starting boost), hitting all those drifts, it all matters. There’s times I’m in first, I’m doing everything perfect and I can’t see anyone behind me, but then I’m drifting and accidentally hit the wall for a second and I feel the person right behind me. It feels amazing to hit and do everything perfectly.

Track design:

I’ve beaten the first two cups so far and some of the tracks are downright fantastic. Thwomp Ruins, Toad Harbour, Twisted Mansion and Shy Guy Falls were great.

With such positive feedback from early users, Mario Kart 8 seems to be a title that delivers on its promise. Get ready and set for the coming weekends Mario Kart 8 marathon!