How to Do Submissions in EA Sports UFC: A Complete Guide

Here is a complete guide courtesy of EA Sports on how to do submissions in EA Sports UFC, complete with images and control sequences. EA Sports: “Dig in below for an explanation of every ground position in the game and the different submissions you can achieve through each one. From Armbars to Twisters to Peruvian Neckties you’ll be amazed at how many ways you can finish a fight.”



How to Submissions EA Sports UFC


Back Mount - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Back Mount

Rear Naked-Choke - EA Sports UFC or Armbar - EA Sports UFC


Back Side Mount - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Back Side Mount

Kneebar- EA Sports UFC


Crucifix - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Crucifix

Armbar - EA Sports UFC


Full Mount - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Front Mount

Armbar - EA SPORTS UFC,Gogplata From Mount - EA SPORTS UFC


Triangle Armbar - EA Sports UFC


Guard (Dominant) - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Guard (Dominant)

Heel Hook - EA Sports UFC


Guard (Submissive) - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Guard (Submissive)

Guillotine - EA Sports UFC , Armbar - EA Sports UFC ,

Omoplata - EA Sports UFC or Triangle - EA Sports UFC


Half Guard (Dominant) - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Half Guard (Dominant)

Arm Triangle - EA Sports UFC or Kneebar - EA Sports UFC


Half Guard (Submissive) - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Half Guard (Submissive)

Twister - EA Sports UFC or Kimura Half Guard - EA Sports UFC


North South - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From North South

Windshield Wiper - EA Sports UFC


Rubber Guard - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Rubber Guard

Gogoplata From Rubber Guard - EA Sports UFC or Armbar - EA Sports UFC


Side Control Dominant - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Side Control (Dominant)

Kimura - EA Sports UFC or Inverted Triangle - EA Sports UFC


Side Control (Submissive) - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Side Guard (Submissive)

D Arce Choke - EA Sports UFC


Side Saddle - EA Sports UFC

Submissions Options From Side Saddle

Arm Triangle - EA Sports UFC


Sprawl - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Sprawl

Japanese Necktie - EA Sports UFC , Peruvian Necktie - EA Sports UFC


Anaconda - EA Sports UFC


Stacked Guard - EA Sports UFC

Submission Options From Stacked Guard

Heel Hook - EA Sports UFC or Kneebar - EA Sports UFC

How to Survive in The Forest (PC, PS4): Learn Basics, Characters, and Enemies

A common misconception  about The Forest PC game is that the AI is too hard and surviving is a pain in the bum. To help you quickly learn the fundamentals and survive better and longer, here’s a comprehensive guide of The Forest PC game basics, characters, and enemies.

At the moment, saving is bugged out. That is, you cannot save at all during this phase of the alpha. If you die that’s it, so best not to get too attached to your shelters and fortresses. Also, physics glitches are prelavent: crouching into the wrong place or hitting something wrong can kill you, so watch your movements.

Survival Basics

1: Grab what you can from the crash.

While most people would see this as common sense, some items you can grab here will greatly bolster your odds of survival. Obviously there is the small axe and various food items, but by bashing open the suitcases (look down at them and left click, you have to get the aim right), you can find scaps of cloth, some meds, and flashlights, possibly more.

2: Evasion and Combat
At some point you are likely to run into the canibals. They are tougher than they look, and your starter axe is not powerful enough to take them down quickly. You can sneak past and hide from them, and if they spot you they might not be immediately hostile. If you can escape do so. If you have to fight, be aware of their numbers for they will try to flank around you. With certain weapons, like the rusty axe, you can block by holding RMB, which will deplete stamina on hit but keep you from suffering HP loss. Keep them all in your sight and watch your sides.

Even if you don’t see the cannibals, they might see you. If you’re spotted, you might hear one of their cries, or a faint music cue. If you hear either, take a look around you and make visual confirmation of the threats.

Fire is your best bet for killing them;
by combining booze and cloth in the backpack, you can make molotov cocktails. These will kill the cannibals much more efficiently, but at a risk: if you try to equip other items you will drop the mollie, bursting it at your feet.

The choice weapon for beating the cannibals at the moment is undoubtedly the flaregun. Ranged, several shots, and kills in one shot over time.

Two users credited below have found lizard skin can be used for armor, basically a second health bar. Suit up!

To aid in avoiding cannibals, Celticpredator has found that mud piles in the game can be used to adorn yourself in a coat of mud. This would aid in camouflage, but can be washed off.

3: Shelter
Small shelters, i.e. the Temporary and Hunting shelters, let you sleep and move time forward a bit. They can’t save the game currently despite what the survival guide says. Log cabins will keep cannibals off your back and rain off your head.

To build a shelter, pull out your survival guide by pressing B and select the shelter tab. You can also find the hunting shelter in the basics of survival section. The guide will tell you what you need, but the actual number of resources required may vary when you set it down.

Next, select a location for the shelter. You can rotate it by holding the R key. Next, find the resources you need and collect them, tapping E when you approach the shelter to add the resources. Logs you can only carry two of, but you might also build a log storage to let you quickly amass logs.

LOCATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. Look around for caves, resources, and other natural advantages. Caves seem to have more cannibals around (because they live in them, obviously) and having shelter near one is a death wish. A good idea is to find somewhere you can locate easily and defend logically. For example, I built a log cabin near the beach, a ways away from a shipwreck. The cannibals could not approach from the rear, so I could monitor the woods more easily; also the resources of the forest and the shipwreck allowed me an ample supply of items.


4: Finding Food and Staving Off the Elements
Food is more bountiful than you think, thankfully. As the survival guide states, bluish berries can be eaten safely, while black berries are poisonous. You can spear fish and hunt other animals. I cannot find a way to craft the spear, but I found one stuck into a bloodied sleeping bag outside of a tent, on the beach. I have not tried traps, so comments on that subject would be appreciated 😀

Once you kill an animal or spear a fish, look at it and tap E to pick that sucker up. You’ll see it in your inventory. Build a fire, and then click the carcass and hit C to put it on the fire. After a while it will cook, and you can tap E to eat it right there. It would seem you can’t carry cooked food atm so that’s sad. Also, fish might be a bit difficult to spot on the fire because when raw and cooked they have similar shape to the branches and blend in a bit. Just wait a minute or two after you add them and chomp away!

DID YOU KNOW: In real life, you can starve to death by eating rabbit? This phenomenon is known as “rabbit starvation”, and happens when you eat primarily lean meats like rabbit and don’t add other things to the diet. Luckily this is an over-time deal, and won’t happen immediately. Be sure to mix up your diet in The Forest! Sources: Wikipedia, biznitch!

The elements also play a factor. The rain will make you wet. As lovely as this sounds, you’ll also get hypothermic if you are left in the cold rain for too long. Find a shelter or get near some warmth to prevent death by hypothermia.

5: Effigies
Striking a cannibal corpse will burst it and allow you to take the head and limbs. You can stack these onto effigies and light them up, this will scare off cannibals temporarily. They might come back in greater number to kill you, so be wary with the effigies. They did the same to the passengers, anyway…

NOTE ON CORPSES: As reported by Black_Dashie_Cat, there is a chance that a corpse you strike will explode violently and kill you. Me, I avoid that voodoo-effigy stuff, but if you wanna make one that’s up to you. Watch that you don’t get blown up!

6: Caves
Exploring caves yields many resources and allows you to find the deceased passengers of your plane. While their fate is grim and saddening, you can find valuable resources to aid in survival, like the rusty axe, flaregun, flares, meds, and other items.

NOTE ON CAVES: In certain cave areas there will be mutated enemies, tougher and more dangerous than your average cannibal. I will post screenshots of these and name them as best I can in a rogue’s gallery.

7: Infection
After engaging in melee combat or other ways you might get bloodied up, you will indeed get bloodied up. I haven’t found out what this does yet. To remedy this, you can swim around to wash the blood off.

This guide serves as a simple way to get you on your feet in The Forest for these early days of Alpha. When further updates apply some of this information might be null, some of it might retain. However, this is fine. It is truly up to you to adapt to your environment and beat the odds, so fight hard, stay alive, and never give up.

Character List

This section will provide information on characters in the alpha at this point. Some screenshots might not be top quality but they will allow you to recognize the characters and know them when you see them.

The Survivor (Player):
Only known survivor of the plane crash, who awakens in the rearmost section of the plane. Male, wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and boots. Average strength and endurance. Your survival skills, luck, and will to live will be the guiding light for The Survivor.

The Child:
It would seem this child is the son of The Survivor. He has a shaved head and wears a white shirt with a rainbow on it. While it would seem he is mortally wounded by the crash, the cannibal I call “Him” gently picks him up and carries him away.

The Flight Attendant:
This woman may have survived the events of the crash as she is not seen behind “Him” when he takes The Child. However, she is found after you awaken with an axe plunged into her stomach, it may be possible she died trying to defend The Child. She shows little sign of decay, furthering my speculation she died very recently. Just as strangely, her body was left where it fell, unlike the other passengers.

The Passengers:
Scattered throughout the island are the passengers of the plane. It appears none other than The Survivor, however, survive. While many undoubtedly perished in the crash, those who survived were likely hunted down and killed by the cannibals. Many are found hung to bleed in caves, dismembered and used as primitive effigies, or left to the elements. Perhaps there are other survivors, but until this is confirmed, The Survivor is alone in his struggle.

I Heart Travel Guy: 
A man with a rusty axe in his flayed stomach is found in The First Cave. His characteristic shirt, blonde haircut, and grisly fate leave him unique. Why was he taken specifically for disembowelment? Why doesn’t he hang with the others in the cave? Many questions surround him, but he yields a useful weapon and tool as the Flight Attendant does.

The Pilot and Co-Pilot:
Found in the front cockpit, these men appeared to have tried their best to land the jet and survive the crash, as one of them had his flare gun ready. However, they also have perished, seemingly killed on impact. Their bodies, just like the Flight Attendant, have not been molested by the cannibals and appear to be recently deceased and left where they lie.

The Abused Woman:
Found tied to a tree, this woman appears to have been grossly mistreated by the cannibals. Her breasts were severed from her body, and her ribcage has been flayed open, seemingly while alive. Why this woman was treated with such cruelty is unknown but likely due to one of the rituals of cannibal culture. Despite her starved, decayed appearance, she is listed as a passenger when found. Poor woman…

The Tennis Player:
Whether or not this man actually enjoyed the sport is unknown. However, a large numbe of tennis balls litter his corpse, one clutched in his hand. He has several rackets smashed over his body and a tennis bag is forced over his face, leaving him in a brutal position. I found this man not far from the Abused Woman. More than one of these characters can be found, perhaps there was a team of players aboard The Jet.

The first cannibal seen by The Survivor. He appears before The Child, gently picks him up, and walks away as The Survivor’s vision fades.

BennyTheMarksman theorized that this cannibal might be the leader of the faction of cannibals on the island. His general appearance is the same as other cannibals encountered: bald head, reflective eyes, jeweled skirt, but one thing might seperate “Him” from the other cannibals: He has genitals. While many male cannibals do not appear to have male reproductive organs, from one angle it does appear this one does. Perhaps he is the Alpha male? Does he have authority to have the other males castrated? What will he do with the child?

Better quality screenshots of these and other possible characters will be procured as time goes on.

Rogues Gallery

This section will cover the enemies in the game. These are those I have seen up to this point and more may and likely will be added in the future.

The most common form of cannibal on the island will simply be reffered to as “cannibal”. These creatures greatly resemble humans in appearance, and have levels of intelligence that allow them to use group tactics, possess a unique culture, and utilize tools to their advantage. All cannibals have some similarities: Their eyes reflect as a nocturnal predator, they have pale skin, and they range from cautious to aggressive in their behavior towards humans.


“Male” cannibals are bald, seem to lack genitalia, and are more common than the female cannibals. They also adorn themselves with trinkets and jewelry, some of them wearing skulls and torches, perhaps to signify rank or authority in a group.


“Female” cannibals have hair, breasts, and wear short skirts. They often patrol with male cannibals and it would seem there gender-equality in cannibal society. This culture goes so far as to leave graves to honor their dead, composed of the primitive effigies seen around the island.

Cannibals dwell in the caves, venturing out in patrols to investigate The Island. If they spot a human, they will utter a cry and crouch down, circling around them and investigating. If they attack, they will do so by grouping around the enemy and striking simultaneously, using primitive weapons to beat the target to submission or death. Sometimes a lone cannibal will attack while the others appear to flee: this may be either a ruse to flank the target, or a genuine retreat while one covers the others.

Cannibals are strong seemingly beyond normal human limits: In this screenshot a female cannibal leaped at least ten feet and climbed into a tree. With these abilities they can overwhelm an unaware target.

“Cave Dwellers” – In the cave systems below The Island, strange mutants lurk. These creatures I have only seen two examples of, and I will give them unofficial names.

“Gorgon” – The Gorgon is a mutant composed of what seems to be several female cannibals somehow fused into one abomination. They are immediately aggressive and will attack on detecting the player.

No visible sensory organs are apparent on the Gorgon. They will attack by raising up the front pair of legs and rushing their target, attempting to clobber them with brute strength. Their attacks are relatively easy to dodge to the side, but are very durable and direct combat is not advised.

“Asura” – A multiple armed behemoth, the Asura is aggressive and territorial. They have been witnessed fighting each other, but a normal human would not last long if struck by such a creature.

Like the Gorgon they are very durable and not easy to kill. Avoiding them is advised. As a side note they have incredibly weird butt cheeks.

How to Manually Set Up an Online Wii U Connection (IGN Wiki)

Manually setting up an online connection for Wii U can solve many problems you might be having in running different online games on the platform.

1: If you have a Windows XP/Vista/7 pc, click the windows icon in the bottom left corner (the Start Button icon).

2: Type cmd into the search bar at the bottom and a black window will come up. Type in “ipconfig” (without the quotation marks), and information about your internet will come up. This information can be used to manually configure your internet settings on the Wii U.

3: Write down the numbers for the IPV4, subnet mask, and default gateway.  You also must have your security key which should be located in your router/modem settings.

4: Now, go to the internet connection menu on the Wii U and press connection settings.

5: Press manual configuration.

6: Now, type in your SSID (the name of your network), choose your security type (should be in your route’s settings) and input your security key.

7: Next, press the ip settings and hit “do not auto obtain”. Use the information “ipconfig” to fill in the information. For this step, make sure to increase the last two digits of your IP address by 10. For example, would become

Note: Adding 10 is not specific. You can try adding 11, 12, etc…(I do recommend trying to add just the 10 to the last digits first, this should work and is much less confusing, if not then come back and try this note.)

8: Once you confirm, a message will pop up, telling you to configure your DNS settings. Continue with the configuration.

9: Once again, hit “do not auto obtain” and use the number for primary DNS, and for seconday DNS (these are Google’s free DNS servers). You may also use your Internet Provider’s DNS servers, which should be listed in the “Status” page of your router’s settings.

10: Save these settings and perform a connection test.

If these steps fail, wait a few hours and try again or move your Wii U closer to your router, if possible.

Source: IGN

How to launch Watch Dogs with DirectX 10 (Images)

This guide was originally written by Andrew Dillon at the Steam Forums.

Not everyone has the funds to get the latest and greatest PC rig and software to run today’s modern games. This guide solves that problem and teach you how to force Watch Dogs to use the older DirectX 10 version, despite the touted “incompatibility.” Be sure to read the notes and FAQ that follow.

How to launch Watch Dogs with DirectX 10

  1. Depending on your windows, you can go to your start menu and type “dxcpl.exe”
  2. When the Direct X Properties opens, under the scope tab select “Edit List”
    steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_264396486_preview (1)
  3. You want to go here – C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launcher – and add all the exe files. (This just ensures that you got the right one, some don’t even use direct x and will be ignored)
  4. You now want to go here – C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWatch_Dogsbin – and add the “watch_dogs.exe” file to the list. (This is the default install location, yours might be different if you use 2 HDD’s like mine in the pictures)
  5. Now close the list box and in the bottom box of the main windows where it says “Feature Level Limit” you need to select “11_1” (should be the highest)
  6. Select the checkbox that says “Force WARP” (This is what forces DX10 instead)
  7. Hit apply and run your game!


  • If you don’t have dxcpl.exe then you can install the Windows SDK for your version of windows and it will be included.
  • This is a tutorial on how to run the game on DX10, but that being said realistically if you have a DX10 video card odds are you’re going to have trouble no matter what playing this game unless you have a card that you paid a lot for back when DX10 was the latest and greatest.
  • If you decide to upgrade your video card in the future you will need to return to this tool and clear out the changes you made so that you don’t effect the performance of the game on your new card.

Q & A’s

Q: How do I know that this guide will work for me?

A: When you launch the game you will receive an error about needing DX11 Installed

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_264396486_preview (2)

Q: I can’t find “dxcpl.exe” anywhere, I don’t think I have it, what can I do?

A: You will need to download your Windows SDK

Q: I got the game to load, but it is VERY slow.

A: Turn all display settings to their lowest.

Watch Dogs “Saturday Night Special” Achievement Guide: Weapons Trade Investigation

There are nine weapon boxes, and you unlock them on your map if you unlock all ctOS Towers. After you looted the 9th Tobias Frewer will call you (only if you progress in the story through the “One Foot in the Grave” mission (Mission 4 of Act 2) and you can play the Weapons Trade Investigation Mission.

What you will unlock: After finding 7/8 Weapons Stash you unlock the Spec Obs Goblin (4 Star, Burst-Fire Silenced Assault Rifle, 30 Bullets)


Watch Dogs “Revoking Client Privileges” Achievement Guide: Human Traffic Investigation

After Mission 2.12 the Human Traffic Investigation Missions can be played. There are eleven men to hunt down. You need to go to their locations, hack their phones, travel across town, hack the building security router and scan the briefcase.

What you will unlock: After hunting down the 10th guy you unlock the Magnate LE Car and the map will be updated and show you the last target (red)


Watch Dogs Achievement Guide: Collect all 8 Burner Phones (Sanity Check)

There are eight Burner Phones that you can find, you get the first one (1) when the Game starts (can’t be missed). (2-5) can be found if you unlock all ctOS Towers. But (6-8) are only shown on the map if you reached Act 3, but you can go there and get them anyway.

What you will unlock: After you collected the 7th recording you unlock the Vespid LE Car


Watch Dogs "Free Radical" Achievement Guide: Escape a Level 5 Police Chase

The best time to get the Achievement is at the last mission for Act 1: Dressed in Peels. There you start the Mission with four Stars, keep shooting police till your at Five. There are two easy ways to escape a 5-Star police chase. With the train or on the train tracks, the important thing is that you kill the chopper (you only need to kill the gunner), then you can just ride the train or drive on the train track away.


Counter-Strike GO Guide: Using Customized Crosshairs To Your Advantage

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, once a player finds a comfortable crosshair, their skill level jumps up significantly and they can then begin to focus on other aspects of their gameplay. This guide will show you how to customize your crosshair, and swap between multiple crosshairs in game with only a press of a button.

Customizing Crosshair

The first thing to make sure you do is head over to this Crosshair Generator. You want to make a general crosshair that feels comfortable to you. This is something that you can use with any gun in any situation. Here’s our recommendation:

cl_crosshairalpha “255”;
cl_crosshaircolor “5”;
cl_crosshaircolor_b “0”;
cl_crosshaircolor_r “255”;
cl_crosshaircolor_g “0”;
cl_crosshairdot “0”;
cl_crosshairgap “1”;
cl_crosshairsize “3”;
cl_crosshairstyle “4”;
cl_crosshairusealpha “1”;
cl_crosshairthickness “1.5”;
cl_fixedcrosshairgap “1”;
cl_crosshair_drawoutline “1”;

Note that the website will make two lines for the outline, cl_crosshair_outline “1” and cl_crosshair_outline_draw “1”. These are incorrect. Replace these lines with cl_crosshair_drawoutline “1” for the correct effect.

I use this crosshair on most guns that I use. I like the way it spreads to display accuracy and the red with the outline is the easiest for me to see on all surfaces.

Most of you know how to make your own crosshair and the point of the guide is not to show you how to make one but how to easily have two or three or how many you want easily available. For example, I like to use a separate crosshair when I use the Deagle. I feel that visual feedback on accuracy is unimportant on the Deagle as I have learned to time my shots consistently. This is what I use on the Deagle:

cl_crosshairalpha “255”;
cl_crosshaircolor “5”;
cl_crosshaircolor_b “0”;
cl_crosshaircolor_r “255”;
cl_crosshaircolor_g “0”;
cl_crosshairdot “0”;
cl_crosshairgap “-6”;
cl_crosshairsize “3”;
cl_crosshairstyle “5”;
cl_crosshairusealpha “1”;
cl_crosshairthickness “1.5”;
cl_fixedcrosshairgap “-6”;

Obviously, in the middle of a game it is not easy to either type this all in, or go to the crosshair generator and copy and paste the config. The next sections will show you how to have multiple crosshairs available to you.

Creating Config File

All of your game preferences are saved in a file called config.cfg in the default folder

C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Counter Strike: Global Offensive/csgo/cfg

Do not edit this file. Editing this file is similar to typing something in the console. If you are familiar with the formatting and commands, go ahead and set preferences in this file. If you do not take caution when editing this file, you may end up with a broken game file because of one misplaced character. Not to say this cannot be fixed, but finding the character can be extremely tedious.

The next step is to create a new config file. Remember the location of config.cfg, and create a new file in Notepad, Textpad, Notepad++, or similar. Name this file something you can remember, I named mine regcross.cfg. Copy and paste the crosshair code into this file similar to the way you would paste it in the console. Remember to put semicolons (;) after each line. When you save the file, save it as <filename>.cfg, set the file type to all types, and save it in the same folder as config.cfg. Do the same steps as above, but with different crosshair settings. Remember to name this file something easy to remember. I named mine deaglecross.cfg.

Now that you have these config files, these can be easily accessed in-game using the developer console (~).

Executing Config File

This section is probably the most important part of the guide. Up to this point, you probably thought that there were millions of guides on the internet that showed you how to make a config file and make a crosshair. This is where I think this guide will be unique to show you how to easily switch between different crosshairs.

Open up CS:GO and make sure you have the developer console enabled. Go into a bot game (you don’t have to, but I set there to be no bots just so I can be uninterrupted). In the game, open up the console (~) and type:

exec <filename>

Make sure you replace <filename> with whatever you named your crosshair config file. Check to make sure your crosshair looks like the one you created in-game. If so, congratulations! You’ve made your crosshairs easily accessible. But the good part is ahead, so read on.

As a quick test, check the other crosshairs you have made and see if you can use the exec command to run them, too. If all your crosshairs show up properly, move on to the next step. If not, make sure you formatted them correctly, and refer to recent sections to check.

Now you may be thinking, “but if I’m in-game, I still don’t want to have to type a console command everytime I want to switch crosshairs, especially if it is mid-round.” Well, I thought the same thing and there is a solution! Again in the console type:

bind <key> “exec <filename>”

Like before, change <key> to whatever key you want the crosshair to be binded to, and replace <filename> with the name of the config file. Repeat this step with each crosshair. You should now be able to switch in between crosshairs in the middle of a game by just pressing the button it is binded to!

The Definitive Dota 2 Dictionary: The 150+ terms you must know by now

Whether you’ve been playing Dota 2 since early beta or a complete noob, this Definitive Dota 2 Dictionary has utmost value to any Dota 2 player. While it gives veterans a good “check up” of how much they really know the game, it also provides Dota 2 noobs a great learning tool to be able to quickly jump into the highly immersive Dota 2 culture and community. Let’s turn to the first page, shall we?

The Definitive Dota 2 Dictionary: The 150+ terms you must know by now

Basic Terms

To avoid being called a complete Dota 2 noob, first try your hand at absorbing these 88 fundamental Dota 2 terms:

  1. Aegis of the Immortal – This item drops if you defeat the boss Roshan. If you die while you are in possession of the Aegis, you’ll wake up to life at the same site after five seconds! Then the Aegis disappears. He also dissappears if you didn’t use it in six minuters. You then have to beat Roshan again to score an Aegis.
  2. AFK – Means Away from Keyboard. This means that the Hero will not act, so you temporarily have a 4v5 situation.
  3. Aggro – An AI controlled unit is focusing and attacking you. This occurs if you attack an opponent when his creep wave is close. If you do so, the creep wave will focus on you.
  4. AoE – Means Area of Effect. This means that a spell that has effect on an area instead of a single target.
  5. Babysit -When a support hero goes on a lane with a carry and supports him full time.
  6. Back / b – If someone calls back or B, he wants everyone to stop attacking and start retreating to a safe position. It may also be that he only means the people in his lane. That depends on where the danger lies at the moment.
  7. Backdoor – A special passive ability of structures that is meant to prevent sieging towers without help of allied lane creep. The Towers will regenerate their Health if attacked without help of creeps.
  8. Barracks – Each lane has two barracks. The melee creeps come from one, the ranged from the other. If you destroy the enemy barracks, you get stronger creeps in that lane so you are constantly pushing into the enemy base.
  9. BKB – Means Black King Bar, an item that grants Magic Immunity.
  10. Bottle Ferrying – Putting an empty Bottle on a courier and sending him back to base to refill the Bottle. After that’s done, it will deliver the full Bottle to it’s owner.
  11. Buff – A positive change of status to a hero, such as additional damage or speed.
  12. Buyback/BB – If you die you can choose to buy yourself back so you do not have to wait for the respawn timer. The longer the game is in progress and the higher the level of your hero, the more expensive the buyback is. On a buyback is a four-minute cooldown.
  13. Casting time – The time it takes to cast a spell or ability to perform effectively. During the casting time can you stop the action!
  14. Cheese – If you beat Roshan for the third time he drops a Cheese next to the Aegis. This Cheese will instantly restore 2500 Health and 1000 Mana on use.
  15. Cooldown/CD – A period of wait time before a spell, ability, or item power can be used again.
  16. Courier / Chicken / Crow / Flying Courier – This ‘donkey’ or courier brings you the items that you buy at the store. This way you do not need to go all the way back to the base if you have purchased new items. The entire team uses the same courier and it can be slain by your opponents!
  17. Creep Score / CS – The sum of the Last-hit and Denies you have performed. This is your E-Penis, as this allows you to check your farm and those of your opponents.
  18. Creep – An uncontrollable unit that moves to the enemy base through the lane.
  19. Everyone kills this creep to get gold and exp. Note that a Creep isn’t the same as a minion.
  20. Crowd Control / Disable / CC – These are spells that make the enemy harmless for a short time or interrupt spells.
  21. Damage over Time/DoT – Damage that a hero will receive over a short duration.
  22. Damage per Second/DPS – The amount of Damage that on hero deals in one second.
  23. Debuffs – A negative status change at the hero, such as a delay or silence.
  24. Def – Means Defend. This means that one or more teammates have to retreat to defend a tower/the base.
  25. Deny / DN – killing your own creep, so the enemy doesn’t earn gold. You can do this only if your own creep has little health left. Thanks to denying the opponent gets less experience, so this is super important!
  26. Ethereal – This status ensures that you are immune to physical damage, but as long as it lasts you get more damage from magic attacks.
  27. Fade Time – The amount of time it takes for a unit to become invisible.
  28. Farm – Collection of experience and gold.
  29. Fast Finish / FF – When a player says this, he wants the other team to finish the game quickly, because he knows that he lost and thus he gives up.
  30. Feeder – A player who “feeds” the enemy team gold and exp by getting killed a lot of times.
  31. First Blood / FB – This is shouted when someone makes the first kill. The person that makes the first kill receives some extra gold.
  32. Focus Fire – You do this when you are with the whole team and you focus on one enemy in teamfights. Usually you target the most dangerous enemy.
  33. Fountain / Well / Laser – The base inside your base, where you heal fast and mana returns. An enemy player is bombarded with attacks if he tries to enter it. You can also shop at the opponent’s fountain(if you stay out of it’s firing range).
  34. Gank -Perform a combination of attacks with some other Heroes in order to disable an enemy hero quickly.
  35. Gold – Money that you earn by last-hitting creeps and Neutrals, killing or help to kill an opponent, defeating Roshan or destroying towers. With gold you can buy back into the game or purchase items.
  36. GPM – The amount of Gold a player earns per Minute. Cha-ching!
  37. Goodgame / GG – At the end of every game you see the term GG passing by, which stands for Good Game. It is a polite way to indicate that you’ve had fun in the game, whether you have won or lost! In tournaments it is also used to give up. Sometimes people say GG WP. This means Goodgame Well Played.
  38. Good Luck, Have Fun / GLHF – Before the match begins most players say GL HF, what means Good Luck & Have Fun.
  39. Hex / Sheep – A form of crowd control that causes the enemy hero to be disabled and slowed.
  40. Inc Bot/Mid/Top – Incoming. This means an enemy hero has been spotted on his way to Bot/Mid/Top.
  41. Illusions – Copies of the hero which can deal damage, but also die a lot faster.
  42. Invisibility – Your hero is invisible to enemies unless the enemies have a form of True Sight.
  43. Juking – This means that your hero goes through unconventional routes in order to escape your opponent (s). This is done for example by not running away through the jungle in a straight line but zigzagging through groves to run, and thus escape from the sight of the opponent and eventually escape.
  44. Jungle / Forest / Neutrals / Woods – In the woods you can find neutral creeps, running anywhere. You can beat them to farm, or you can lure them to your creep wave.
  45. KDA – The number of Kills, Deaths and Assists a player has.
  46. Lane / Top / Mid / Bot – In Dota 2, we talk about three ‘lanes’ where Creeps go through. At the end of the lane are your own and enemy barracks with a tower. The lanes are named after their location on the map. Top is the road leading to the North West, while Bot walks to the South East. The middle is very simple called “Mid”.
  47. Last Hit / LH – A final blow on an enemy / neutral creep or hero ensures that you get extra gold and experience. This is extremely important for the farm of carry-heroes.
  48. Magic Immunity – With Magic Immunity you can not be touched by magic damage, this also applies to certain stuns!
  49. Magic Resistance – Magical attacks do less damage against heroes who have a lot of Magical Resistance. The higher this stat is, the less damage the hero receives from magic attacks.
  50. Minion – A unit that you can control. Usually summoned units or Meepo Clones.
  51. MIA / Miss / SS – To alert his allies that he can’t see the opponent, a player calls Missing. The Opponent can sit in the jungle or go to another lane to Gank. ‘Miss Bot’ means that a hero on the bottom lane is gone. With SS players mean ‘Stay Safe’, which means that you need to go to a safe position.
  52. Micromanagnent – Controlling multiple units, like a Meepo clone or Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear. This is very difficult and requires a lot of skill.
  53. Momentum / Snowball – Sometimes your team gets towers down rapidly in the first twenty minutes. This will add a lot of pressure on the enemy team.
  54. Net worth – the non-consumable item value in inventory and existing gold of a player.
  55. Offlane / hard lane / Suicide lane – The lane which is the most difficult to play solo. It is the shortest lane for the team, it can be difficult fot the offlaner to defend its own tower, which makes the whole thing more difficult.
  56. OOM – Out of Mana. This means that a hero doesn’t have Mana, so he can’t cast spells.
  57. Orb Walking – Using Auto Attacks or Spells to attack an enemy without drawing Creep Aggro.
  58. Overact / About Extend – You were a little too excited and went too deep, so you’re all probably wait until you respawn. This may be because you are too close to the tower of the opponent, or because you are killed while you had no form of defense with you.
  59. Pause – Pressing F9 to pause the game so you can wait for disconnected players.
  60. Or to dance Gangnam Style and taunt at your team captain because you owned him. DENDI!
  61. Pool – When an ally of yours is short in gold and you give him some regen items (usually tangoes or a healing salve).
  62. Pull – Attacking neutral creep and bring them back to your own lane. This allows your creep wave to join the fight and it forces the opponent to fight closer to your tower.
  63. Quality – An attack on buildings of your opponents. This is done preferably with a larger group and a creep wave.
  64. Rax – Means Barracks. If these are both destroyed the enemy will spawn Mega Creeps.
  65. Respawn Timer – When you die, you need a certain amount of time to wait before you can go into the field again. This timer is getting longer as you a hero has a higher level. The time you have to wait covers four times the level of your hero.
  66. Returned/Re – The opposite of a miss/mia call, “Lina re” means that she’s back in the lane she came from and you don’t have to worry about her.
  67. Roshan / Rosh – The boss in the level. You can find his cave at the red glow near the river on the lower half of the map (which you can find above). He drops an Aegis of the Immortal if players kill him. After the third respawn he drops a Cheese.
  68. RTB – Return/Returning To Base. Going back to your base to heal or pick up items.
  69. Runes – At two places in the river Runes spawn every two minutes with a buff. Sometimes you get more speed along here, or you create multiple illusions of your hero. You can also store runes in a Bottle (item) stop to activate it later. You have to do so within two minutes, otherwise the Rune will be automatically activated.
  70. Siege Creeps / Catapult- A special creep that spawns every seventh wave. It is a slingshot that does extra damage against buildings and attacks from a much greater distance.
  71. Silence – An ability that prevents the target from using Skills and certain Abilities.
  72. Smoke – A consumable that allows you and your team to become invisible until a creep, tower or enemy hero attacks. Watch out for towers, Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance, a Gem of True Sight and some skills of heroes that can still see you if you’re smoked up ‘.
  73. Solo – a player may call “Solo” if he doesn’t wan’t other players to go to his lane so he can get more exp and gold.
  74. Split Push/RAT Dota – A strategy involving a hero (usually a carry) pushing a lane without the enemy interfering and without your full teammates involved.
  75. Stacking – Attacking Neutral creeps (in the jungle) and luring them away from their spawn point just before spawn timer ends. This is every minute. So if you pull a group of neutral creeps around 53 seconds and they are of their place at 0 seconds, a new group of neutral creep spawns and you have two stacks. You can do this as many times as you want.
  76. Stop Cancelling – By using the stop button you make sure that you do not use some abilities / spells.
  77. Tower Diving – Killing an enemy when he is standing near his tower. This makes you vulnerable to the defensive attacks of that the tower and is not recommended.
  78. TP – Teleporting to an allied creep, Hero or building. TP also means Town Portal Scroll, which allows the user to teleport to allied buildings.
  79. Tri-lane – This strategy means that three heroes are going for the same lane, which means that in the other lanes heroes play solo. This tactic is often used in professional games of Dota 2.
  80. True Sight – With a Gem of True Sight for example, you can see invisible opponents. This is extremely valuable, especially when the enemy has Invis heroes like Riki.
  81. Ulti – The most powerful ability a hero can learn. You can learn your ulti at level 6.
  82. Wards / Sentries / Observers – You can place wards at strategic points of the map. This way you always have insight into that part of the map, which can provide a great advantage for your team. With Sentries you can see Invisible Heroes.
  83. Wipe/Wipeout/Teamwipe – An entire team dying at once. This makes it easier for the other team to push.
  84. WP/Well Played – Can mean 2 things. If you coöperated with your teammates and got a kill, and they say “wp”, it means that you did well. If someone says ‘GG WP” at the end of a game, it means that everyone played well and was sportsmanlike.
  85. XP – Points that you earn by killing enemies, creeps and Neutrals. If you get enough XP, you level up, so you are stronger. This is very important.
  86. XPM – The amount of XP a player gains per Minute.
  87. Sons – One hero walks towards the enemy team and lures them into a trap.

Community Terms

The following 22 terms don’t have anything to with the overall game play, but you will see them sooner or later. Especially when you’re new.

  1. STFU – Means Shut The F*ck Up. If someone says this to you, he wants you to stop speaking
  2. GTFO – Means Get The F*ck Out. The person who says this wants you to leave the Lane/Match.
  3. Newbie – A player who is new to the game and probably sucks. Probably dying a lot of times.
  4. N00b- A player who isn’t new to the game and still sucks.
  5. IDGAF – Means I Don’t Give A F*ck. If someone says this to you, he won’t care what you say.
  6. IDFC – Means I Don’t F*cking Care. Same as IDGAF
  7. R*tard – A person who is weak in the head.
  8. Feeder – Someone who frequently dies.
  9. Report … Pls – Someone asks all players to report you. Which means there is a chance u can’t play Dota 2 the next Day.
  10. Lag – The thing every gamer HATES. Provides Buggy gameplay and you will probably die 1,2,3 or more times because of this.
  11. Killstealer/KSer – Someone who doesn’t do anything to help in Ganks, but when the target is almost dead, he comes and kills him. And thus get the Kill and the most gold.
  12. Kill Securer – Someone who unnecessary uses skills to kill someone who is already marked for death. Just to get the kill of course.
  13. OMG/OMFG – Mean O My God/O My F*cking God. People say this if you lose a teamfight when you should’ve won it. Or if you do a stupid act. And Die. Usually if you Die.
  14. WTF – Means What the F*ck. Usually said if someone doesn’t understand something.
  15. You Stole my Aegis and now you’re gonna die – U stole Aegis. Bad kitty. Very bad kitty.
  16. RUSSIAN – Means 1. Someone who lives in Russia 2. A Bad player, N00b, Feeder.
  17. Cyka – Russian for Beetch. Sometimes English players use this word too.
  18. Yolo – Means You Only Live Once. People often use this phrase to persuade themselves to take risks or do something they normally wouldn’t do.
  19. Oloy – Means Only Losers Obey Yolo. People often use this phrase to stop persons who want to take risks or do something they normally wouldn’t do.
  20. KSing – Means Killstealing. Using abilities unnecessary to ‘steal’ kills from allies.
  21. G – Can mean two things. If someone asks “G?”, it means that he asks if he can unpause the game. If someone just says “G”, it means you can unpause.
  22. Zzz – Means boring. This can occur if the game is paused for a long time.

Item and Hero Abbrevations

  1. AA – Ancient Apparition
  2. Aba – Abaddon
  3. AC – Assault Cuirass
  4. Alch – Alchemist
  5. Aghs – Aghanim’s Scepter
  6. AM – Anti-Mage
  7. BB – Bristleback
  8. BH – Bounty Hunter
  9. BKB – Black King Bar
  10. BM – Beastmaster/Broodmother/Brewmaster
  11. BoT – Boots of Travel
  12. BS – Bloodseeker
  13. CK – Chaos Knight
  14. Clock – Clockwerk
  15. CM – Crystal Maiden
  16. Deso – Desolator
  17. DK – Dragon Knight, but it could also refer to the pro team DK Gaming
  18. DP – Death Prophet
  19. Drums – Drums of Endurance
  20. DS – Dark Seer
  21. E-Blade – Ethereal Blade
  22. ES – Earthshaker/Ember Spirit/Earth Spirit
  23. ET – Elder Titan, but it could also refer to E.T., an alien from a movie
  24. Euls – Euls Scepter of Divinity
  25. Furion/NP – Nature’s Prophet
  26. Gyro – Gyrocopter (No, he isn’t a kebab)
  27. Heart – Heart of Tarrasque
  28. HotD – Helm of the Dominator
  29. Gem – Gem of True Sight
  30. KotL – Keeper of the Light
  31. LC – Legion Commander
  32. Linkens – Linkens Sphere
  33. Manta – Manta Style
  34. MKB – Monkey King Bar
  35. MoM – Mask of Madness
  36. Naix/LS – Lifestealer
  37. NecBook/NecroBook – Necronomicon
  38. NS – Naga Siren/Night Stalker
  39. OD – Outworld Devourer
  40. PA – Phantom Assassin
  41. PL – Phantom Lancer
  42. Pipe – Pipe of Insight
  43. SB – Spirit Breaker
  44. SD – Shadow Demon
  45. Sheepsticl/Hex – Scythe of Vyse
  46. SF – Shadow Fiend
  47. Shiva’s – Shiva’s Guard
  48. SK – Sand King
  49. SM – Skywrath Mage
  50. SS/Rhasta – Shadow Shaman
  51. SS/Storm – Storm Spirit
  52. S & Y – Sange & Yasha
  53. TA – Templar Assassin
  54. TB – Terrorblade
  55. Vlads – Vladimir’s Offering
  56. VS – Vengeful Spirit
  57. WD – Witch Doctor
  58. WK – Wraith King
  59. WR – Windranger

That’s pretty much the exhaustive Dota 2 Definitive Dictionary to date. Did we miss anything? Share them in the comments below!