Top 5 Fixes for Football Manager 2015 Crashes, Errors, Won't Run, Low FPS, Exe, Crash Dump, Preferences

Every new game has issues from launch and Football Manager 2015 is not immune from this. Anything from login issues to missing files can cause frustration and ultimately make you give up trying to play altogether. Rather than search high and low for fixes and end up downloading something risky check out this guide for the top 5 issues with Football Manager 2015. Please note that before checking out these issues check your PC for viruses by using your scanner and check your systems specs are good enough to play Football Manager 2015.

Top 5 Fixes for Football Manager 2015 Crashes, Errors, Won’t Run, Low FPS, Exe, Crash Dump, Preferences

1. Game Won’t Launch

If your having issues starting the game there could be an issue with the game chase. To fix this verify your game cache by

  1. Opening Steam
  2. Open the library tab and right click and select properties
  3. Open the Local files tab and click Verify Game Cache

Steam will verify the files and check that there are no missing files. If there are missing files Steam will automatically download the new files.

2. Graphics Rendering Issues

Some issues are related to the graphics being hardware heavy and may require you to switch the settings to software. Some people are experiencing very slow frame rates and should try this out to improve performance.

  1. Enter your in game settings
  2. Click the interface tab
  3. Go to general and change the rendering mode from GPU to Software
  4. Remember to confirm your settings

This should improve the frame rate of the game but ensure that all your graphic drivers are up to date.

3. Deleting Your Preferences

If you make a mistake in your settings and accidently add settings that stop you from accessing the game simply

  1. Open up your desktop and launch file explorer
  2. Search for %localappdata%/sports interactive/football manager 2015
  3. Delete the preferences file
  4. Open the game up and edit your settings again but be mindful of what settings you can and can’t have

4. Deleting the Crash Dump

If your having more issues with the game crashing on launch, you might need to delete the crash dump files. These can be located

  1. To find the crash dumps open My Documents
  2. Click on Sports Interactive and open Football Manager
  3. Delete Crash Dumps depending on how many you have.

This should fix your crashing issues depending on what is wrong with the game.

5. Warned that the .EXE is a Virus or Unwanted Program

If you are having issues with your virus scanner informing you that there is a virus in the program it is what’s known as a false positive by the anti-virus and should be ignored. You could also update your virus scanner to a newer version if you receive a lot of false positives as it will improve the database. You can also stop this by switching your virus scanner of for 10 minutes while you load up the game.

There are just some of the issues seen by the community for Football Manager 2015. If you are having your own problems unrelated to anything above why not drop a comment below and describe your problem so we can do our very best to help you.