Top 10 Fixes for Farming Simulator 15 Crashes, Errors, Won't Start, Low FPS, Windows 8, Black Screen, Giants Engine, Loading, Connection, White Screen

Available in both physical and downloadable format, Farming Simulator 15 boasts of an improved graphical engine and a more realistic physics experience. This helps it deliver a richer and more natural feel to farm life behind the clean safety of your gaming screen. You will be able to invite up to 15 of your mates to join in the woodcutting, harvesting and animal husbandry fun or you can decide to go solo and run your farm alone. Here is a list of 10 common problems you might face when you get around to running the game and their respective simple fixes to get you back to a smoother play.

Top 10 Fixes for Farming Simulator 15 Crashes, Errors, Won’t Start, Low FPS, Windows 8, Black Screen, Giants Engine, Loading, Connection, White Screen

1. Stutter / FPS drops in Windows 8

If you notice a drop in your game play frame rate or perhaps your game sometimes skips frames, this might help solve your problem. Simply run your game in Administrator mode by clicking on its desktop icon and selecting ‘Run as administrator’. You might also need to change the game’s compatibility mode from its properties window to windows 7 compatible or lower.

2. Game fails to start

Sometimes the game might fail to begin. It might display a screen stating that “Farming Simulator 2015 is starting…” but disappear in a few seconds. To fix this you will have to ascertain your current screen resolution. This can be found in your system or screen properties from the right click option on the desktop. Once you have this, navigate to “Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015”. Locate and open the file “game” in notepad and change the display width and height to match your current screen resolution.

3. Black screen error fix

Before undertaking this fix, I recommend that you make a backup of your “inputBinding.xml” file that we will be modifying here. That said, navigate to “My Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015” and open “inputBinding.xml” in notepad.

Locate this line….

<input name=”MENU_ACCEPT” category=”MENU” key1=”KEY_return”
key2=”” button=”” device=”0″ mouse=”” visible=”true”/>

Replace it with this….

<input name=”MENU_ACCEPT” category=”MENU” key1=”KEY_return”
key2=”” button=”BUTTON_1″ device=”0″ mouse=”” visible=”true”/>

4. Saved game fails to load

This problem is sometimes experienced by non English version users. A simple work around would require you to change the game’s language setting back to English. This might help you get your saved games back.

5. Infinite black screen during start

Right after the loading screen, the game might fade into an infinite black screen instead of a proper start. This might be happen when you plug additional controllers to your system. To fix this, find the “inputBinding.xml” in “My Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015” and open it in notepad. Hit “CTRL+F” on your keyboard and type in “accept” and run the search. Next to the highlighted word you should see a key= and make this a key=a.

6. “Giants engine 6.0.2 not working” error message

This problem might be caused by an outdated graphics card controller. Simply download the latest graphics driver and double check your system’s compatibility with the game.

7. Invert game controller Y axis

Open the “inputBinding.xml” file in notepad. It is located in “My Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015”. Set invert=“true” to the following axis options:


8. Black screen due to graphics shader error

Try updating your DirectX graphics driver and make sure your graphics card is compatible with the game.

9. “No connection could be established” error during multi-player game play

If you are having problems playing in the online community a simple round-a-bout would require you to install Hamachi to fix your problem.

10. Black and white screen with little text fix

Try fixing this error with the method described in problem no. 4.

We are here to help. If the fixes described above do not solve your problems, please drop us a comment in the section below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If on the other hand, you have faced a problem not listed in this post – and perhaps found a fix to it – share it with our community on here. Happy gaming!