Destiny Venus Dead Ghosts Locations

Venus Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Hint
1 Headlands Third puddle to the left.
2 Shattered Coast backseat driver.
3 Ishtar Academy Bookworm.
4 Ishtar Cliffs Over the muddy waters.
5 Waking Ruins Take the high ground…then go a bit higher.
6 Campus 9 Let your exploration reach new heights.
7 Ishtar Commons Under the tarp. Above your head.
8 Ishtar Commons small dark rooms.
9 Winter’s Lair Leave no dark corner unchecked.
10 Ember Caves It’s not called Ember “Caves” for nothing.
11 Hall of Whispers It’s in here…somewhere.
13 Dig Site 4 Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
14 Endless Steps Good luck.