Destiny Mars Dead Ghosts Locations

Mars Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Hint
1 Barrens There is heated combat at its doorstep.
2 Scablands Wonder what’s on the other side.
3 Firebase Rubicon Where the lonely tree grows.
4 The Hollows “CB” marks the spot.
5 Dust Palace Window washer.
6 Overwatch Get a desk job.
7 Giants’ Pass Root of the problem.
8 Valley of the Kings Climb, beyond the outpost – not too high, not too low.
9 Valley of the Kings Skirt the edge.
10 The Drift Signs of life.
11 Buried City Get some height to get Off World.
12 Freehold Station Like a tiny star in the night.
13 Tharsis Junction In the shadows of the M line.
14 Iron Line It hides above.
15 Trenchworks Hug the walls.
16 The Legion’s Keep Column of stone.
17 Upper Garden ?????
18 The Black Garden ?????