Destiny Earth Dead Ghosts Locations

Earth Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Location
1 Breach Got your gun? Watch the ceiling.
2 Breach Stand in the puddle, look left.
3 The Divide Look up…and follow the signs.
4 The Divide Round and round.
5 The Steppes Shed your fears.
6 The Steppes to Mothyards Watch your throttle or you’ll miss the ditch.
7 Mothyards Not all caves are on even ground.
8 Lunar Complex Search the dark, to find the Light.
9 Skywatch Nice view…but you’re not alone.
10 Terrestrial Complex Open locker.
11 Rocketyard Above the Servitor.
12 Forgotten Shore Gonna need a bigger boat.
13 Refinery Find a small room. Look for the Light.
14 The Blast The Devil Walker guards more than a locked door.
15 The Grottos Just beyond the unseen door.
16 Forgotten Shore: Bunker RAS-2 Search the bunker.