Top 8 Fixes for CoH 2 Western Front Armies Crash to Desktop, DLL Error, Compatibility Crash, Unable to Connect, Lag, Poor FPS

A few days after the release of the highly anticipated Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies DLC, the game is still riddled with bugs, crashes, errors and performance issues despite major patches being released. Below is a guide to some of the most common crash fixes. Read on and hopefully find your fix.

Top 8 Fixes for CoH 2 Western Front Armies Crash to Desktop, DLL Error, Compatibility Crash, Unable to Connect, Lag, Poor FPS

1. CoH 2 Western Front Armies crashes to the desktop every time you launch the game.

  1. Make sure your all your drivers are updated. You can use this update tool.
  2. Try turning off your computer’s antivirus and windows defender before running the game.
  3. Turn off SLI ,V-sync,anti-aliasing,filtering and Crossfire in-game then restart the game.
  4. Try running the game in windowed mode by pressing “Alt+Enter”.
  5. Disable running background applications before running the game.
  6. Lastly, if you are running game on Win7, right click on CoH2.exe file, navigate to the compatibility mode tab and check the box “Disable Desktop Composition”.

2. CoH 2 Western Front Armies cannot sync with Steam cloud service

Verify your local game cache. Here’s how to do it: Launch Steam > Right-click on game’s icon > Verify game cache.

Restart Steam. The game should run properly now.

3. CoH 2 Western Front Armies crash – compatibility mode error

If you are getting crashes due to a compatibility mode error, close the game and exit Steam completely.

  1. Navigate to the Steam folder C:/Windows/ProgramFiles/SteamRight click steam.exe then properties then click on the compatibility tab.
  2. Uncheck all the checked boxes but dont click on apply or close the dialogue box yet.
  3. Click “change settings for all users”, then repeat the same procedure of unchecking all the boxes.
  4. Click “apply” then close the dialogue boxes.
  5. Navigate to Company of Heroes 2 installation folder (steamappscommonCoH2)
  6. Look for the file RelicCoH2.exe , right click then select properties.
  7. Repeat exactly the same procedure of unchecking the boxes as you did before with steam.exe
  8. Close all the dialogue boxes.
  9. Restart Steam, then launch game.

If the problem still persists and the game is still running in compativility mode, then you have to delete certain registry keys to correct this.

  1. Again, close Steam plus the game
  2. Open Run then type regedit
  3. Back up the registries first before deleting
  4. Delete any registries mentioning RelicCoH2.exe or Steam.exe
  5. Close regeditRestart Steam then launch game again.

4. CoH 2 Western Front Armies crashes after playing for some time

  1. Disable V-Sync, SLI,Anti aliasing, Textures and lower graphics settings and resolution.
  2. Verify your local game cache on Steam as described above.
  3. Navigate to control panel and windows updates then download and run any updates that you have pending.

5. CoH 2 Western Front Armies is unable to connect to server

  1. Check your network/Internet connection and ensure it is stable.
  2. Make sure TCP port 443 is open on your router.
  3. Whitelist RelicCOH2.exe and battle server IP address on your router which changes randomly be sure to check it in their site first in your antivirus settings
  4. Try temporarily disabling your firewall and antivirus when playing online.

6. CoH 2 Western Front Armies lags and stutters continuously throughout game play.

  1. Reduce the games graphic and resolution settings.
  2. Update your graphics drivers and DirectX

7. CoH 2 Western Front Armies DLL error crash

Reinstalling your DirectX drivers will fix any DLL-related crashes in CoH2 Western Front Armies.

8. Error: CoH 2 Western Front Armies is unable to connect to Relic Servers.

This issue is on the Relic servers side and you cant do any thing on your side. Just wait for the servers to go back up or for a patch or update.

If you still haven’t found a fix to your problem, please feel free to leave a comment below explaining your problem in detail and hopefully someone will help you.