How to Fix CPU Lag in Battlefield 4 (PC)

This fix only works with Windows 7 x64 and x32 and only in systems using more than 2 physical CPUs or more than 2 logical cores.

Windows 7 has a feature called “Core Parking” which turns off CPU cores when not being utilized. For many gaming applications, this can be unhelpful. There is no switch to turn off this Core Parking, so you need to edit a few registry values to force Core Parking off. For me, this boosted my performance from 30 fps in Low settings to 45 on Ultra (i7 2600k CPU, GTX 570 GPU). These registry changes are reversible and there are no deletion of anything in the registry. It is all outlined in the forum link below. Please read the whole forum page to understand what is changing and if it applies to your setup, and edit the registry with caution.

This utility will allow you to easily enable or disable core parking for your CPU. The first thing that you should do is to go to a resource manager to check if you have parked cores. The reason of doing so is that core parking is not enabled for all the multicore CPU’s. For example, if you have Intel Q9550 Quad Core CPU you may not see any parked cores at all.

Resource Manager
Once you have started “Manage Parked CPU Utility,” you have to press “Check status button” to allow program to search registry for the keys and values that are responsible for the “core parking”.
CPU Core Parking Utility

CPU Core Parking Utility

CPU Core Parking Utility

After search has finished, you will see N number of rows in the list view control along with the Status that will describe if the value retrieved from the registry indicates that your core is parked. But as I said earlier, core parking is not enabled for all the CPU’ s even though registry value may indicate that cores are parked. From now you can press “Park All” or “Unpark All” buttons to enable or disable parking. Also, you can change a single row.

Note that for the change to take effect you will have to reboot your machine.

Also Utility should run with Administrator priveleges in order to be able to access registry.

This utility does not require installation.

Please download files below:

Download application executable files

Battlefield 4 PC Fixes for Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Singapore crash, Black screen, Origins fix

Despite the ongoing patches to the BF4 servers, users continue to experience crashing, black screens, and freezing. Here’s a compilation of known working fixes to help out.

Battlefield 4 PC Fixes for Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Singapore crash, Black screen, Origins fix

Battlefield 4 crashes upon launch on the PC

  1. Disable “Origin In-game” in the origin application settings.
  2. Turn on Borderless Window (In Game Options > Video)

Battlefield 4 PC in-game crashes and freezes, Singapore crash, Shanghai crash

Here is a hodgepodge of fixes for Battlefield 4 crashes, due to the often unclear reasons for the crash. Read thoroughly and try these fixes at your own risk. A combination of one or more of these are known to work.

  1. Nvidia – Reverting to older drivers – version 331.40 beta and 331.58 have stopped crashes.
  2. Set your In-game audio to headphones
  3. Disabling NVIDIA High Definition Audio Run as administrator (for BF4 and BF4x86).
  4. Try changing security permissions on the origin games folder giving users full control instead of just read
  5. Nvidia Control Panel > Configure Surround > PhysX > PhysX settings > select your graphics card. Then Origin > Repair Install, played all day without crashing. Another confirmation and another.
  6. Punkbuster Uninstall / Reinstall
  7. Microsoft Visual C++ x64 and x86 versions of 2010 and 2012 uninstall. Reinstall with Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 Second Confirmation

DirectX function “GetDeviceRemovedReason” failed with “DxGi_error_Device_Hung” / Vram memory filling up

  1. Lowering settings from ultra/high to medium in x64 or low in x86 fixes the issue, always happening when Vram fills up to about 1.6 GB of VRAM.DirectX updates/fixes mentioned did not help. Confirmation by another player
  2. Disable or remove all overclocks on your video card

Battlefield 4: Confirmed Weapons List

Credit to u/ww2kev

Assault Rifles

  • QBZ-95-1 (Seen in leaked Alpha screenshots)
  • CZ805 (Seen in leaked Alpha, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • M16A3 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • AEK-971 (Seen briefly as a dropped weapon in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • HK416 (Seen used by a squadmate in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)


  • M4A1 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • AK5C (Seen in “Angry Sea” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

Sniper Rifles/Designated Marksman Rifles

  • Steyr Scout Elite (Seen in leaked Alpha images and E3 Footage)
  • QBU-88 (Seen in leaked Alpha images)
  • SV-98 (Seen in leaked Alpha images)
  • Kel-Tec RFB (Seen in E3 Footage with blue Digital camo)


  • Mk. 46 Mod. 0 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • Ultimax-100 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, “Angry Sea” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • QJY-88 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, Alternate Multiplayer Trailer)

Submachine guns/Personal Defense Weapons

  • CZ3A1 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • P90 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer as a dropped weapon)
  • U-100 M5K


  • M9A1 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • QSZ-92 (Seen in Alternate Multiplayer Trailer)
  • MP412 REX (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)


  • Serbu Super Shorty (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • Saiga-12 (Seen in “Angry Sea” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer)
  • Hawk 12 Gauge (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer)
  • M26 MASS (Seen in E3 Footage, customizable)
  • Norinco V1218 (Seen in the Multiplayer Trailer)

Other Weaponry

  • Milkor MGL Mk 1S (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • M320 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • RPG-7 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • FIM-92 Stinger (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • XM25 CDTE (Seen in E3 Footage)
  • SRAW (Seen in E3 Footage)
  • C4 (Seen in Leaked Alpha images)


  • M67 (Seen in all trailers and E3 Footage)

This is a hand thrown fragmentation grenade

  • M34 WP (Seen in E3 Footage)

Is a White Phosphorus Smoke Grenade this has been described in live stream to be an incendiary grenade which “Explodes with a cloud of fire damaging any targets in the area of effect” ( *credit to u/Chitect) * M84 (E3 Footage)

This is a non lethal “Stun” grenade

  • MTN-55 (E3 Footage)

This is the motion sensor ball

Bladed / Melee Weaponry

  • M9 Bayonet (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage) Used as a knife, not mounted on weapons.
  • Improvised “Shank” type weapon.
Weapons camo selection screen
Weapons camo selection screen