Simple Trick to Get Faster Download Speeds on the PS4, PS3, and PS VITA

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If you’re experiencing slow download speeds on your PS4, PS3 and PS Vita you might want to try changing your DNS settings. This is actually very simple to do and takes less than 5 minutes, with immediate results. Try it on for size:

How to get faster downloads on the Playstation 4 / Playstation 3 (Similar)

1. Press the PlayStation Button

2. Select the Settings menu

3. Select Network

4. Select Set Up Internet Connection

5. Select either Wifi or LAN Cable, whichever is your preferred setup

6. Select Custom

7. Select Manual

8. Now, depending on your set up, and whether or not you have a firm grasp of handling a CUSTOM set-up as opposed to the EASY option, you may want to select the default choice for each option leading up to the DNS Settings tab (Those being IP Address, Subnet Mask. Default Gateway, etc). Once you get to the DNS Settings, enter in the Primary and Secondary DNS server address of one of the two DNS Servers below (do not mix-and-match).

Google’s DNS Address – Primary: Secondary:

OpenDNS Address – Primary208.67.222.222 Secondary:


9. Once you’ve entered your preferred DNS Server, proceed through to the end of the set-up process and confirm the changes by running the suggested Internet Connection Test. Then try downloading something that was taking a long time to download prior to the changes to see if there’s any difference.

What normally would've taken anywhere from 7-8 hours to complete, now downloads in less than 10 minutes.

How to get faster downloads on the Playstation VITA

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Network

3. Select Wi-Fi Settings

4. Select your current Access Point

5. Select Advanced Settings

6. Change the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS to the server of your choice

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  • Ben

    Holy schnikees!!! It works!! Who ever posted this is awesome 🙂 thank you so much!!! Made my download go from 65 mins to 18 mins or download. Huge difference. And if anyone reads this I used the primary and secondary for my ps4

  • Curtis

    Unfortunately for me, all that did was make my download speed worse, the time to finish was twice as long as before, guess I got shitty download speed for life

  • OMG IT WORKED i just putted in dns server Just

  • Uce

    This did not work for me, any suggestions for DNS closest to Hawaii?

  • Dale

    its not about what DNS is closest to you. What’s happening is this: The Playstation Network used a Conent Delivery Network (CDN), which is a service that puts servers all over the world that cache data. When you log in, it decides what server is closest to you and you download from that server. Netflix, Youtube, they all use CDNs to get better download speed. However, certain CDN servers take more load than others – I live in NYC and my local PSN CDN server sucks. Switching you DNS server fools the network into thinking you should connect with a different CDN server – but you don’t know which one. Try several different public DNS servers until you get own that works….here’s a list

  • Ri Gil

    OpenDns is working for me. 77 hours turned into 32minutes c: Thanks a bunch!

  • Adam

    Totally works!! I was downloading dragon age Inquisition and it went to 12 hours to 45 min!

  • xav

    it worked thnx alot!

  • Thank you for this ! It worked

  • jered

    Wow from 4 hrs to 12 min with the Google set up thanks!

  • Happy to help guys.

  • Brandon Pike


  • Calder

    Used the open DNS and my download went from 4 hours to 55 minutes. Thanks!

  • Blessedspear

    If this doesn’t work fully do the following. I went from update 2.0.1 to 2.0.3 when it never said I needed an update before. A way I found to speed up download speed is to follow these simple steps.

    1.Yold the power button on the ps4 system until you hear two beeps(make sure the system is fully turned off)

    2.You will enter (safe mode) and you will see 7 options.

    3. Go to the third option which is the internet one and see if there are any updates available.

    5.From here you can update the system to be faster. ( NO it is not the same as updating it from the home screen )

  • Jp glasgow

    my God wit a difference I used open DNS and it went from 12 hours to one hour to download 14gig advanced warfare. Always thought it was because PS3 just sucked. Never had any probs with ps4 so prusumed it was just PS3.

  • qusai

    it is work thank you dude

  • Shmabe

    Used google. Went from 70hrs+ to 3hrs. Cheers buddy

  • Laguna

    Used and … Project cars went from 6 hours (about 100kb/s) to 8 minutes. Thank you!

  • Joe

    tried all these DNS servers to speed my ps4 DL nothing works.????????

    • Boop

      Omg same here, this sucks!

  • Damian

    it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damian

    it works!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dave

    It works for my PS3, i used the 8888 and 8844 and thats it. This guy deserve a medal tot this great information. Greetings from european belgium.

  • Bullet

    Omg. This is a life saver.
    My download webt from 10 hours to 71 minutes!!!
    I love whoever did this post.

  • Boop

    Neither of these worked, went to the site posted by dale, none of those worked either!

  • Schowy

    i used the open DNS and my download went from 99+ to 3 hours still ain’t impressed but atleast it’s slightly faster I guess

  • Ashley

    IT WORKED! trying to download new patch for ESO and my wait time went from 99+ hours down to 3! Thank you!!!!!

  • Castanfield

    Worked flawlessly, download time for ESO patch went from 70 to 2 hours. Thanks guys!

  • Dewayne

    Awesome tip worked awesome on ps4 for my eso download went from 15 hrs to 50 min on 15 gigs life saver

  • Lilsoldierroo

    This definitely helped changed 8 hours to 50 min

  • Gsoldier

    Does it work

  • Gsoldier

    Does it work because there are many comments saying it doesn’t and it does because I am getting a ps4 I already have an Xbox one so what dns thing do u use

    • Daveey

      Use the google and secondary, It works for most people, no promises though.

  • Fak

    Worked kind of for me. Put in the Google settings and the download time doubled so I tried the open DSN, it went back to saying 23 hours but its going down an hour every minute so wish me luck!

  • KaDe

    Lol it’s really worked for me. I used OpenDNS. Before i change DNS, it says 15 hours for downloading Arkham Knight. Now it says 54 minutes. I tried Google DNS but it didn’t worked for me. Just try all of these DNS from this link.

  • Joel

    When I put in the codes and exit out the codes just went back to all the zeros, somebody help please?!!

  • Howard v

    It worked it went from 9 hours to 57 minutes on my new destiny update!!! Just got my ps4 yesterday so thank you!!!

  • Kieran

    Omg this actually works 😄😄

  • Ok so I’m downloading destiny 1.14 and the MB is 8611MB DOES THAT TAKE LONGER cause I was downloading it and it took a while to get to 1%

    • Please help and if I finish the download add me qwerty_royalz: no caps we can play bo2 gta5 or destiny

  • Jeremy J Littlefield

    Went from 99+ hours to 3. Sweet!