Quick Guide: How to Fix Mario Kart 8 Connection Errors

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A common issue that’s been popping up in Mario Kart 8 is its connection problems. To fix this, you just need a bit of router know-how and a few clicks of a button. Don’t worry, just follow these simple instructions to get you up and running in Mario Kart 8.

Update: This is also known to fix the Error Codes 118-0520, 118-0519 or 118-0516
  • You will need to obtain your Wii U’s IP address by accessing your router. You do this by entering your router’s IP address in the address bar of your internet browser.
  • You will find your Wii U IP address when you check the connected devices in your router settings. Probably under DHCP.
  • IP address will be the same as your router IP apart from the last bit e.g if your router ip is your Wii U IP address might be depending on how many devices you have connected to your router.
  • Once you know the Wii U IP, click on DMZ menu option. Enable DMZ and enter the Wii U’s IP.

All should be good. From the research I have done this is a common problem with Belkin routers.

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  • is there a fix for samsung galaxy s4 wifi ? pokemon x/y works on my 3ds but neither mario kart works kind of annoys me

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  • Patrick

    Hi Marco,

    Applying this fix has led to me receiving error message 101-0502. Any ideas how to fix this one?


  • a


  • Gringo

    Just go buy the cheap USB-to-Ethernet adapter. I spent 3 hours trying to solve this trying many different things (nintendo support, DMZ, port forwarding, manual IP addressing, channels, etc). I went to Best Buy and spent $21 to get the adaptor NOW and it works great! No more “A communications error has occurred.” No more “Error 118-0502”. You can get them even cheaper on Amazon if you’re willing to wait, but I go this at Best Buy “Belkin – USB 2.0-to-Ethernet Adapter, Model: F4U047BT”. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/belkin-usb-2-0-to-ethernet-adapter-black/1742019.p?id=1219062508557&skuId=1742019

  • Fidagu Figaro

    Can someone lend me helping hand? im confused what ip address i put? Ipv4? Default Gateway? I tried them both and added the +10 then on them but it kept saying ”Incorrect address”

    i added at the end: 66 + 10 = 76 = Not working
    then i tried 67 = Not working
    someone? anyone? please help me im very confused

  • InkDaze

    Is my Wii U’s IP address the address I put in its internet connection settings under “IP address”?
    cause like I tried putting there my router’s IP but then it told me I can’t do that because there’s already a device using that IP, so I changed the last number and now it works