Dota 2 The International 2014 Compendium Guide: How to Purchase, Activate, and Use

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This guide will explain how to purchase, activate and use The International 2014 Interactive Compendium.

The Interactive Compendium keeps you up to date with the International and gives you access to new content as the tournament progresses. Compendium perks will remain active until July 28th 2014.

Purchasing a Compendium

The Interactive Compendium can be purchased from the Dota 2 Store for $9.99. It’s bundled with an exclusive Lieutenant Squawkins. It also includes any stretch goal rewards which have already been unlocked.

The International 2014 Interactive Compendium can be purchased here.

Once you’ve purchased your compendium it can be activated by right clicking on the icon within your Armory.

You’ll then be able to select the icon next to your player level to access your compendium.

The Prize Pool

For every compendium purchased the prize pool of the 2014 International is increased by $2.50. On the “Prize Pool” section of the compendium there is a running total of how much the International prize pool is currently sitting at. Additionally you can check the running total by visiting the Dota 2 Blog.

There are multiple stretch goals which will unlock different rewards.

If you’d like to gift a compendium to a friend you’ll need to purchase one from the store and then trade it to them.


Several pages of the compendium will allow you to make predictions on what you think is going to happen during the tournament. Correct predictions will earn you points in your compendium.

You can revisit these pages at any time to alter your predictions. Once the countdown at the bottom of the compendium hits zero your predictions will be locked and you’ll be unable to edit your choices.

Compendium Points

As you level up your compendium by completing objectives and correctly predicting results you’ll earn additional rewards. The compendium points section will show you how many points you need for your next level and what you’ll earn at each milestone. Your compendium will level up for every 100 points earned.

Higher level compendium owners will earn custom visuals, including modified teleport effects, base healing effects, and even new appearances for Bottle, Blink Dagger, and Dagon. These level up Custom Effects last until July 28th.

The second page of the compendium points section will give you a list of objectives you can complete to gain additional points. You’re also able to purchase compendium points directly from the Dota 2 store.

All-Star Match and Favorites

Within the compendium there is a page called All-Star Match. This page will allow you to create two dream teams which will compete for fun during The International.

The Favorites page allows you to pick your favorite team and individual player for the tournament.

Offering of the Aegis

During the International you can offer items similar to the New Bloom Festival. Each week during the event the items you’ve offered will be collected and replaced with different loot. The items and amount of points you’ll receive in return for your offering will be directly affected by the quality of the items you’ve offered.

Offering an item can be done by right clicking on the thumbnail via your armory. From the drop menu selectMake Offering. Certain items such as unusuals cannot be offered as they are deemed to rare.

Items which you’ve offered can be viewed by visiting the “My Offering” tab found on the left side of your armory.

The International Courier

Once your Compendium reaches Level 4, the International Courier, known as Lieutenant Squawkins will unlock.

Additional styles will be available at a later date.

Evolving Battle Booster

As your compendium increases in level your battle booster will also increase in scale. There is no level cap to the compendium, however once you reach level 100 the battle booster will only increase in scale for every additional 100 levels you achieve.

  • Level 1: 200% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 2: 210% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 5: 220% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 8: 230% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 12: 240% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 17: 250% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 26: 275% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 32: 300% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 36: 350% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 45: 400% Battle Point Booster
  • Level 100: 500% Battle Point Booster

Custom Effects

Many of the compendium level bonuses include custom effects. These come in the form of a purple hue in replacement of their default look.

In the example below you can see the custom fountain healing effect.

Immortal Treasures

The Immortal Treasures and other stretch goal unlocks will arrive in a later Dota 2 patch.

Coming Soon

The Compendium is a living document. From the Qualifiers to the Grand Finals, it will continually grow and evolve as The International progresses, adding new prizes, new polls, and new ways to interact with the tournament.

This guide will expand to cover any new features added to the compendium as they become available.


This guide was originally posted here.


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  • Taavi

    fcking lie cant trade that compendium 7days when you buy it thats sad :S

  • Actually the offering is not working for me, i put over 30 items there since 6-7 days now and it’s still there.

  • redwoodred

    How do I GIFT a Compendium? I purchased one, but it didn’t give the “Is this a Gift?” options that Steam browser does.

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