PAYDAY 2 Hotline Miami DLC: How to Cook Meth and Get Bar Codes

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This guide will show you how to cook meth and get the bar codes in PAYDAY 2’s Hotline Miami Heist DLC.

How to find the bar codes

  1. Find crowbars and open all crates in underground area (crowbars spawn randomly, both upstairs and underground).
  2. Listen to bain he will mention a city for example “shaw”
  3. Look at the map and match that city to a crate item, for example furs match shaw so the bar code is in the furs. There may be more then 1 crate of an item.
    4. Take bar code and put it into scanner, keep in mind that once you pick up a bar code you have to use it to get rid of it.

 How to cook meth

  1. Look at chart on the wall these are your steps. Match the picture with the type of meth cooker and do them in order from #1 to #3. 3. Meth will spawn in crates downstairs and in boxes inside the meth lab.
  2. 4. You can NOT always make six bags of meth, its spawns are random

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