Top 10 Fixes for Star Citizen Crashes, Errors, Unable to Start, Lag, Stuck Loading, Access invalid, D3Dx9_43 DLL, Download Manifest

Started three years ago in 2011, the Star Citizen PC game is well on its way to becoming a franchise. It has attracted the highest amount in recorded crowd funding history – a jaw dropping 50 million to date. Despite delivering amazing game play with fascinating scenarios, its main strength lies in its realism in portraying a virtual universe that is slave to all our physical laws. That said, here is a list of common Star Citizen crash problems and their quick fixes to ensure uninterrupted game play pleasure.

Top 10 Fixes for Star Citizen Crashes, Errors, Unable to Start, Lag, Stuck Loading, Access invalid, D3Dx9_43 DLL, Download Manifest

1. Star Citizen lagging during play

A game lag is such a dreadful experience. However there is a simple fix to this. First, make sure you have updated all your PC drivers especially the graphics. If you still experience a lag you might have to upgrade your graphic card. You can read through the game’s website for recommended hardware specs for guidance.

2. Star Citizen won’t start

Try deleting the user folder. Should do the trick.

3. Game graphics problem after patch install

After downloading and installing a patch you my notice a sort of downgrade in your game visual performance. This can be in the form of fuzziness or pixilated color patches. You should wait for a couple minutes the game graphics will return to normal.

4. Application unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

You might want to run the game’s dependency walker from the SC.exe just in case there is one or a couple of them you are missing that might be causing the problem. However a quick reinstall of the game’s dependency files should help fix the game right back up. These include all directx, .net framework and c++ redistributables and reinstalling them or letting your PC automatically do it for you.

5. Unable to determine current version

This frustrating error can be fixed by ensuring that you have updated all your drivers and game patches. If this fails a simple reinstall should suffice.

6. Star Citizen stuck on loading on windows 7

This Star Citizen crash issue is due to an interaction problem between the Windows 7 system networking and the game’s CryEngine. To fix this you will have to navigate to the services panel on your task manager. Once there locate the ‘Base filtering Engine’ service. Once you find it just hit restart and after, load the game.

7. Access invalid error

This error usually occurs after patch installs. It can be fixed quickly by just deleting the user folder.

8. Launcher won’t start: error d3dx9_43.dll missing

We would advise against manually downloading and installing the required file to repair this Star Citizen crash. Instead do a complete reinstall of your DirectX software for a safer and more stable fix.

9. No users logged in

Run the launcher and log in but do not launch it. Locate the game installation folder and navigate into the CitizenClientBin64 child folder. Right click on the StarCitizen.exe file and run it as an administrator.

10. Unable to download manifest

Simply run the game as an administrator and you should be able to download the manifest.

With about a quarter million players, Star Citizen has definitely got something right. The game is still in development and crashes are bound to be prominent. You can take part in the discussion by posting your problems, solutions and experiences with Star Citizen crashes in the comment section.

Top 10 Fixes for Ryse: Son of Rome Crash, Freeze, Error, Can't Save, Change FPS, Steam API64 DLL, 0xc000, Unarc DLL, AppCrash, SLI, Crossfire

Basic troubleshooting guide for the PC video game “Ryse: Son of Rome” written by: serpa123 In this article you will learn how to fix the most common bugs and errors in the freshly released PC port of an Xbox One exclusive action-adventure video game – Ryse: Son of Rome. But first and foremost, check your hardware and OS whether it is appropriate for this level of game.

Top 10 Fixes for Ryse: Son of Rome Crash, Freeze, Error, Can’t Save, Change FPS, Steam API64 DLL, 0xc000, Unarc DLL, AppCrash, SLI, Crossfire

Here’s the top 10 list of fixes for PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome:

1. Can’t save the game

The developers are aware of this huge bug and promise to fix things with the first upcoming patch for the game. But there is a solution to this problem laready and it lies in the Steam Cloud Sync service that saves your game progress on a Steam server, so just turn off the sync feature in your Steam account preferences and the game will automatically save files to your local hard drive.

2. The game freezes after the introductory video

This problem usually appears after the installation of the newest ATI drivers. Usually game developers advise gamers to update their graphics card drivers but in this case do the opposite and try to roll back the driver and minimize the graphics settings as much as you can. Naturally the game freezes if it doesn’t fit the system requirements and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you can buy a new batch of RAM for your PC.

3. Can’t start the game

First of all Ryse: Son of Rome doesn’t run on a 32-bit OS. If you have 64-bit OS and you still can’t start the game then do the following:

  • check if your Play button at Steam is activated, if not try to restart Steam app.
  • if it doesn’t help, first check the cache of the game, and then restart your Steam app.
  • if you still can’t get the game running – update or reinstall Steam.

4. Can’t change the FPS limit

Many recent games, especially for consoles, set an unbreakable limit for the number of frames per second. Usually it’s 30 frames per second. You can remove this restriction by enabling a Vertical Sync feature in the graphics preferences and set the refresh rate through the control panel of your graphics card app.

5. Ryse: Son of Rome crash

If you own a Nvidia graphics card you can fix this problem by disabling ShadowPlay in your graphics card’s preferences.

6. steam_api64.dll error

Your file is either blocked or deleted by your antivirus. So, just disable it during the re-installation of the game.

7. 0xc0000142, 0xc000007b and 0xc00007b errors

  • disable your antivirus software
  • clean your registry with CCleaner
  • reinstall the game and all the additional software: Direct X, MS Visual C ++ redistributable and Net Framework

8. unarc.dll error

If you receive this error it means that:

  • your installation files have been downloaded only partially – download your files again
    there is not enough space on your local hard drive
    turn off your antivirus at the time of installation

9. AppCrash error

Run the game as administrator by right-clicking on the icon of the game.

10. Can’t run the game on SLI or Crossfire

The game officially supports the NVIDIA SLI modes and AMD Crossfire. Try to update your graphics card drivers.

If you’re having other kinds of problems with this game, please, post them in the comments section and we’ll try to find the solutions as soon as possible. And don’t forget that Ryse: Son of Rome is a port of a console game, so there’s always going to be problems.

Top 10 Fixes for Styx Master of Shadows Crashes, Launch Error, Safe Mode, Resolution Fix, Subtitles, Unlock Predator, Spinning, Quick Save

As with any new PC game, Styx Master of Shadows has come with some problems that basic troubleshooting should be able to take care of. One of the new popular stealth video games, it’s a prequel to the 2012 Of Orcs and Men developed by Cyanide Studios. Before trying any of these troubleshooting tips, make sure that your hardware has the appropriate system requirements and check for any viruses. Even the weakest viruses may prevent the game from working properly.

Top 10 Fixes for Styx Master of Shadows Crashes, Launch Error, Safe Mode, Resolution Fix, Subtitles, Unlock Predator, Spinning, Quick Save

1) Click Play, Nothing Happen.

2) How to launch in safe mode?

To launch in safe mode, you have to edit the file StyxGame.ini which is located at ‘DocumentsMy GamesStyxStyxGameConfig’
Then find the line bLaunchSafeMode=false and modify the line to bLaunchSafeMode=true.

Save the file and launch the game from Steam.

2) How to use an unrecognized resolution?

You have several options in the file StyxGame.ini which is located at ‘DocumentsMy GamesStyxStyxGameConfig’, here is the detail:

  1. ResolutionClamp – If the value is false, it allows to use a resolution higher than the main screen size.
  2. UseOverridedResolution – If the value is true, it allows to force the resolution and the fullscreen with the following options: OverridedResolutionX and OverridedResolutionY. There is also the option to: OverridedResolutionFullscreen: If the value is true, it forces the fullscreen mode.

4) Why is there low performance on graphics when my computer has two graphics controllers?

The game may not run using the correct (dedicated) graphics adapter automatically. For this, there are two scenarios:

  1. Your graphic controller dedicated for video game is a NVIDIA GEFORCE.
  2. Your graphic controller dedicated for video game is an AMD RADEON HD

5) How to change the subtitles:

To switch the subtitles, go to your Steam library and right-click on the game then ‘Properties’.
You will have a language tab to switch the subtitles.

6) Why can I not activate my product code?

If you bought this Steam code online, it is likely the merchant is unlicensed and not part of the official distribution network.
In this case, ask for a refund on your purchase and buy the game from one of the official channels, such as the Steam store itself.

7) I can’t play with gamepad and when I play it the game just spins round and round

You may have been pushing the control stick to the left or right while plugging it in. Try placing the controller face up on your desk, unplug the controller, then plug it back in.

8) How do you unlock the last part of the skill tree ?

The Predator skill tree is basically NG+1: You can unlock one talent every 2 full unlocked trees.

9) Checkpoint only saving or can you manually save?

Full save system in this game: Manual save and load via menu, quick save and -load via F5 and F9.

10) Game length?

Overall there should be 8 missions, it could well take you 20 hours to complete the game, and more if you replay missions or try to go for all collectibles in you first runs of each level.

How to Get Free 1,000 VC in NBA 2K15 Using Locker Code

Here’s a quick guide to get 1,000 VC using your first locker code in NBA 2K15.

Go to “Options/Features.” Scroll all the way to the right until you see “Locker Codes.” Type in “IWATCHEDNBA2KTV.” You will receive your first 1,000 VC to use on NBA2K15.

This code was obtained by watching the first episode of NBA 2KTV. Highly recommend watching the following episodes as some nice goodies may be there.

maxresdefault (1)

Top 10 Fixes for NBA 2K15 Crash, D3D11 Error, Freezing, Change graphics, Connect online, Poor FPS, Facial scanning, Stuttering

Alright gamers, are you all ready to experience the best of gaming? Who isn’t? This is the final part of the year, meaning the fun is about to begin. Various games are in the line of release, and our favorite sports genre is definitely not lacking behind. It’s about time, we all get our yearly dose of sports gaming, especially the NBA fans. NBA 2k15, combined with all the new gen technology, features and game modes, is nothing but a treat for basketball lovers.

However, PC version of this game is nothing but a headache for many fans. Errors/Crashes/Bugs are killing the mood. And the fact you’re here means you know what I’m talking about and are eager to find solutions as fast as possible. Here is the list of some relevant solution for your problem.

Top 10 Fixes for NBA 2K15 Crash, D3D11 Error, Freezing, Change graphics, Connect online, Poor FPS, Facial scanning, Stuttering

#1 NBA 2K15 Crashes after Splash Screen

If you are experiencing this problem, you can take following steps to make it run.

Disable your internet connection. This will stop the game to connect to 2k servers by itself. This method worked for some users as they have reported it as working solution to the problem.

But if it still persist, try disabling the Steam overlay option’ & reboot your system. Updating drivers can also resolve the issue.

#2 Direct3D11 Error

Just try reinstalling DirectX and update your GPU drivers. Some users reported that it worked for them.

#3 NBA 2K15  Game Freezes Randomly

Stuck at the loading screen, or during the match? Well try going offline. It seems that the problem is on 2k’s end, their crappy servers are the cause of this problem. So until they find a solution, offline mode is all you got. Don’t give up though, if you can find a solution, then don’t forget to share in comments!

#4 Can’t Change Graphics Settings in NBA 2K15

Some users have complained about graphics settings, that the game doesn’t allow them to change it through in-game menu. To overcome this issue, try to change it from your GPU control panel. If you are a Nvidia user, go to the GPU control panel > 3-D settings, and add NBA2K in the list of program and tweak it as you wish.

If anyone here has this issue for AMD GPUs, try to figure the solution and post it here for others.

#5 Unable to Connect to NBA 2K15 Online Servers

Try waiting for some time and log again. This is again the issue of their great servers.

#6 Performance Issue

Try looking at the system requirement first, and if your PC doesn’t come in high end category, lowering graphics setting is your best solution. Otherwise, forcing Vsync via GPU control panel is something you can try. Make sure, that you don’t run any unnecessary background app.

#7 Game Crashes to Desktop

So much effort to bypass the issue of game not starting just to end up facing this. It’s definitely a bummer, if anything, right? Just disable you internet and make sure you set the game’s refresh rate to match your screen refresh rate. Trying #6 in this case might also work.

#8 My Player is a Monster!

This one is the most funny (scary) glitch ever. 2k introduced their next gen tech. called facial scanning. Never in their wildest dream could they have imagined that this is how it will turn out. To work around this glitch you can download a guide. Read this to know more.

#9 Stuck in the Loop

If you are experiencing a loop, in Heat vs Spurs, with only music and no commentary; try updating to the latest patch. It worked for many users. Also make sure that your game is complete, if you have downloaded it from steam. Even if download status shows 47/47, it’s still incomplete. Wait for it to show COMPLETED, and you’re good to go.

#10 Heavy Stuttering in NBA 2K15

If you’re experiencing temporary stutter during game-play in which a player magically disappears from one court and appears on another, try updating your drivers. That’s the first thing you should do. Some users reported that it worked for them. See whether it solves your problem or not.

If you have followed every step here, and your problem still persists don’t forget to comment here. We’ll see to it as soon as possible. In addition to this it’s always necessary for you to keep your drivers updated, as it always solves half the problem.

Top 10 Fixes for Alien: Isolation Crashes, Errors, Out of Range, Stuttering, Black Screen, Increase FOV, Flashlight, Controller, DX11, Skip Intro

After a not so good experience with Alien:Control Marines, I was left not so overly thrilled with expectations of the next iteration; Alien: Isolation, rather I was skeptical about it. After playing it on PC though, i have to give a two thumbs up for the good job done. I’d be cheating if i said it doesn’t have issues, but relax, in this article we have posted common problems with their solutions to guide and ensure a smooth ride.

Top 10 Fixes for Alien: Isolation Crashes, Errors, Out of Range, Stuttering, Black Screen, Increase FOV, Flashlight, Controller, DX11, Skip Intro

1. Alien: Isolation crash (Nvidia Users)

Nvidia users especially those using driver version 344.11, have issues with crashing. To solve this update your driver to the latest version.

2. Alien: Isolation Game Crashes After a Few Minutes

There has been reports by some unfortunate users that the game crashes randomly minuites after booting up. Try turning off the vsync and restarting your PC.

3. Alien: Isolation Out of Range Error Fix

You have met all the system requirements but you still get this error. The problem is refresh rate related. To fix this its advised you change your display settings to default then run the game.

4. Alien: Isolation – How to Skip Intro Videos

I know how boring rewatching the same thing over and over can be. If you want to skip the videos just follow these easy steps:
Go to SteamSteamAppscommonAlien IsolationDATAUIMOVIES. Once in the folder find and delete “.” from the following files:


5. Alien: Isolation Stuttering Fix

If your game is stuttering right from the beging try unplugging any unused USB peripherals connected. Restart the game after doing this. Also ensure that your refreshing rate is not more than 60Hz.

6. Alien:Isolation Flashlight Bug

Some users claim that the flashlight in the game’s initial stage doesn’t function normally. It might be an error made in the development of the game. However when you continue on the next section it will start working normally.

7. Alien: Isolation Black Screen Fix

If you experience a black screen with sounds in the background on the startup, probably its the resolution. Press Alt+Enter to get the windowed mode
If you are experiencing a black screen with sounds in the background on startup, then it’s most probably due to resolution conflict. Then adjust the resolution and refresh rate acording to your original settings.

8. Alien: Isolation – How to Increase FOV

Alien:Isolation offers you a Field Of View upto 75 by default though you may still want to increase it. Here are some steps to follow if you want to increase the FOV. First, find a file in Alien Isolation/DATA folder by the name of ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML. Open the file using a text editor and find the following lines:

<setting name=”Field Of View”>
<quality name=”47″ float=”47.0″ precedence=”7″></quality>
<quality name=”50″ float=”50.0″ precedence=”6″></quality>
<quality name=”55″ float=”55.0″ precedence=”5″></quality>
<quality name=”60″ float=”60.0″ precedence=”4″></quality>
<quality name=”65″ float=”65.0″ precedence=”3″></quality>
<quality name=”70″ float=”70.0″ precedence=”2″></quality>
<quality name=”75″ float=”75.0″ precedence=”1″></quality>

Now, after the second line, you need to add this code: . That will change the FOV to 100 but if you want a different value, you can add the number you desire.

9. Alien: Isolation Game controller not working

If you are using a USB GAme Controller and it doesn’t respond try downloading the drivers or insert the CD it came with and run it.

10. Alien: Isolation A drive with direct x 11 is not found

If this error message pops up evrytime you open your game, well check if you have direct x 11 using the dxdiag. If that doesen’t work you might have to instal a new graphics card.

How to Use the Benchmark in Alien: Isolation

There’s an in-game benchmark available in Alien: Isolation to test if your PC hardware can run the game fine. However, it is not easily accessible through the in-game menus. Here’s how you can use it.

Right click on the game in the library and select properties:

 Click on set launch options and type in -benchmark

 Launch the game and it will run the benchmark automatically and then close

 In the game properties click on browse local files

 Open up the .csv file in excel or in notepad, here you can read the results

 Modify the BENCHMARK_TEMPLATE.TXT file to modify the benchmark settings

How to Get a Level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Looking to get a level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor? Here’s a detailed description on how to do it. In order to get a level 25 Rune, you must kill a level 20 Uruk/Orc with + 5 levels. You get + 1 level from making him a revenge target, + 1 for intel to know his strengths and weaknesses, + 1 for activating his Hate or Fear, + 1 for killing him with his weakness (ex. Combat Finishers), and + 2 for him being a Warchief. Now I know this adds up to 6, but I’m not so sure about knowing his strengths and weaknesses and kill him with his weakness. I’d suggest you do all of this anyway.

First of all, people often mistake that they should send a Death Threat to increase the Captain’s or Warchief’s level to 20. DO NOT send a death threat. It will make it nearly impossible to get a regular rune since epic runes don’t have levels. So now onto the steps.

How to Get a Level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Step 1:

Find a Worm (Green targets on map) and use the intel to know the strengths and weaknesses of the targeted Uruk. He can be either a Captain or Warchief but it’s easier if he’s a Warchief. Make sure he has a Fear or Hatred and Weakness of something. If he doesn’t, just ditch that Uruk and find one that has a Fear or Hatred AND Weakness. Once you find one with a Fear or Hatred (For example, fear/hatred of fire, caragors, etc.) You’re good to go. Knowing the intel adds a point.

Step 2:

It does not matter what level or rank (Captain or Warchief) they are in the beginning. The closer they are to 20, the faster it’ll take to get the rune. And just make sure in the end, the Uruk is a Warchief. If they’re level 16, just die 4 times to them to get them to 20 and you also complete the task of making him a revenge target, which adds a 1 point. If it’s a level 20 Warchief with a Fear or Hatred and Weakness that you found immediately, you must die to him anyway.

Step 3 (Optional):

(Note: Ignore this step if your Uruk is already a warchief): If the Uruk is only a Captain and you did these steps, do not fear. You can just find out who he’s connected to (what Warchief and what other Bodyguards he has. In order to make this simpler, you can send a Death Threat to the warchief which means when you fight him, the Warchief and all his bodyguards will come out. Kill the Warchief and the other bodyguards the ones that you aren’t making level 25 and then Uruk that you’re making level 25 will become a Warchief, adding 2 points.

Step 4:

At this point, the Uruk should be a Warchief, should have killed you once, be level 20, and you should know his strengths and weaknesses. What I did was in the beginning, I immediately set off his fear or hatred, in my case, hatred of fires. Then after that I just kept on getting combos so I can do an execution move on him. If he’s not affected my execution moves, you can just spam Wraith Flash (default bind R) until he’s low enough for you to grab and shank him, or until he dies.

Step 5:

Once the Warchief is dead, you should get the level 25 Rune.

PAYDAY 2 Hotline Miami DLC: How to Cook Meth and Get Bar Codes

This guide will show you how to cook meth and get the bar codes in PAYDAY 2’s Hotline Miami Heist DLC.

How to find the bar codes

  1. Find crowbars and open all crates in underground area (crowbars spawn randomly, both upstairs and underground).
  2. Listen to bain he will mention a city for example “shaw”
  3. Look at the map and match that city to a crate item, for example furs match shaw so the bar code is in the furs. There may be more then 1 crate of an item.
    4. Take bar code and put it into scanner, keep in mind that once you pick up a bar code you have to use it to get rid of it.

 How to cook meth

  1. Look at chart on the wall these are your steps. Match the picture with the type of meth cooker and do them in order from #1 to #3. 3. Meth will spawn in crates downstairs and in boxes inside the meth lab.
  2. 4. You can NOT always make six bags of meth, its spawns are random