Murdered: Soul Suspect Reviews Are In – "Not Worth Your Time and Money"

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Early reviews suggest a resounding “Don’t play it” after experiencing a poor storyline, weak gameplay, and lots of bugs and errors in Murdered: Soul Suspect. Here’s a condensed take of reviews by IGN, Joystiq, Kotaku, EscapistMagazine, and PowerPyx.

IGN’s Review:





Sadly, most of these investigations involve little more than hunting for clues and solving a deductive reasoning puzzle or two. They can also quickly become unduly frustrating when the game decides not to highlight an important object until you’ve looked at it in just the right way. You don’t even have to find all the clues to solve a particular mystery, since more often than not you can just brute force your way through merely by picking random topics until you hit the right combination. It was a real shame to realize that after several different investigations, I was encountering the same types of easy to solve puzzles over and over. In fact, other than ruining your chance for a perfect score, there’s no penalty for mucking up an investigation. This just about kills any weight behind Ronan’s supposedly urgent quest to solve the Bell Killer murders when you don’t have to worry about any real risk of failure.




I actually wanted to work out some video guides for this game, but at this point I am seriously re-considering if I want to spend any more time with this at all. What a shame, this game could have had some real potential. Gotta give it a 1/10, most disappointing thing I’ve ever bought.

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  • NeO_mx

    Poor storyline, and weak gameplay is true, but I doesn’t seen any bugs and errors. No DLC (DownLoadable Content), no multiplayer added yet, just the singleplayer story.

  • no multiplayer added yet