Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

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Update: If you stumbled upon this page looking for our Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor troubleshooting guide for crashes, errors, and bugs, click here.

Here are some things I would like to touch up on after playing this game for only a few hours and the differences in what I expected and what I (we) got. For one I expected there to be a big focus on the lore of the story and for the first open world LOTR game I expected you to be able to travel around the whole world. I also expected there to be more stealth elements and a rich storyline.

Here’s what we got. Little lore so far except the fact that we know we’re in mordor before the great war with Frodo and The Ring. That’s about it. We know we we’re in Gondor but now we’re in mordor. And we have to get our soul back because we’re in between life and death. And we do this by defeting sauron’s army. From what I can tell, that’s the basis of this game. As for open world you are limited to just Mordor. Don’t expect to go visit the shire, or Rohan, or Gondor because you’re just not gonna. Another thing is the stealth in this game, while not broken, is not what I hoped for, I hoped for a cover-to-cover based stealth system and this is not that.

But the game does excel in some things. For one, you are punished for dying, you die and uruki take new places and gain ranks and you have to kill them over and over till you defeat them all. Which makes for some very fun and very angry gameplay. Another thing I love is the combat system. It is beautiful, the flow of combat is smooth and it has a very definate lord of thew rings feel with you being able to take on 30 Uruki by yourself. Another thing they did very well was the interogationing and the runes. Another is that you really want to pay attention to strengths and weakneses of the commanders because they allow you to play tactically and plan your combat and moves.

But unfortunatley this feels like it’s it, run around, kill Uruki, upgrade you character (who looks pretty ugly by the way). and Don’t try to leave mordor because you don’t get to. Oh and there’s some story loosly tying into LOTR to keep fans interested due to lack of lore.

Overall the game is still fun to play and the combat is exciting. But for the First “LOTR Open-World RPG” they could have done better on the Open World aspect (much better), and for announcing a game’s storyline that takes place during the rise of sauron it lacks lore to keep you interested and the game starts to get kinda old pretty fast.

Verdict: 7/10

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