How to Get a Level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Looking to get a level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor? Here’s a detailed description on how to do it. In order to get a level 25 Rune, you must kill a level 20 Uruk/Orc with + 5 levels. You get + 1 level from making him a revenge target, + 1 for intel to know his strengths and weaknesses, + 1 for activating his Hate or Fear, + 1 for killing him with his weakness (ex. Combat Finishers), and + 2 for him being a Warchief. Now I know this adds up to 6, but I’m not so sure about knowing his strengths and weaknesses and kill him with his weakness. I’d suggest you do all of this anyway.

First of all, people often mistake that they should send a Death Threat to increase the Captain’s or Warchief’s level to 20. DO NOT send a death threat. It will make it nearly impossible to get a regular rune since epic runes don’t have levels. So now onto the steps.

How to Get a Level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Step 1:

Find a Worm (Green targets on map) and use the intel to know the strengths and weaknesses of the targeted Uruk. He can be either a Captain or Warchief but it’s easier if he’s a Warchief. Make sure he has a Fear or Hatred and Weakness of something. If he doesn’t, just ditch that Uruk and find one that has a Fear or Hatred AND Weakness. Once you find one with a Fear or Hatred (For example, fear/hatred of fire, caragors, etc.) You’re good to go. Knowing the intel adds a point.

Step 2:

It does not matter what level or rank (Captain or Warchief) they are in the beginning. The closer they are to 20, the faster it’ll take to get the rune. And just make sure in the end, the Uruk is a Warchief. If they’re level 16, just die 4 times to them to get them to 20 and you also complete the task of making him a revenge target, which adds a 1 point. If it’s a level 20 Warchief with a Fear or Hatred and Weakness that you found immediately, you must die to him anyway.

Step 3 (Optional):

(Note: Ignore this step if your Uruk is already a warchief): If the Uruk is only a Captain and you did these steps, do not fear. You can just find out who he’s connected to (what Warchief and what other Bodyguards he has. In order to make this simpler, you can send a Death Threat to the warchief which means when you fight him, the Warchief and all his bodyguards will come out. Kill the Warchief and the other bodyguards the ones that you aren’t making level 25 and then Uruk that you’re making level 25 will become a Warchief, adding 2 points.

Step 4:

At this point, the Uruk should be a Warchief, should have killed you once, be level 20, and you should know his strengths and weaknesses. What I did was in the beginning, I immediately set off his fear or hatred, in my case, hatred of fires. Then after that I just kept on getting combos so I can do an execution move on him. If he’s not affected my execution moves, you can just spam Wraith Flash (default bind R) until he’s low enough for you to grab and shank him, or until he dies.

Step 5:

Once the Warchief is dead, you should get the level 25 Rune.

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