The Forest PC Review: First Impressions

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From having only played an hour so far, I would say that this game has a lot of potential. The Forest takes hunting, crafting and building to the survival horror genre, creating a unique and compelling experience altogether.

Atmosphere: Graphics and Sound

The atmospheric tone of the game is excellent. It’s very dark and creepy, especially if you venture into the cave systems. The lighting is well done, both inside the caves and outside, and the sounds are simply brilliant.

The mutants/tribesmen–whatever they actually are–add a more ominous element to the game, and they work surprisingly well early on in the game’s stage.


A lot of features in the game are good and simple, such as the crafting menu and your player’s inventory. There’s almost no hassle when using them, and you won’t get confused. The only bad thing about the crafting is that once you place a blueprint down, you can’t remove it to build somewhere else (at least I haven’t found a way to yet).

If you’re a fan of survival games, The Forest is definitely for you. You can get a spear and use it to go fishing. Aside from fish, I’ve only seen lizards and rabbits so far as a food source, as well as energy bars.

Bugs to watch for

There are quite a few bugs that I’ve noticed while playing, but that is to be expected in alpha. Certain objects, such as some rocks and containers, have no mass and you can walk through them. Some tools, such as the second axe you find in the game, can be replicated repeatedly. I had amassed a large stack of them at my camp by accident while switching to other tools. I wouldn’t worry too much about the bugs right now. The development team of this game seems very promising, and I have the utmost faith that they will fix them to the best of their abilities.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this game to any fan of survival or horror games.

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