How to Fix Destiny Error Codes

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You pop your freshly purchased Destiny disc into your console and you are met with funny Destiny error codes. Hassled players would go as for as calling these error codes the “Noah’s Ark of Errors” as you will see Error names such as Centipede, Chicken, Bee, Groundhog, Hare, Lion, Fly, Gopher, and Cattle. These appear after the notice “ATTENTION: Contacting Destiny Servers…” or “Lost connection to partner services.”

These Destiny error codes are usually related to connectivity issues, and a particular item you want to look at is NAT (network address translation). Your NAT will need to be configured correctly on your router. A Type 1 NAT (PlayStation) or an Open NAT Type (Xbox) is preferred.

Here are the detailed the steps you need to configure the proper NAT for your PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, courtesy of

If you are still getting Destiny Error codes, feel free to drop a comment below.

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  • Chris

    People playing on a college internet appear to be screwed because we can’t mess with any of that stuff. Nobody (not even Bungie) has any kind of fix for it. Glad I wasted money on it. The ONLY game I’ve ever had connectivity issues with on campus.

    • Richie

      I paid 100 euro for the digital guardian edition and constantly getting kicked back to orbit during exploration, missions and every 10 seconds in the crucible its an absolute disgrace that bungie didnt fully test this between the beta and the full game. I am highly disappointed with this error and if it is not fixed real soon im going to lose interest and demand my money back 100 euro for something thats not working is fully nuts!!!!

    • Brian.S

      I hear you if bungie does get this crap fixed and that is a big “IF” they better give us day 1 players alot of add ons for free cause this sucks big hairy ball sacks! They should’ve tested this better before releasing the game I’m almost to the point of contacting bungie and asking for a refund plus 40% for all the hell I’ve went thru with this game! If not I’ll get a gamer petition started and boycott them!

  • Michael O

    I am in the same boat as Chris, i cant believe i waited in line and payed $100 for this stupid game and expansion pack.

  • Tboi

    Exact same here!! I live in the dorms and I keep getting network errors, I played the beta with no problem at all! I don’t understand. Bungie must have a fix for this??

  • Tom

    Can’t sign in. NAT is fine, just won’t sign me in. Now instead of Cattle or Caterpillar, I get “destiny servers are not available at this time.” F-ing bungie, get your sh*t together.

  • Jacob

    Same for me, I live in campus and have a nat type 1 and it’s still not working for me

  • Adam

    What I don’t get is that my NAT type is open at my college and Halo works for me and they are made for bungie and I don’t get why destiny doesn’t work at my college. What error codes are you guys getting?

  • Adam

    By bungie*

  • Nev

    I have 76meg fibre optic broadband and i am using a new cat 6 ethernet lead and it still drops out and sends me back to the main screen

  • tannerjellison

    I live in a dorm at kstate…. The nat is open and other games play fine. If bungie makes it unplayable for college kids half their audience will be mad

  • Marcus

    Keep getting gopherd and centipeded out of the game. Only happened once during beta when they were closing it. Hope Bungie fixes this soon, I’m itching to play this game.

  • Jason

    I’ve gotten just about every error code, elk, cloudberry, chicken, centipede, bee, baboon, yellow, fucking seven, and king kong. I have a perfect 4 bar connection to my router, and my nat is open, and to be 100% sure, i tried wired, sstill every fucking error code. So glad i pre-ordered this game and can’t play.

  • Cosmic Neek

    Besides waiting in line at the midnight launch for nearly 2 hours last night picking up limited edition only to find out over 10 errors that continuously bring you back to main menu over and over again. I enjoy menu gaming NOT!

    Same NAT problem on my side, they really need to fix this crap, What did I purchase? Menu screen, background music & cinematic? ffs facepalm, major fail first day 🙂

    Another dissapointed and unsatisfied customer…

  • Alejandro Castillo

    Hey guys im in the same boat as everyone else andI know the problem! You need to try to convince your IT depart or who ever is in charge of the schools internet to open up the ports for xbox the most common I’ve seen was 3074 dup and top ports but there are others. Search the ports on google and there should be a list. I hope this helps.


    The problem isn’t on the user end. The Destiny servers has been crushed under the weight of the millions of users logging on during the first day. I can’t say I’m surprised, WoW had serious issues during the first couple of weeks and many many other games end up with shit like this happening on release. That said I’m still very disappointed. Out of everyone, I expected Bungie to not have this kind of thing happen. But as it is with networking and IT problems, shit just happens. I bet they’re pulling their hair out over there right about now. I’m sure by now a fire has been lit under the appropriate asses.

  • Concerned

    I am at a university and have no access to any of the necessary ports that need to be opened. Driving me mad because I was looking forward to playing the whole day today

  • Fahhhhk

    Same boat as just about everybody else. I figured that it would be too overloaded early in the day and so I water until just now. Centipede, centipede, fucking centipede. There must be a crew working to fix this in the next couple of days right? They wouldn’t just screw over people in college would they?

  • JFMaN

    Have Destiny put up any news or reason to why we can’t play and how long it will be until we can, i don’t care itv its a day or two but i just want to know so i stop wasting my fuking time trying

  • Kelsy

    I played the beta. I didn’t have any problems or error codes. I picked up my copy of Destiny today, installed it, downloaded my preorder bonuses, etc. Didn’t have much trouble playing till about the third level. Took a break to eat dinner, and when I came back, I didn’t stay in a mission for more than ten minutes before getting kicked back into orbit OR all the way back to the start menu. It was incredibly frustrating. It happened frequently when playing with friends, and less frequently when playing on my own.

    If these errors “bee,” “elk,” “lion,” are connection issues, why didn’t I experience them during the beta when other people were?? Absolutely nothing has changed in terms of my internet connection since then. I’m going out of town for a couple days and when I get back on Saturday I sincerely hope Bungie has either fixed this or offered a solution other than changing NAT Type…

  • Derek

    This game is pretty much the reason why I even got a ps4 and now I can’t even play it because Bungie doesn’t have its shit together. Destiny was just a waste of money, time, and energy.

  • kaixi

    this really sucks can’t even enjoy the game ….and now bungie slaps this in people’s faces cus of servers they say people can just watch meaning videos of the game yeah there really going to fix it. I think we just all got reamd big time -.- ……..

  • Donovan

    I have done absolutely everything I can possibly think of to get these errors to stop, there is nothing I can do.
    1. I have put the console in a DMZ.
    2. I have set proper port forwarding.
    3. My NAT type is Open, I’m plugged in via CAT 6E Ethernet cable to a 30 Mb/s internet connection.
    Most of my issues occur when accessing the Crucible or The Tower, but does intermittently occur while playing with friends or alone in the other worlds.
    I have been playing this game for over 24 hours and the issues have severely prevented me from fully enjoying every minute of it.
    I am highly disappointed, I never received an error message during the beta and although the numbers of players playing have increased substantially it is still very shocking these issues are arising.

    • Edgar

      I have the same exact problem, did you solved it?

    • Gary

      Same issue. FUCK BUNGIE!

  • Gary

    Bee, Catapiliars. Good lord this game’s server stability is utterly useless! I know it’s early days etc, but with all the negative press for the game here at release now they’re screwing those who actually have the game too?

    You don’t think those people who bought the game won’t be quick to relay the fact the servers are completely stuffed and you cannot play anyway to others?

    This is an online only game. I give Deej a week to fix this or this game is dead as a doornail.

  • Andrew

    I’m starting to get worried that I just paid 60 dollars for a paper weight. Or maybe I can just use the disc as a frisbee for my dog. Naw I think what I should do is just store it in the garbage can for now.

  • Andrew

    Activision is pulling off the biggest troll in history. Error codes will soon be fixable for a 5 dollar fee.

  • Don

    This is the worst release Ive ever experienced. Its one thing if its down. Its another if you play for 5 minutes, and it disconnects. And I dont even bother with crucible. That shit is completely broken at this point. Fix your shit bunny. You take everyones hard earned money and then you release a game that doesnt even work.

  • Calhone35

    I found online a tutorial on how to fix the code errors, worked on my console !!

    • jimmy

      i can’t figure out how to download the patch, any idea?

    • AtnoniasF

      Fixed my Cattle Error with this fix, thank you!

  • keeper4560

    kent state:

    Error code centipede… Can’t play.
    Beyond frustrated.

  • Jake

    Is anyone else getting an error code newt?? The game allows me to sign in and go to orbit but when I try to go to a destination it says I cant connect to a fire team then sends me back to orbit.

  • gio

    Yea I live on a college campus and I keep getting disconnected mid-game and getting error code “bee”

  • Christophe

    I keep getting thrown off. the server, then the last time i tried i got the error code : leopard. I pay’d allot of money like all of us i prosume. I WANNA PLAY DESTINY IN PEACE!!!! Ty for listening

  • KMT

    Conflicting NAT/router settings was a relevant cause of networking issues 10 years ago, but if your NAT is still closed/restricted….you live under a pebble, beneath a rock, in the ocean.

    Seriously though, I don’t think NAT has anything to do with 95% of the networking issues with games these days. It’s a server issue. They’re outdated, sub-par, and stressing. If the issue remains, then it’s a communication problem within the infrastructure of the network.

  • luke

    mine wont even let me get past the home screen. it says error code marionberry. dafuck!? anyone got the same problem as me and know how to fix it. if this wasnt a gamefly game id be fucking pissed right now. i feel bad for anyone that bought this game. some bullshit…

  • Ted

    All these network issues aside, I’m having a major issue in game – anytime I pull up my ghost to navigate during combat, my weapons won’t fire when I switch back. I have to fumble around, throw knives, grenades, slice, jump, switch weapons until something triggers the system to fire again!!!! Fuuuuuu… Please tell me I’m not the only one with this?…

    • Mike

      I get this too. Any known fixes?

  • Riko

    I opened the damn recommended ports and even opened one that seemed relevant. Wasn’t hard; I’m a cyber security engineer. Worked fine all day yesterday; no crashes. Now I can’t play for more than 5 minutes before I get the damn bee error again. WTF?!

  • Chels

    I get into the mission and just as I’m getting into the game BOOM….it crashes and I get “Fly”error. My husband played all day with NO problem…figures when I get on I can’t play! UGH

  • kevin

    Im getting these error codes too. im not in collage or whatever. just behind a router. which is from my isp and i dont have to ability to acces it nor change anything. NAT is open. its unplayable

  • Wallabee

    I’m wondering what the real point behind the Destiny Beta was really for, to stress test servers in order to accomodate launch, or simply to hype up demand for this game? I’m equally dissatisfied on Bungie’s end because they refuse to acknowledge these network issues as a fault of their own, so they instead make the end users refer to their own network settings like a bunch of jackasses, essentially keeping us from complaining further. For a $500 million budget, Bungie should really learn how to invest in providing customer service, especially during a launch with a new IP such as this. I’m sick and tired of trying to play a game I already paid for. I already can’t claim a refund on this game, and now I’m unable to play it as well. Majorly disappointed in Bungie. I had high hopes for Bungie ever since they left Halo to venture new developments, but it seems like they lost their focus and are just money-hungry in the industry now. What a shame.

  • Tony

    Fond a new tutorial on how to fix the Error Codes and the Connection Problems here

  • Lane

    The issue is not on any of our ends. The problem is their servers. They were flooded with players and probably won’t be settled for a week or two. As for the error codes, no one seems to know what they mean specifically, I’ve even contacted bungie about caterpillar and baboon, my most commonly received two. During peak internet usage hours of the day for my time zone which is central, I “lose connection to the servers” much more often. Their servers also seem to not enjoy having uncommon random players across all platforms. By that I mean random players joining your servers. Find friends that you can play with that you don’t disconnect with,and just stick to it. You shouldn’t have too many more issues that way, that’s how I solved my problems on my 360.

  • Raphael Pontes

    I live in Sao Paulo – Brazil, and i have this same peoblem… #Fuck the Bungie… #I want to play Destiny in Peace.

  • Rodrigo

    im not even on campus and i cant play destiny already did all those things bungie ask for set everything in my router, i can play plants vs zombies gw and im sure they didnt spend 500.000 million dollars on the game, im very dissapointed i buyed digital guardian edition and now i just want my money back but im sure theyll not give me back .

  • kaixi

    now my xbox won’t even connect to the internet. idk what to do .. destinys no longer working for me and now so is the internet on xbox one I’ve never had this problem before till destiny .. I really want to play this game ..but I guess bungie just doesn’t care I mean why else does the game have code names for errors like baboon and all that because I think they are not just code words but it might be saying F………..u .you paid for nothing losers.. that’s how i see it when I see the code names the codes are telling us we were fooled. well you know bungie scr** you and I hope you see this you s****………

  • fred

    i went through all the time of getting the game, installing whatever i had to install along with getting the day 1 patch. then after all that waiting it says “press x to start” (im on ps3). so i press start i get that overly happy/nerdy/creep feeling of finally playing it and all i get is “problem reading game content. please exit destiny and try again” and i’ve not been this pissed in awhile.

  • Brians

    I don’t live on campus. I have excellent Internet, open NAT and everything. I didn’t get a single error in the beta. I can’t play a mission for more than 10-25 minutes or a full crucible match before I get bee or lion or fly errors. It’s pissing me off man. I hope Bungie fixes this

  • Chris DelRusso

    I keep getting the error code:baboon. I know my internet is fine because I can play any other game on live and its fine I don’t get removed from the session. This game it keeps removing me from the session every 6 minutes I try to play. It doesn’t disconnect me from Xbox live so I know its not that. They should have had a mode on this game or option that allows you to play without Xbox live. A single player so you didn’t have to rely on damn connections. Ridiculous. Waited for this game and I already have a tough schedule with minimal free time so when I play it now its a waste of time to even bother. ‘And I’m not even in a dorm at a university!’

    • Chris DelRusso

      This is why I am more excited for Far cry 4! It won’t have problems like this sh**

  • wiliam

    So after having disconnection issues and talking to xbox support, my ISP provider, AND my router provider (Netgear) My live is fine, BUT NOW I get the “Vulture” error message even though im connected to live 🙁

  • Ryan

    Sometimes I can play for a few hours at a time, other times I can barely play a few minutes. I get all sorts of error codes but mostly bee. My internet isn’t the best but when I’m playing destiny it doesn’t lag at all but I’m just sick of getting kicked and losing my progress.

    They need to sort this shit out.

  • G Money

    I’m connected to Internet with a damn ethernet cable and it still gives me the marionberry error! There’s nothing wrong with my connection

  • KevinO6

    I got the same errors as you guys buy i found an online tutorial on youtube and fixed the game:

  • Smutter86

    Lol, I would not trust that patch thing at all. You don’t know if they put any kind of spyware/malware in there. This stupid connection issue only started happening to me today. No error codes, just dumping me back to orbit. I could be doing anything from talking to NPCs to killing stuff.

  • DukeMalcolm

    I used this tutorial here for fixing these errors:

  • kyle

    I live at home have full wifi connection, and my NAT is open, yet every single time I continue to get an error code and it kicks me back into orbit, and that’s only when I get that far. Really starting to tick me off.

  • Brett

    First time I have ever been NOT able to play the game I bought because of some stupid Digital Copyright Software????

    I went out of the way to buy this game and now I am extremely disappointed.

  • Bob

    Just purchased Destiny?….Game errors just trying to access the game???…Xbox Live disconnect error messages?….Destiny game server access problems?….What!??….a game that relies on your ability to get to their database systems in outer space some place just to play it?..You mean you can’t play it without connecting to some place away from home?..too many users?….”the airplane seats have just been over sold”….its not you….the database manager for Bungie can’t be too different from any other database manager….too many users?…..just block or kick users off…..until you get enough capacity that is to entertain all…Brand new?…create a program…recognizes the new folks….wouldn’t want to upset a brand, brand new customer….play a little awhile….then, block or kick off old users until you get capacity. Old user? …2, 3 hours…maybe a day if your lucky of game play…then , blocked or get kicked off. To be or not to be….patience or refund? That is the question…..HHHhhhhhhmmmm????? All this….I have to fix my computer, my server, my internet service to run a game???? Really??? Are you kidding????? And you bought a $60 game disc from the local store…or worse…you bought the game online….waited…oh an hour or so…after passing out your credit card billing information….for the game to download…..but…can’t play the game because of someone in outer space? Again, to be or not to be….patience or refund? That is the question. Microsoft must be proud of it’s name and its association to Bungie……right about now. Remember…….the question.

  • Gemma

    Fuck off with all the upgrades and connection loss when your in battle and you have nearly killed them all at the hive… Boom your lack of preparation makes me lose all my achievements 🙁 and gives me a signal failure….. Bungie sort this shit out……!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HT white monkey

    Almost two weeks, and Bungie still has no real fing answer for these code issues! Wow. I expected more from Bungie, now I hate this game that could of been amazing. No way I fall for another BS Bungie game again!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    I understand if they’re having issues. But they aren’t offering any help or information about all these connection errors and it’s really frustrating. I managed to sign in and play fine a few days ago, but now I get the cattle error every time. If it worked before then it’s not a problem with my router/connection, it’s Bungie. I’m very disappointed.

  • Kyle

    I have opened my NAT and forward all the listed ports! Still get Bee after 5 minutes. I don’t even live near a college campus! What is going?????

  • Jordan

    So i followed all of the bs help info it gave me my nat type is open now and guess what i still cant play the damn game.

  • Lj

    I’m on a college campus and gettin error codes any way to fix this

  • Matt

    I finished the intro mission, got to the tower, now I am being booted out of there. WTF? I was roaming around for a few minutes then booted. I don’t have connectivity issues as my PS3 is still connected to the internet. I logged out and made sure. So what, I can’t upgrade gear and such if I can’t get into the tower, which makes the game pointless in my eyes. WHo the fuck is going to try to play the game with the starting gear and not upgrade as they play? Why should I be forced to connect in the first place just to play a game? Plus my Vanguard Armory redemtion code doesn’t work either. I’m already starting to smell BULLSHIT!!!!

  • KevinO6

    New tutorial here that will fix your errors:

  • Brandon

    NAT type is open. that is NOT. NOT. the issue here.

  • PoiPoi

    Have a PS3 and am on Korcett wireless for my apartment complex. Was working yesterday and the day before but today it decided to screw up and give me error code marionberry. Nothing suggested works; not disabling dpnp, not turning connections off or the PS3 itself off, and I can’t reset the router because I don’t have access to it regardless of common courtesy (not screwing up everyone else’s internet). Don’t know what to do; guess I’ll see if it works tomorrow before I start calling people. Hopefully there’s a patch soon? Idek.

  • Liam

    My NAT is also open on my XB1, constantly get centipede messages, and it’s always when i’m playing alone, I’m not even situated at a campus or college, I’m in my own house in a normal internet zone, wireless router is only 4 metres away, new router which is stronger than my telephone company’s and yet, same issue. Christ I hate this second rate BS.

  • Mack Koebach

    You guys all must be dumb then cuz I’ve had Destiny since day 1 on ps4 and have had exactly zero problems, rank 24 mastered warlock bitches!

  • Martin

    Fiber optic 10/10 and this is the only game that keeps kicking me out. Never liked Bungie but i think that this is a good game. And the only game worth playing on xone atm =/

  • Luke

    Port forwarding is set up with a static ip, open Nat is set up. I disconnect every five minutes at some times of the day, sometimes takes me 30 minutes to log in only to be disconnected. It’s a disgrace that they have such issues, I online game loads, from battlefield, call of duty, halo, gears of war, the last of us, resident evil, world of Warcraft, Star Wars, not a single game I have ever played has had this amount of connection problems!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Luke

    Been trying to connect for an hour now… Everything else works, Xbox live is connected, tests all run ok… Fix your damn servers bungie! Trying my 26th login attempt now…. What p**ses me off is I only get two hours a day to game when my kids are asleep!! Now I can’t even play the game I want to!!! Ffswwjdftw?

    • Marc

      I’m in the same boat mate… So annoying to pay for something you cannot use! I live in the UK and there are many here with the same problem. Its sad and funny to think everything is re configuring routers and NAT’s and even changing ISP’s to sort this when its a Bungie issue for definite! Don’t know how much longer I’m gonna wait before just turning back to Battlefield…

  • Noah

    I have an open NAT Type but still getting a cattle error… Just got the game and this happened when I first put in the game this happened at the title screen.

  • If you still got code errors: a tutorial was released for fixing them:

  • liquid

    If you keep getting bee and fly make sure you set your prenatal controls on ps4 to allow on all options.

  • Bungiesucks

    I have done EVERYTHING to the letter that Bunghole’s support site says to. I have opened very specific ports. I have set a static IP address (therefore have an open NAT), and I still get the same fricking error codes. Cattle, bee, fly, and the ‘pede. I think the moment Bunghole left MS, they lost THEIR support (cause their servers are utter garbage). I think Bunghole doesn’t know what the hell they are doing in la la land. Good luck on getting your money back, you already bought the game, and that’s all these cunts care about. Fuck Bungie, and their shitty assed “support”! In MY world, they are already dead.

  • Metamorphine

    Nice !
    I ve been waiting for this game so long… Just arrived home today…(Thanks Play Asia for being late…but hey, you still are my friend.)
    Insert the disc in my XBOX360… Error : BOAR ….
    Pffff, just FFFFAAAACCCKKKK Bungie, you serious?!!?
    Guess I will go back to another game 🙁

  • Not-So-Jolly Santa

    I LOVE Destiny, and I want to play it a lot before Evolve comes out, but there is one problem.


    The two main error codes i’ve been getting is Caterpillar and Centipede (which has been getting me to hate these insects IRL), and i’ve checked my Nat, DNS, and all of the sudgestions i’ve tried don’t work. I sometimes suspect that Destiny is working on the servers…but considering its every single day, and i’ve seen nothing on the Destiny Companion saying their fixing these errors.

    If you have any new suggestions, or know why this is happening, please reply!

  • Metamorphine

    SOLUTION For BOAR (Japanese Xbox 360 -> Asia Version of Destiny)

    This solution might help people in Japan who bought the ASIA version of DESTINY:
    1) Create an US account (silver account is OK) -> That means you have to create an hotmail account US first.
    2) Log with this new account into your XBOX 360 and launch DESTINY.
    3) It will download all the content directly (around 7Go: 10 minutes)
    4) After that, the game is starting (choosing your class), Go back to XBOX HOME
    5) Log Out from your US account, use your Japanese account
    6) Launch the game… Et voila 😉

  • justwanttoplay

    The game has been running fine for me ever since it has come out until today. I can’t do any missions or explore and my nat type is 2. Wtf

  • SWFynch

    Got an Xbone with Destiny yesterday, set it up, put the disk in and havnt been able to get past the first press A screen yet due to Turtle errors.

    My NAT type is open and i’ve done all the port forwarding mentioned above, one the xbox live support site and on the bungie help site.

    Still getting Turtle every single time i press that A.

  • kingkllr

    I can start my own zoo with all these error codes. Didnt have any issues until they started messing with the loot caves. At firsti just thought it was maintanence, but now its become unplayable

  • scooby

    I have my own home, private internet conn, and the fastest available service package and wired conn and still get Noah’s fucking ark messages. Bungie is just shit. Nat type 1 as well

    • shushy

      Read my comment below and see if it helps.

  • shushy

    I have a fix but people usually seem too busy complaining to notice it. I had open nat type and got cattle error EVERY time. Go to network settings> advanced>. Take a picture of all the values in the fields on the right (ip address, subnet mask, etc…) click ip settings and switch it to manual and enter those same values into their respective fields. It worked for me. Hope it works for you.

    • chris

      Any problems or still running smoothly

  • Logan

    It wont even let me start destiny up. I dont get the noahs ark messages either. It just says either the disc is unreadable (its brand new i just bought it like an hour ago) or it says it just couldnt start, try downloading it again. This is bull.

  • Lyricstrinity3

    Brand new disc and my xbox says it’s unreadable yet all of my other games word just fine. I have re formatted my hard drive after another error message said that corrupted files were on the hard drive. I lost everything in the process. I even tried a friends destiny discuss and the same problem occurred. Oh but yesterday it let me play it for 3 hours…then guess what? Can’t read the disc! I am about to lose all hope and respect for Destiny and more so for Bungie! This is a great disappointment. Some Birthday gift right? I refuse to recommend this game to anyone now. I AM SO PISSED OFF WITHOUT BUNGIE DROID THE BALL. We are all lemmings falling of the destiny cliff.

  • PulletSurprise

    There needs to be an option to select an offline mode of play. If I’m playing solo, there’s no worldly reason that a network interruption or server glitch should bollix up the game, especially when you’re towards the end of a Respawn Restricted firefight. You can about guarantee that you’re going to be sent to orbit when you’ve got a boss down to 1/32nd of their health indicator.

    • Andy

      Agreed. I’m not too keen on online play anyway and I’d be quite happy to play a solo campaign. Is there no way the game will work with the online features off?

  • uttercrap

    so glad I paid loads for a game I can play for 2 minutes at a time, OR I can play till I am just nearly through a no-respawning area and blip! error codes. really really disappointed.

  • Antares Brown

    Un…freakin…..believable! I have spent hours trying to fix this thing and countless tries on the internet in chat forums and what not. Still not go on the game. Very disappointed with Bungie and the way they represented this product. There needs to be restitution to some degree for all the inconvenience this game has put us through!!!

  • erick

    Sad, any news about these issues…. I can not play every minute i got disconected by Bee error, my NAT on Xbox360 is Open router doors open…I do not know what to do anymore

  • Josh Murdock

    I have an open nat type wired connection with the best possible internet speed 90 mbps and destiny is the only game I have that gets so many error codes its unplayable I haven’t been ableto even land on a planet the last week or so 90 percent of the time i dont even land on the planet before I get an error code

  • Andy

    I bought this game for £40 GBP on release day and I’m close to hurling it under the next passing bus. Sometimes the game won’t even start, I have to re-boot the xbox to make it go. Next it might start with no sound or just a buzzing sound. If I finally do get to play, I’ll be lucky not to get some ‘destiny server’ error. Look Bungie, I’ve been a fan ever since HALO CE, but this release is utter garbage and it’s giving me ulcers. Every time I feel like a quick blast, it’s problems. Oh, and sometimes it tells me IT’S UPDATE TIME! and then I have to wait for that. Just stop all this fancy stuff, just make a game that plays, will you?

  • Andy

    God I’m angry now. Wife has just gone to do some shopping so I decided to do a bit of Destiny-ing. First out of the trap is a ‘disconnection from network’ error VIPER. OK, that’s it. I don’t care what’s causing it now, I’m not fiddling around with NATS etc just so that Bungie’s junk code can run. It’s a console game, not a fiddle-o-matic PC title, it’s meant to WORK.
    I’m not even playing it in multiplayer online mode, so why I should be harassed by these network/server problems is a mystery. Junk, Bungie, it’s junk.

  • Brandon

    Getting very pissed off.I have gotten just about every god damn error code there is and i cant even contact bungie about it because they have no god damn help contact # to call them and there help website (which you have to make an account for) sucks ass and barely any responses….to anyone who has said anything…its been about a month and a half and they have done shit for helping us out with the issue or telling us how far they are in fixing it….what a waste of a game and time and $…never again will i buy a bungie game just because of the shitty company

  • Tsu ita

    One more unsatisfacted costumer….. Do ur job, fix the shit!

  • will

    Wow. Misery loves company. It’s been way too long to still have all of us getting kicked. If we all can talk everyone we know into not getting expansions I bet it’ll be fixed quick. I’m never buying a bungie title again. Doesn’t work.. rediculous

  • Zimzom40

    I have been playing on Destiny since release and everything has been fine till the lastest bug fix patch NOW… I cant even complete a mission or patrol without being bumped into orbit.. Always searching for servers, And frankly very upset that I pay for such great internet & have never had a problem on any game till Destiny this week ONLY… I have put more than my hours in & beginning to feel cheated. I have even port forwarded my net, opened my NAS, and every other trick I can find to actually be able to play a night fall without being booted 18 yes 18 times! I know its not on my end but your animals errors keep saying it is, so why then I ask didnt I have any problems before this wonderful patch?

  • Andy

    I don’t know why I bother – last night I started up the XBox1 and just before I started the game I decided to take a look at the HALO ads. Wish I hadn’t, because once I’d finished looking I could not start the game – just a black screen and no control from the pad! This game just seems to f*** everything up. I have had no problem with any other game on the XB1, just this Destiny heap of crud.

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  • Robert Oldham

    I agree, Bungie blames internet connections and blames everyone’s system, since I’ve had this game my PS3 crashes all the time while playing. Sometimes it crashes as soon as I start the system for the first time for the day. I say Bungie needs to take responsibility for their crap load of “errors” and “system crashing software” issues! I wish I had never gotten involved with Destiny, the game is addictive…but I’m tired of nearly finishing a mission or Strike and CRASH!!! Total suck!!

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  • Leo Varas

    You forgot Baboon error code, lol. That’s very common.