How to Fix BattleBlock Theater Crashes, Disc Errors, Freezing, Lagging, DLC issues, No sound

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BattleBlock Theater is a game that Xbox 360 enthusiasts are familiar with as it was developed and published for Microsoft Studios. The earlier games by the same developer saw good response such as the Castle Crashers and the Alien Hominid. BattleBlock Theater was released in April 2013. The game has stick puppet style animation with cut out scenes depicting the story. Like any other game, there are technical issues that are faced by players of Battle Block Theater. Here is a lowdown of the common problems faced and how to solve them.

How to Fix BattleBlock Theater Crashes, Disc Errors, Freezing, Lagging, DLC issues, No sound

1. Error message showing (Xbox 360)

In such a case you need to eject the disc and clean it thoroughly. A soft and dry cloth is ideal to clean the disc surface. Once the debris or dust on the surface is removed, the disc should play smoothly. You might see a circular scratch that is all around the disc. This is known as a laser burn. This is an issue that most people face with DVD discs.

2. Disc is unreadable (Xbox 360)

In this case too, you might be lucky by simply taking out the disc and cleaning it with a soft cloth. In case you see a circular scratch running all round the disc, it would signify a laser burn. If you have a laser burn on your disc you will experience problems like the game crashing or freezing or the disc not being readable. There is no easy solution to such a problem. You could try installing the game from a friend’s copy and then trying the damaged disc once again.

3. Game is freezing when it is being loaded

When you find the game freezing every time you try to load it from a saved file, there could be a fault with the saved file. There could also be a problem of the hard drive. Saved files often become corrupt when you turn the console off while the saving function is still in progress. You could load the saved file if you clear your system cache. You could also try on another console if the hard drive is corrupt.

4. Lagging errors

If you are facing lagging errors while playing the Battle Block Theater, it might not be any fault of the game. Often, as it happens with online games, you will experience lag due to a poor internet connection. In this aspect, it is best to contact your internet service provider.

5. Intermittent lagging issues

If you are using WiFi and you experience lagging issues from time to time, it might be due to decrease of bandwidth due to sharing the internet connection with others. Otherwise, you could get in touch with your service provider.

6. Not being able to connect to the online or multiplayer server

Many gamers experience this problem. If you are unable to connect to an online or multi player server, there might be problem with your online connection. You can switch off the router and then try again. There could be a firewall that is preventing the server connection. You can connect with the support section of the game to take their assistance to solve the problem.

7. DLC code not valid

You might have bought the limited edition of the game or a collector’s edition and the codes might not work. You can double check the code in such an instance and then email to customer support stating your problem.

8. DLC code already redeemed

You might face another problem with the code where you will get an error message stating that the code has been redeemed. You need to get in touch with the customer support in such an instance. Provide picture of the game as well as proof of purchase to customer support to gain their assistance.

9. Not getting sound

If you are not getting the sound it is not an error of the game disc but more of the connection of the console and the TV. You could check the wires which are responsible for the audio output. If you have checked all connections and wires then you could get your game disc replaced if it is still under warranty.

10. Glitches in BattleBlock Theater

The game is recently out on the PC, so expect upcoming patches to do quick work of these glitches. If you continue to encounter crashes, errors, and freezes in BattleBlock Theater, we encourage you to post them in the comments section below.

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  • sean

    yes hi i’m running battleblock theater on PC and anytime i’m connected to the internet and try to start the game it crashes and starts saying that it is not responding i’m able to play offline when i’m not connected to the internet

    • Stephen

      Hi, yeah, I’m having the exact same problem with my game as well on Steam. I can play when it’s not connected to the internet but as soon as it connects I get an error box appearing “BattleBlockTheater.exe has stopped working”. It started when I was trading a friend half of the gems I collected from a hat and it crashed immediately after the trade was complete (don’t know if that information was helpful or not but I included it just in case). Anyway, I was wondering if you or anyone has found a solution to this problem. Thank you for taking your time to read this. 🙂

  • Nightingamer

    Hey! I’m having the same problem as Sean and Stephen has. Any tips how to fix it?

    • Stephen

      I haven’t had any luck finding an answer yet but I have posted my message above onto The Behemoth’s forums and have replied to a developer of the game. Now I’m just waiting for a response. I’ll be sure to post the solution here once I find it as it seems quite a few people are having the same problem.

  • Stephen

    Okay, I have finally found a solution to the problem, the only downside is that it will delete your progress in story mode (both in normal & Insane) but you will be able to keep all of the heads you have gathered (even the Star Heads). I am not 100% that this will work for everybody that gets the error box saying ‘BattleBlockTheater.exe is not working’ but for the people that are having the same problem as I was having with my previous post this should work. Okay, what you need to do is go into Programfiles/Steam/userdata/(yoursteamid aka the only folder there)/238460/remote then delete the two folders there. Once you have done that go into your library, right-click your BattleBlock Theater game and go to ‘Properties’, go to the tab called ‘Local Files’ and click the button ‘Browse Local Files…’. Right-click BattleBlockTheater.exe and run it as administrator then start the game. (Note: I also had Steam running in administrator at the time as well, not sure if that did anything) The game should work and you then need to click a bunch of boxes to overwrite you save. That should be it done and you should be able to play your game.. If you need me to explain or be more specific about what I have said, please feel free to tell me and thank you for reading my long winded comment. 😀

    • Hi Stephen — Thanks for this! We like helpful, long winded comments here 🙂 This will help out a LOT of people.

    • Nightingamer

      Thank you so much, Stephen! It worked perfectly. 🙂

    • Mark Lange

      so i did all of that, and the game opens up in windowed, shows the rating screen at the beginning, and then i can hear the game playing (i.e., the chicken when the Behemoth screen pops up), but my game is completely black. Whats with that?

  • hii

    I cant buy custom and wapen in the gift shop…can you help my?

  • krissy

    I keep trying to trade goods with a friend but when we are about to complete the trade it stops the trade and messes it up