How to Fix Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Crashes, Freezes, Lag, Server Connection, and Errors

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Age of Mythology: Extended Edition is the updated edition or the newer edition of the game age of mythology which was first developed and released back in 2002 by Ensemble Studios where it was later published by Microsoft Studios. After its release, just recently in May 8th this year, most people are doubtful about its performance, and probably not very comfortable with the idea, especially with its low profile graphics, similar to the previous version. However, some admire the idea, taking the fact that creating the game, its graphics and all its contents is quite a hard task! I must say that the developers did a good job by creating the game.

How to Fix Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Crashes, Freezes, Lag, Server Connection, and Errors

The Age of Mythology game is quite an interesting game although unlike other games, it is also prone to bugs, tweaks, or other kinds of error. These errors can however be easily fixed by following certain steps. We’ll post updates as we get them.

#1 Age of Mythology: Extended edition has stopped working

It is not a surprise that you can hear of an Age of mythology: extended edition crash. This kind of error is mostly caused by a common problem with the launcher. To fix this, you need to ensure that you update the flash file as well as the launcher. It should work.

#2 Age of Mythology: Game freezes in Main Menu

This is a common problem caused by the recent patch release as well as the supporting operating system. In order to fix it, you need to eliminate local content by deleting the Age of Mythology folder in C:Programs*86SteamSteamappsCommonAge of Mythology.

Reinstall it and restart the system. The game should now run fine.

 #3 Age of Mythology: Extended Edition: Annoying lag

The game is prone to experience lag of up to 5 minutes mark especially if you do not have a good internet connection or a good host. You can fix this by downloading the latest game patch to improve speed. To do this, simply verify your game cache on Steam.

 #4 Age of Mythology Extended Edition: How to Display FPS

If you want to view the FPS (Frames Per Second) in the game, you simply need to install and use FRAPS derived from frames per second which determines a computer’s performance. This can do the trick and it should work.

 #5 Age of Mythology Extended Edition: Problem with achievements

When playing Age of Mythology and you fail to get an achievement after completing a particular level, you need to disable cheats to fix that issue.

 #6 Age of Mythology Extended Edition: Unable to Connect to Server

This is mainly caused as a result of the issues or tweaks with the game. To fix, run the game or installer file as Administrator. You will then need to run the AOMX file rather than the launcher. It should work.

#7 Age of Mythology Extended: Crashing both on AOL and Steam

It is possible to experience an Age of mythology, extended edition crash. This is due to the patch or update. To solve this, you can try playing the game in offline mode. This should fix it.

We hope you found our troubleshooting guide helpful. If you need further help from our community, we encourage you to post your AoM:EE issues in the ‘comments’ section below.

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  • Piranah

    As of this afternoon, I’ve been having the freeze on menu glitch. It was working fine this morning, but now it doesn’t. I tried re-installing it three times, and restarting the computer, and everything else I could think of, but to no avail.
    Please help.

  • Pact

    Game freezes computer after about 5-6 minutes of playing the game. Forcing hard reset on computer. My system is fine, no overheating, no disk space shortage. Plenty of ram, plenty of everything. Every driver is updated.

  • Douglas Sands

    there is some kind of memory error i get, so I play as fast as I can, before the inevitable error. and micrsoft doesnt seem to care about fixing it, even releasing the same products flaws in extended edition