How to Fix DayZ Standalone Crashes, Errors, Freezing, Lagging, Poor FPS, Black screen, No Sound

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Despite an Alpha release, the much-awaited standalone version of DayZ is finally out. The team has spent about 6-8 hours in the game, and we’ve managed to sort out some nasty bugs, crashes, and errors. Here’s our lost of DayZ Standalone fixes for crashes, errors, freezing, lagging, desktop crash, FPS issues, black screen, no sound, and other issues. If you continue to experience crashes and game issues in DayZ Standalone, we encourage you to post in the comments section.

First things first, make sure your PC system meets the minimum requirements for DayZ Standalone.

DayZ Standalone Crash Fix and Fixes to Errors, Freezing, Lagging, CTD, Poor FPS, Black screen, No Sound

DayZ Standalone Crash Fix – Crash to Desktop upon Launch / Startup

If DayZ Standalone randomly crashes upon launching the game, ensure or try the following:

  1. Update your nVidia / ATI graphics drivers. Check our Technical References page for proper and official download links.
  2. Turn off SLI / Crossfire then start the game. See if it stabilizes DayZ Standalone performance.
  3. Turn off your anti-virus software before launching the DayZ Standalone, but make sure you turn it back on after playing. Make sure Windows Defender is also disabled.
  4. Try using only one GPU first (turn the other one off via your nVidia / ATI graphics control panel)
  5. Try running the game in Windowed Mode (frequently works for low-end PCs)
  6. Disable anti-aliasing and filtering, restart DayZ Standalone
  7. Disable V-sync, restart DayZ Standalone
  8. Disable background apps, and turn off your anti-virus software
  9. In Windows 7 right-click the DayZ Standalone exe file, go to the ‘Compatibility Mode’ tab and check ‘Disable Desktop Composition’

DayZ Standalone Crash Fix – DayZ Standalone Crashes right after pressing the ‘Play’ button

In Windows 7 go the DayZ Standalone installation folder, right-click the DayZ Standalone exe file, go to the ‘Compatibility Mode’ tab and check ‘Disable Desktop Composition.’ Then try running DayZ Standalone once more.

DayZ Standalone Launch Crash Fix – DayZ Standalone “Could not load image”

Go to the DayZ Standalone installation folder and look for the DayZ Standalone .exe file and run it directly from there, rather than using the shortcut or client link.

Problem #4 DayZ Standalone Crash Fix – DayZ Standalone Crashes on Intel HD Graphics Card

Simply do a clean uninstall and reinstall of your Intel Graphics Driver. Check our Technical References page for proper and official downloads.

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  • RedSoakedSponge

    I have an issue where the game doesnt detect my Astro A40 headset. it works in Arma 2 but doesnt in Dayz standalone. Any advice?

    • Panthagerus

      I believe if you go to the audio options and change the input device to default it should work. I read 2 people on other forums had the same issue with the same headset and they both said this worked. good luck and stay safe =)

    • Jr

      My DayZ standalone graphics went horrible after the update and my my mouse thing is really big need help

    • joseff

      yeah my graphics were bad then I switched it back to default then the graphics were even worse and my mouse was bigger.

    • joseff

      what do I do?

  • Clay

    When I tab out of the game or change my resolution my dayz client crashes.

    “Error: Device reset failed, error 8876086c”

    This happens everytime I tab out or change resolution or some other video settings.

    This is quite annoying.

    I am using Windows XP.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Chris

      Yeah go same issue with the resolution error..

    • pablo

      Your not alone I keep getting the same issue!

    • WatercolorGuitar

      Yeah this shit is fucking annoying, waste of $29.99. I’m using XP as well. When I play the whole world is in a glitchy night time with black splotchy textures coming at the screen. Also when I try to alt the resolution it shits dicks and says GTFO CASUL. Damn thing.

    • Campino

      I have exactly the same problem.


      Any help would be appreciated.

    • Aaron

      guys i think the problem is windows xp. When buying the game it says the minumum requirments need windows 7…. I to am having the same problem…

    • Liam

      Ok guys dunno if anyone’s going to check this anymore but I’m running XP and running the game without crashing (at like 5 fps,but no crashing!!). I couldn’t get past the splash screen in the beginning without crashing and “Error: Device reset failed, error 8876086c” popping up, but i noticed in “My Documents/Dayz/Dayz.cfg” it created the start of a config file with only a few lines of text in it. What I did was copied all the text that wasn’t present from my dayz mod config file into the standalone config file, and thats it worked like a charm!!!

      Also to all those getting crashes wen changing video settings in game like resolution go into your config file and change it in there, you can also set it to windowed mod in the config and change about 80% of the video settings for the game in the config!! hope this helped someone at least!there are alot of guides on youtube on how to edit config files for dayz good luck hope you can all enjoy the game with this!! 😀

  • zaps

    Yeah same here “Error: Device reset failed, error 8876086c” and xp as well. I posted something in the steam bug reports forum, no response yet though.

  • Does anyone actually know how to change the game to windowed mode ?

    • calle

      Tried alt + enter?

    • Tom

      If you right click Dayz in steam then hit – properties > General Tab > Set launch options > Add “-windowed ” Does that work ?

    • go into steam, library, right click on the game and select properties, click set launch options, and type “-window” into the text field. This will make the game open up already in windowed mode

    • Macaco

      go to documents > DayZ> open the dayz folder with notepad and at the last option put “windowed=1;”

  • crysis

    dayz standalone crashes randomly to desktop. it crashes during menu and ingame aswell. sometimes i’m able to play 30 minutes without any problems but sometimes it happens after 10 seconds. The game is still running. i can hear the sound but cant switch back to ingame.

    • Anthony

      I too am having these crashing problems, have turned my settings low, and restarted the game. The problems still occur sadly.

    • Louis Syropoulo

      I’m getting this same problem but it happens whenever i launch the game and all i hear is the opening sounds and when i alt-tab to the game I get blackscreen and go back to desktop

    • Sharon

      Did you update your drivers?

    • Tanner

      I’m having the exact same problem, I updated my driver and it still does it.

    • Tanner

      I’m having the exact same problem, I updated my driver and it still does it. How do I fix it?

    • Flannan

      I too am having a similar issue, i can be playing for more than hour just fine, or at anytime between the start menu/server select/on a server playing it may randomly freeze. Sometimes for a second or two, and other times it will last for up to 30 seconds. Opening up the task manager will show it not responding., trying to end the process will sometimes work while other times i am forced to restart. As well, on occasion if i have my browser open during those freezes it won’t let me load/refresh any webpages.

    • Slivo

      I got the same problem. I happens more and more often

    • lewis

      Any fix on this???

  • lufi

    Whenever i press tab (open my inventory) the game freezes for a good one minute. When it finnaly starts working i can use my inventory and when i shut off the inventory it freezes for another minute. Thanks

    • DrStuhlbein

      that`s my problem too 🙁

    • Nekk

      Try downloading Advanced Systemcare 7. Not entirely sure what to call it escept anti-virus program. Go to Turbo Boost and turn it on. It’s like game booster and it worked for me.

  • Alexander

    The game remains at a black screen after showing the Dayz logo on startup. Nothing I’ve tried so far solves the issue.

    Lenovo Y400
    Windows 7
    GT 650M
    I7 3630QM
    4GB ram

    • Chris

      I get this exact issue

    • Henrik

      Me too it annoys the shit out of me!!!

    • Kyler

      Guys, I found out how to fix this. All you need to do is turn off Vertical Sync (Vsync) on your AMD Catalyst Control Center or NVIDIA Control Panel. (This fix only works for ATI graphics card users and NVIDIA graphics card users, I have an ATI Radeon HD 5770) This worked for me, having the same issue as you guys. Here is a page to show you how to do this I hope this helps.

  • benjamin

    i get passed the first dayz screen and then the next screen never loads.

    please help

    • Kyler

      Look at my comment above, you seem to be having the same problem as those gentlemen.

  • rougedemon

    I changed the graphics processor for DayZ.exe from the original “Integrated Graphics” to the “High Performance NVIDIA Processor” and now when I load DayZ it crashes instantly after the window pops up. I have an old gaming laptop (Samsung RC512) that ran the DayZ mod decently enough to play, usually around 30-40 fps on full servers. I don’t understand why I’m not able to play with my HP NVIDIA Processor, it runs all my other games better than the integrated graphics but all it does with DayZ is crash it instanty.

    Computer Specs:

    Windows 7
    GeForce GT 525m
    i7 2630QM
    6GB RAM

  • der.pasi

    At night time all buildings become some crazy white artefacts so i cant see anything, if i turn off post pro. the artefacts are gone, but the buildings textures are full of colours… dont know what to do

    • der.pasi

      this also happens if i aim with my flashlight on objects, only at night

  • Ryan

    Mine crashes after about 30-45 mins of gameplay, everytime I have tried to far. Otherwise it runs great, and it’s not an overheat. My temp is fine. :/

    • Kyle

      Yes I have exactly the same problem. I have disabled V Sync and Diabled the desktop composition and I’ll see how it goes. I think it could possibly be my norton antivirus.

  • Louis Syropoulo

    Whenever I launch the game the screen goes black and then goes to desktop and the game is running in my task bar and I can hear the sounds but when I click on the program icon on the task bar the screen goes black and then just goes back to the desktop. I already tried reinstalling. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU

    • YoYoYo

      Same, When I run the Game it goes to my task bar but i get a picture of my desktop but i can still hear the sounds of the water?

    • Louis Syropoulo

      Yoyoyo, I have found a fix to this bug. You have to right click when you are on desktop and go to either nvidia display or intel display, or screen resolution option depending on your pc and change your screen resolution to 1024 – 786 and this should fix it. Hope this helped you out dude

    • Sharon

      Thanks Louis

  • Ven0ks

    It works fine to start the game but after i press play and load into a server i can run for about 10 seconds then it just says ”No message recieved for 11 seconds” and from there it just stops

  • Nik

    In game whenever i look at buildings and electrical towers they flash in bright colors help please

  • eric

    My mouse cursor doesnt move ingame. I can move the mouse around, and sometimes it highlights parts (Im assuming the cursor isnt going with the movement). If i hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse, the cursor will reappear in a new place.
    it works fine in windows. I’ve done the steam fixes (turn of mouse tails) to no avail. I bought a new mouse. Drivers are updated. please help! I got the game two days ago, and havent been able to play!


    • Panthagerus

      I had this same issue. If you go to your settings for display, personalization, and make all icons smaller, it will fix it for full screen mode. I played in windowed mode for a while (before I found this fix) and that also worked.

  • Beretta

    My game freezes every time I open the inventory and every time I close it. By the time I go to grab something, in the 30 to 40 second freeze I can find myself by mauled by a zombie.

  • Penashe

    In menu and in game my cursor won’t move until I click so I have to guess on movement and click or repeatedly click to watch cursor move. Almost unplayable. Tried diff mouse and removed/disabled drivers. I don’t get it, suppose I’ll pretend it’s a pre-order not an early access.


    my game does start but it starts minimized and i cant maximize so i always have the stupid task bar HELP

  • Sergey

    My mouse cursor doesn’t move its ico in inventory and main menu. Very bad.

  • Franco

    In nightime my screen shows like green and black square, rare colours changes, like my graphics card is failing, is brand new, but in daytime nothing happens, it´s so rare because it´s like black white and all sorts of colours, does someone has that problem? i have an XFX 7770 Core Ghz edition

  • Tropy

    When i start the game i hear sounds but the screen is only black, is it because i have windows 8, to big screen, or is it that my graphic cards needs to be reinstalled or something?

    • Sharon

      There’s a fix posted for windows 8, check it out by clicking the link at the top menu bar of this site

  • Shea

    My PC keeps crashing on DayZ. It just keeps green screening. I am using windows 8

    • Sharon

      You should check the windows 8 fix guide too. I used it and now DayZ works for me

  • Cryin

    My game keeps crashing after random periods of time usually 30-45 mins. When I get back in i am usually in a new spawn or i spawned without out my gear.

  • spankzide

    on start up I get a ” Adon ‘DZ_Buildings2_A_Crane_02’ requries addon ‘DZ_Buildings2’

    • spankzide

      then I get to where is just says “DAYZ” then it crashes to desktop then I get a ” Warning: preNLOD format in object dzbuildings2a_generalstore_01a.p3d

  • Köörv

    My screen gets red and everything gets duplicated every time i start it, im usling Windows 8

    • Köörv

      Please respond

  • Thomas

    During or before i open up DayZ standalone my computer just randomly crashes. The screen recieves no signal and computer keeps running but seems to have shut off access to the applications i had opened previously but then again i cant access the desktop anyway due to black screen. Im on Windows 8 Btw so that might be a problem.

    • Thomas

      Just realised you can fix it through your settings file thats located in “My Documents” and you have to turn off vsync and if that doesnt work i also lowered my HDR by 2

  • Zounder

    Ive been playing for a while now, without bigger issues then loosing items due to drag drop and die randomly sometimes.
    But since yesterday….

    I can log onto a server and run arround the world, but then i wasnt able to pick up loot ingame. Items just didnt get to get into my inventory and i wasnt able to select my weapons and others.
    Also i figured out that i can in fact pick up loot, dont see it while in the server, relog and let it “magically” appear in my inv..
    So, I can pick up loot, die to gunfire and zombies (learned that the hard way with a 3 hours old character “lolz”), and that means others see me but i dont see them.

    do you have any clue about this issue?
    Greetings from austria

    • Zounder

      Ive looked at the desync last time, mine said 1800. I presume thats bad. Please there must be something you can do about it… Seriously…. This problem sucks.

    • generic person

      i agree this problem sucks and its been a month with no fixes

  • generic person

    whenever i join a server i cant interact with anything including my inventory and hotbar it happened to my friend to but his stopped mine dident no idea why any help would be apreshiated

  • halpmehples

    My DayZ crasher right after i click the play button and checking Disable Desktop Composition doesn’t work

  • take

    everyone freezes and everything i can stil move and play freely only to find out a zombie killed me when i relogd in the server (happens on every server no matter what ping)

  • nema

    i’ve been playing for quite a while without any issues, but after i changed my vido settings today the game freezes everytime i click on play or change server, did try to undo the changes, but i’m still experience the freezes every time

  • Ryuuji

    When i want to start the game there comes always the message “error creating 3d 9 graphical engine”

  • Stan

    My issue is that when i start DayZ, I get no video, just sound… I’ve tried many of the fixes above and none have worked… PLEASE HELP

  • will

    Game runs fine however when i join a server the red broken chain icon appears (sometimes it doesnt) and my character walks in a different direction with no walking animation and also i cannot move my mouse or control my character during the time. (it mainly happens when i leave a house)

  • Kuldeep

    Every once and while the game crashes my entire computer (not to desktop). I can’t tell if there’s a common trigger; it just randomly freezes the whole computer (including the second monitor) to a black screen, the sound glitches out, and I have to manually reboot. Any one else experience this?

    • Kuldeep

      To clarify,

      Windows 7 64bit
      Phenom II X4 955 (3.2GHz)
      8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity
      AMD Radeon HD 6870 (1 GB)

  • Lars

    The game freezes and lags and the game/server pushes me like 50 meters forward and back and inside of walls or my character is turned around etc. i have a good internet connection and tried the fps fix guide it didnt help … :/

    • Majnd

      i have the same thing.. anyone knows ?

  • Fred

    Bought the game today and can load the main menu fine but when attempting to join a server I am stuck waiting for host. The screen however then goes to this loading “Day Z Rowdy” screen and then retraces to “Wait for host” now accompanied by a Yellow and eventually Red Chain Link Icon. I run on Windows 7. I tried joining different servers but problem persists, can’t seem to join a game.

  • Fred

    Update: FIXED.
    I manually deleted all files from Day Z and reinstalled and the problem was taken care of.

  • flayky

    whenever i zoom in ingame my game crashes. happens if i rightclick with any gun or just hold the right mouseclick. all my drivers are up to date and i tried different server and settings ingame. any fix or possible solutions?

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: DayZ.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 52cadbda
    Fault Module Name: tbb4malloc_bi.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 52cadd81
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00005571
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1053
    Additional Information 1: 3ede
    Additional Information 2: 3edea91a8aa6f4a48d9fae504694b928
    Additional Information 3: 2b9b
    Additional Information 4: 2b9b7a883cdbed94085965b042548099


  • Evan

    I bought the game 5 days ago. It ran fine throughout my time, until last night. I have logged about 35 hours of perfect performance, but after dying last night I began to see vast issues with connection out of the blue. My fresh character could barely move forward without the game freezing for several seconds. At this point I will move forward 40m out of nowhere, all the while the yellow/red “link” icon flashes, though it sometimes doesn’t. I waited 10 hours and was able to play for 12 minutes, at which point the game-breaking lag returned. My PC is high-end and was able to run the game flawlessly prior to this random lag. I have been told it may be a desync problem that I can’t fix. I might have to wait for a patch, just wanted to come for a second opinion.

    • Evan


      This problem disappeared for roughly 18 hours, then returned about 10 minutes before I posted this.

  • Seth

    I launch it from steam and nothing happens!!! I tried opening in files and it says it cannot detect steam?

  • Dan

    I have windows 7 and when I load dayz and I goin a server it’s just a black screen please help


    Well, since the first time I played one week ago, i got the crash “DayZ.exe has stopped working” after several minutes playing (15-40min). I was on High graphics and then back to Low, but it still happens. I don’t know how to fix it, other games are running me on high graphics without problem.

    It’s really annoying because when the crash appears, it seems my computer goes really slow and takes few minutes to go fast as normal. Thanks

    • lewis

      Exactly the ssme here. Been looking for a fix since the release of the game

  • Zeb

    When I start DayZ It cuts off part of the Main Menu. The bottom right of the main menu is in the upper left and I can’t see the options. The rest of the screen is black. Also, when I Ctrl Alt Del it, my whole computer screen stays like that, at least for a while.

  • Zness

    When I start DayZ It cuts off part of the Main Menu. The bottom right of the main menu is in the upper left and I can’t see the options. The rest of the screen is black. Also, when I Ctrl Alt Del it, my whole computer screen stays like that, at least for a while. I have to then Restart or turn off my computer

  • Puna

    So I bought my new pc and installed DayZ Standalone. My pc is far better than the recommend specs, but when ever I open the game, it shows the Bohemia Interactive logo, then after that it continues as normal for about 5 seconds, after which the normal sound is replace by a constant “vrrrrrrr,” (or something like that…) and my monitor says it is going to sleep, but no matter what I do, it won’t come back on, so I’m forced to turn the pc off by the button. When I start it up again, it says Windows is finding out when why it happened, but just disappears afterwards. I tried re installing and nothing changed.

  • Andreas

    When i connect to a server, i get instantly a yellow chain, and my whole connection starts to disconnect, i can walk arround for a few seconds, till i get kicked, then i have to reconnect to my router (wlan). Never had this issue on my Laptop, started with my new PC

  • dylan

    Ill get in a game fine and play for maybe 5 min with good fps then out of no where it will drop to 1 to 4 fps and stay there

  • Jhonny

    I have a problem with DayZ.. Is telling me something about “Addon ‘DZ_Misc2’ requires addon ‘DZ_Buildings2′”..
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tywood14

    I have an FX 8350 and a GTX 770 4gb card. At any random time while I’m playing, whether it be 2 hours in or 2 minutes in, dayz will freeze my pc and I must hard reboot it. It freezes on the in game graphics and just sits there. No audio or anything.

  • Davi

    I just died in the water with a broken leg, and the button to respawn doesn’t exist… Someone HEEEELP

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  • Everett

    I have a problem where I can’t toggle my weapons in the weapon bar. It lets me for the first minute of playing on a server than it stops working. If anyone can help me fix this issue I would be happy.

  • Ben Brookes

    I get a ‘battleye initialization failed’ error every time i attempt to join a server. I have tried replacing the .dll file but it still doesn’t work. HELP PLS


    Every time I try to join a server in DayZ, I get presented with an endless unconscious/dead or “Please Wait…” screen. Here are the options I’ve I’ve done to attempt to fix it:
    -Run .exe as administrator
    -Run it in compatibility mode for windows 7
    -Run it in Disabled display scaling on high DPI settings
    -Disabled crossfire
    None of these work.

    Here are my PC specs:
    -Windows 8.1 x64 (6.3, build 9600)
    -2X ATI Radeon 5870 crossfire
    -Intel i7 930 (4 core hyperthreaded = 8 logical cores)
    -14 GB RAM
    -DirectX 11
    Steam says I’ve played over 2 hours on it which basically means that I’ve spent 2 hours debugging this problem and searching for a solution. The game has been unplayable since day 1.

  • steve

    whenever i load into dayz the main menu screen my screen is red and i can see a double of the menu screen anyone help or know how to fix that??

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  • emil

    *Please Help*

    When i start dayZ it works fine but when i start playing and running around it freezes, sometimes directly afer i press play and some times after an hour but most of the times it is like after a minute. When DayZ freezes, steam stops working and i have to restart my computer to start seam again…

  • Athletic Sloth

    Whenever I connect to any server, my internet just cuts out. A red x goes over my Internet bars (The ones on the task bar that indicate your internet connection). My brother plays on his computer on DayZ perfectly with no internet problems at all. This can occur randomly, whether I’ve just joined a server or if I’ve been playing on the server for 20 minutes. It seems to be most commonly when I first join though.

  • Josh

    I have an issue where my game will freeze for a bit, then drop to a window and I cannot reopen the window forcing me to restart my game. Also a little message box appears at the bottom right saying that my driver failed but has recovered. I have already updated my graphics card drivers and I have re-installed the game.

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  • adrian

    I have an issue where i can play the game for like 20 minutes but after some time it says ” no message recived for 10 secs ” and if i press exit the game crashes! I have re-installed the game already!

  • Hristian

    My game freezes and crashes every 1 second. its jus freeze and run freeze and run. I can’t even log into a server with this lag freeze. Please help


    I load up my game fine and can get into servers easy but after 5-10 minutes the game freezes with sound still playing and then after 1 minute the game suddenly crashes. I really enjoy the game but it really F%$KS me off

    Thanks Guys!

  • dude i have this annoying error pls help me fix it APPCRASH
    Application Name: DayZ_v45.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 52af3366
    Fault Module Name: DayZ_v45.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 52af3366
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 005b96b4
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    • and btw that says Dayz has stopped working

  • Glitchfkdamn

    Im getting a bug where my screen was aboustly fine when i was playing, but then i went to configure (settings) and changed them a little then accidently pressed defualt instead of close, then my whole screen goes extremely blurry and i cant even see! like SOO FUZZY AND SOO BLURY, and when i quit the game from desktop and reload it, the starter has a MASSIVE MOUse loading thing and MASSIVE MOUSE on the screen, then i go to the menu which my mouse doesnt appear, PLEASE HELP windows 8

    • Glitchfkdamn

      And at the menu of dayz its still BLURRY AS FUCK

    • Geo

      Same thing is happening to me……

    • Rex

      Same problem, sounds like.

    • Try this: Right-click on your desktop > Screen resolution > lower your icon/text size

  • david bafaro

    Hey i just bought the game off steam and the first time i loaded it up i had the same thing happen to me. the mouse loding curser is huge the mouse itself is huge and it doesnt move. the menu is so blurry i cant even read the settings or change anything its fucked. im pissed off my computer is more then able to hadle the game and i dont understand how to fix it. iv tried everthing people are telling me to change all my settings in my computer. why the fuck do i have to chage my computer setting to play a game i just downloaded. any words of advise? iv also been reading this is happening to people recently so maybe the game is down or fucked

    • Glitchfkdamn

      SAME THING MAN! But i clicked defualt on settings accidently and it happened, i have the EXACT same problwm as you mate, i hope some1 can fix for us!

    • Rex

      Well I also have this problem. No idea what to do to fix it. It happens on the menu screen…huge mouse. Only way I can get it to move is to click around the screen. It will also light up a button if I happen to find that button with the invisible mouse. Any idea how to fix?

    • ThatOneguythatneedshelp

      I wish i would find a way to fucking fix it

    • Rex

      I agree. I hope someone can help out with this.

    • Hi guys. Have you tried doing this? Right-click on your desktop > Screen resolution > lower your icon/text size

    • Rex

      FIXED IT! Heres what I did, quoted from DayZ forum.
      If you want to fix the large pixely screen here’s how:
      1:Enter main menu, click configure button (1 above bottom)
      2:Click video (one above bottom left)
      3:Click user interface (one above bottom left)
      4:Top option is resolution (change it to anything)
      5: the screen will return to normal

    • Glitchfkdamn

      Someone should give you a medal XD

  • Fucker

    Fuck you. Suck my dick. İt isn’t working bitch. Go away bastard.

  • ThatOneguythatneedshelp

    Hey i have this promblem when im in the start menu and the game looks like shit all fucking pixelated and i tired to fix it but i cant. any help?

    • Rex

      If you want to fix the large pixely screen here’s how:
      1:Enter main menu, click configure button (1 above bottom)
      2:Click video (one above bottom left)
      3:Click user interface (one above bottom left)
      4:Top option is resolution (change it to anything)
      5: the screen will return to normal

  • Kane

    I just downloaded Day Z from steam and I launched it expecting to play, The Day Z icon while loading up is low-quality, then I get to the title screen and its very low-quality, I cannot read anything on it, my mouse doesn’t move unless I click first (Even then I still can’t move it where I want) Someone help I have a Dell Inspiron 15 (Windows 8) Is it my computer? Or the game settings I need to change somehow, thanks



  • Quinten

    i got a fucked up problem i can’t read the tekst or anything the pixels are like zoomed in but really unreadable plz help me whit this shitty problem

    • Glitchfkdamn

      f you want to fix the large pixely screen here’s how:
      1:Enter main menu, click configure button (1 above bottom)
      2:Click video (one above bottom left)
      3:Click user interface (one above bottom left)
      4:Top option is resolution (change it to anything)
      5: the screen will return to normal

      Use your arrow keys on the keyboard to work it out!

  • bob

    just bought the game of steam, installed it then went to launch the game but all i get is a blue screen! no sound no nothing but i can alt tab out of it. Please i need to know the explanation for this!:(

  • Steven

    I have played for 40 odd hours with everything working good I went to change server, server I joined had battle eye or similar (something to stop cheating) it changed my settings to a point where graphics are shocking and I can’t even see mouse cursor! Which makes it very hard to change anything. Any help would be great thanks

  • joseff

    My graphics were bad after the update of dayz then I tried to fix it by switching it back to default then the graphics were even worse then before and my mouse was bigger. I don’t know what to do about I really need someones help please help?

    • Glitchfkdamn

      Use the arrow keys to navigate into the settings bar,
      then use the arrow keys to get to video
      then user interface
      after that, press w. it should put your game into windowed mode to fix everything.

  • Alix

    Hi im playing dayz and i go to change my overal quality settings and it changed my screen from full screen to a small sort of square screen. Ive tried everything and dont know how to fix it can someone please help me out

  • Braiden

    I have the problem where I was alive but then died and respawned but spawned dead. so i keep respawing dead but accationaly i will spawn in a town under a bridge with no clothes and my player is “Healthy” “Hydrated” “Energized”, but when I die it will happen over and over again to the point where I can’t play the game. Can someone help your help will be greatly appreciated. (Sorry about the spelling)

  • Rob

    Having an issue with 2 things. Mouse works but cursor is frozen, have to guess where my mouse is by clicking and making the cursor “teleport” to where I clicked. 2. Joining servers and screen is pinkish white, graphics error.

  • Glitchfkdamn

    Everyone that is having a issue with pixelated/messed up screen

    Use the arrow keys to navigate into the settings bar,
    then use the arrow keys to get to video
    then user interface
    after that, press w. it should put your game into windowed mode to fix everything.

  • Jesse157

    My DayZ Standalone worked fine until yesterday, now everytime I click play or change server it goes to logo screen before unexpectedly having an error and closing. I am on windows 8. Everything worked fine until I tried to log in yesterday. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Beriko

    I’m in windows 8 and when i click play the game crashes. I dont have the option: Disable Desktop Composition. Help please.

  • Gray Matter

    Whenever I set video settings (i.e. Fullscreen, very low overall in video settings, antialiasing disabled, etc.) and then leave the game, those settings aren’t save and revert to a custom setting.

  • Marcus

    well i can enter the game perfectly i do not lagg nor freeze during gameplay, but everytime the server restarts No message recived for blablabla seconds and then it kicks me out, and there the game stops responding, I may not continue or leave the page after ive dropped out. to keep playing i need to shut my computer off totally since steam still thinks the game is still running after shutting it down in task manager

  • Diggy

    Hey guys.
    I have the problem, that after a few minutes of gameplay (about 20, sometimes even more) i loose the connection. That happens frequently every game i play, regardless of the server.
    the strange thing is, i’ve tested this together with my brother in the same network, for him everything runs fine, which means for me its neither caused by the server, nor by our network.
    ive updated the game to the latest version in steam. i just dont know whats causing this issue….

    thanks in advance

    • charlie

      Has your issue been fixed yet? I’m experiencing the same.

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  • I love DayZ

    Γεια σας παιδια….Η ερωτηση που θελω να κανω ειναι οτι κατεβασα το παιχνιδι κανονικα και οταν πηγα να πατησω για να παιξω που εβγαλε κατι που ελεγε προετοιμασια εκκινησης παιχνιδιου και αυτο παντα το ελεγε σε ολα τα παιχνιδια και μετα εμπαινα και επαιζα…Τωρα που εβαλα το DayZ το πατησα και περιμενα περιπου 1 ωρα μεχρι να γινει η προετοιμασια και τελικα δνε με εβαλε..Τι μπορω να κανω για να με βαλει κανονικα στο παιχνιδι και να παιξω??Το παιχνιδι το αγορασα απο το Steam 24 ευρω…Οποιος ξερει τι πρεπει να κανω ας μου πει γρηγορα

  • heizatt

    The tab key which is bound to open inventory and nothing else only works once or maybe twice. After that, pressing it does nothing until I switch apps (alt+tab) and switch back. Then it works but only once or twice. Rinse and repeat. Makes the game unplayable under pressure. Also, if I use this work around a lot, I notice that when I am sprinting and click F or middle mouse button to open a door, instead of opening the door, I draw my primary weapon. I am running windows 8.1 pro, plenty of cpu and RAM, and a 4 GB GTX680. Any ideas. I played Dayz for awhile, awhile back, wanted to see how much progress has been made. Instead I don’t seem to be able to get keyboards commands to respond well.

  • I go to launch day x no matter where I launch it from it opens but it’s a complete black screen if I mash alot of buttons it takes me to desktop I can click the icon on the lower bar to re open the game from minimize it goes right back to the black screen plc help?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!

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  • Troopa

    When i start dayz all the other programs i have running crash. Steam crash ans skype and raidcall and google chrome .

  • charlie

    I am experiencing two ‘game breaking’ issues. I know it’s a Alpha, but if it fixable on the client side, it would be great. The first one is that the server stops responding. This happpens very frequently. Every 10 to max. 20 minutes I simple can’t do any actions anymore. For example, opening doors, putting items in my hands, etc. I still can move in the world, and I even see fellow players. These players are simple moonwalking on the same spot (freezed). The second issue is that I getting the “no messages received in…” very, very frequently. They say it is the server restarting but it seems to happen more othen than just the 2 hourly server restarts. Anyone familiar with this?

  • Saga

    I just got the game and when i enter it i get a big DayZ logo (pixelated) and a Wait a moment text in the top left corner (also pixelated).I can hear the sounds on the background but i never get further than this.What to do? Please help 😀

  • JAmes

    I have uninstalled Dayz multiple times, and still everytime i get onto a server i play for about five minuetes, then the whole game crashes id like some help please any info would be great.

  • namez

    wgy we have to do all this shit? i am playing money for this game. THIS IS manucacter headache.

  • In need of help

    Need help with Dayz!! I downloaded it today and when I first open the game it gets to the Dayz logo with the message “wait a moment” and doesn’t ever change. I have tried reinstalling the game and no change please can someone help me!!

  • .Joker.

    sometimes Day-z list of servers disappears and I have to restart day-z again, and sometimes when I log out the game freezes and I can’t get out of day-z so I have to turn off my computer and restart. any Ideas would be awesome 🙂 thanks

  • I need help

    Need help with Dayz!! I downloaded it today and when I first open the game it gets to the Dayz logo with the message “wait a moment” and doesn’t ever change. I have tried reinstalling the game and no change please can someone help me!!

  • mad dog

    ive just brought dayz standalone and when I press launch the screen either tuns blue and says no signal through pc or it loads to the thank u for participating bit when u first play but instead of it just staying in one place little bits flash randomly all over my screen iv looked everywhere for answers none have worked yet PLEASE HELP

  • Skitzophrenic Care Bear

    I just recently bought day z stand alone and when I click play I get to the bohemia interactive logo, then the screen gets really big and my cursor gets big. Then I get a message saying Day Z has stopped working. how do I fix this my pc meets all the requirements.

    • nizen

      I have exactly the same issue! Nobody can help me too :c

  • My game crashes after 2 minutes! No errors it just says in the upper left of the screen “Shutdown”

  • Mr.Joe

    recently after the update ive been experiencing these freezes were my sound repeats its self, then it stops and my mouse and keyboard come unresponsive. id like to know if anyone has any recommendations. ive tried: validating files, re installing battleye, reinstalling the game
    and checking for viruses.
    im not to sure if it is battleye causing the problem, because it has happened ever since ive had this battleye update on the other version, dayz mod. cheers

  • Shonuff

    I’m having issues where my game freezes momentarily and then returns to normal gameplay. Freezes last anywhere from a second to 30 seconds. Most of the time, if it is frozen long enough it says that I have lost connection to the session. Connection is not the problem, I’ve tried verifying game cache on steam, tweaking graphics settings, but the problem persists.

  • My game always crashes when I click ‘Play’ and then it says ‘Receiving’ in the top left corner and then after that it crashes. Got any fix for that?