Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Fixes for Errors, Cannot find Servers, Virtual Memory Crash, No Console

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is actually one of the hotter games out on Steam today. If you liked War of the Roses, then most likely this game may suit your taste. For those having trouble getting Chivalry up and running, here’s a list of fixes we’ve put together for you. These include some of the most common issues reported by players worldwide.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Crash Fixes, Solutions for Errors, Cannot find Servers, Virtual Memory Crash, Cannot open Console

Cannot see servers for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Follow these steps:

  1. Download this file:
  2. Put this into : C:Program Files (x86)Steamconfig (or wherever Steam is installed)
  3. Run the game

Still cannot see servers?

Try this:

  1. Go into Steam. Click on Steam > Beta participation > Change > Steam Beta Update.
  2. Restart Steam.
  3. Run Chivalry Medieval Warfare and go into the Server Browser.
  4. Restart the game and try again.

If after trying the above two fixes and you still see no servers, try to disable your firewall and try again.

“Ran out of Virtual Memory” error in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

According to the devs this memory leak should have been fixed by a recent patch. If you still get the error, try the next solution below.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare randomly crashes

“Verify Integrity of game cache” by right-clicking Chivalry: Medieval Warfare in your games list, selecting properties, then local files. Try running the game once more and see if the issue is fixed.

Game still crashes?

Ok, there’s still hope. Try this: delete the “Chivalry Medieval Warfare folder found in My DocumentsMy Games and try running the game again. If this still does not work for you, let us know in the comments section and we’ll try to help out.

Cannot open console using tilde key

Go to My DocumentsMy gamesChivalry Medieval WarfareUDKGameConfigUDKInput.ini and search for a line that starts with ConsoleKey=####.

You can change #### to whatever key you want it to be.

Uncontrollable character, keeps moving and turning

Remove all other irrelevant USB devices connected to your computer and try again. This can be joysticks, race car wheels, other controllers and even web cams.

Cannot reconnect to servers, no servers after reconnecting

Hit refresh and wait up to 1 minute. If no servers show up after a minute, restart Steam. If still this does not work, temporarily disable your firewall and refresh the list.

That’s it for now, and we’ll post more solutions as we find them. Let us know your feedback in the comments section!

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  • Dave

    I’ve been playing since the release with no trouble at all, until just now. Once the game starts up and I’m at the title menu, it crashes and says that udk.exe has failed/crashed.

    I have a 64-bit Windows 7 pro system with 16gb ram, two Nvidia 560’s SLI, and a AMD 8150 8-core 3.61 ghz processor. I’ve well over 700gb of available hard drive space, and the game was running flawlessly up until this moment.

    It first crashed after I left a 64 player server (which upon opening the game again is now missing from the list of servers).

  • Tali

    Every time I refresh the server list my game crashes.

  • William

    The game, when I launch it my screen just turns black, can’t even get to the title screen, any suggestions?

  • Jacob

    If i look at the server list for more than 10 seconds the game crashes “UKD.exe has stopped working” also all of my unlocked weapons are locked again, what in gods name is happening

    how do i get my gear back without grinding again

  • Nicolas

    Every time I enter the game it crashes with the message “UKD.exe has stopped working”, I already verified the integrity of game cache and I also re downloaded and re-installed the game. The game was running great yesterday.

  • Marbry

    Mabye in Compatibility-Mode of Win-XP it will work?

  • Ste

    SPECS:AMD FX6100 8gig ram, 500gig with over 300 gig free. I get the Virtual Memory Crash after following the first fix and the 2nd fix. The game will play for alittle while then randomly I get this error. Can you please help me here?

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  • I tried Chivalry: Medieval Warfare randomly crashes and Game still crashes?. The game worked fine but after a few days I started to have these game freeze, and in the Task Manager it says Not Responding both on Chivalry and steam… I have googled for an hour or two and found several forums with the same problem but no solution! Please help me cuz I fell in love with the game directly and really want it to work! Cheers from Sweden!

  • Kirzo

    The game freezes ramdomly when I am playing. It might be 30 seconds after I started playing or 1 hour. I just tried “Verify Integrity of game cache” and delete the Chivalry folder in My Games. Any ideas?
    My spec: i7 4771 3.5 gHz, 16 gb ram, gtx 780 t.

    I’m running Windows 8.1, I don’t know if it might be relevant.
    Thanks you.

  • well , steam give me the opportunity to buy the game for only 4,25 euros.. niice.
    When i start to play, after like 5 minutes or even 20 minutes of gameplay, my game freeze and in the task manager it says : “not responding” . after it . steam goes off.. dunno why . help me please 😡

  • Met

    Every time I bring up Chivalry, the loading screen arrives (where the Torn Banner Logo flaps down), and then the game promptly ceases to stop working. At the top of the client it says “Not responding”

  • Steve

    Hey, I’ve tried every single solution on your post, and nothing has worked for me. The game usually crashes whenever I join a new game, after already having played one or two. Generally on the loading screen where it displays the keyboard controls. Rarely it will unpredictably crash randomly, but not usually. Could I get some help? Thanks.