How to Change FOV in Dead Rising 3

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There currently is no official way of changing the FOV in Dead Rising 3, so here is the working temporary fix. This will mess around with the shadows, so they might look weird here and there, so this is only a temporary workaround until we get a proper fix from the developers or the community.

It might also affect the game negatively in some other areas, turning it off is no big hassle though.

To change the FOV in Dead Rising 3, follow these steps:
  1. Download and Install Flawless Widescreen (
  2. Point it to your Steam folder during the initial set up that shows up once you start the program.
  3. Select the Dead Rising 3 Plugin on the left column (Under the category “available plugins”, marked with “3.” on the screenshot below)
  4. Bump the FOV up as high as desired.ComparisionBefore:
    After (Multiplier set to 1.6):

    To disable the fix, uncheck “Fix enabled” or exit the program.

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