Top 9 Fixes for Tropico 5 Crashes, Errors, Black screen, Full screen bug, DirectX Error, Missing DLC

Here comes another updated version of Tropico as good news to all the game lovers and Tropico fans. Just to quickly run through the new features in Tropico 5:

  • The game is playable from 19th century to 21st century and eras start from colonial times into modern era.
  • President gets a new family where you can appoint all the leadership positions.
  • Send your prospectors in the search of new mineral
  • Expand your kingdom with a fog of war.
  • Over 100 new buildings
  • Up to four players can build their own countries in one island; either the people share their resources or go for a war.

Having said that Tropico 5 is not without crashes though, so here’s our list of Top 9 problems and solutions to help you get the game up and running:

Top 9 Fixes for Tropico 5 Crashes, Errors, Black screen, Full screen bug, DirectX Error, Missing DLC

1. Multiplayer authentication problem

If you’re getting this problem, all you need to do is change your Steam profile name to a unique one, example: fighter25684. This also helps prevent fake users from entering your game.

2. Issues with launching the game and playing

The first thing you need to check is weather you have installed all the files correctly or not. Verify your games cache and also check your connection to Steam. You should also run the secondary installers if the game requires it. For this you need to exit from the Steam and browse the game file installation folder. Run the installers:

  • …SteamappscommonTropico 5_CommonRedistDirectXJun2010DXSETUP.exe
  • …SteamappscommonTropico 5_CommonRedistvcredist2010vcredist_x64.exe
  • …SteamappscommonTropico 5_CommonRedistvcredist2010vcredist_x86.exe

Now reboot the system and test the issue again.

3. Crashes and errors on Windows 7 or XP

If there is an issue with the operating system and the game is being run on Windows 7 or Windows XP follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly exit Steam
  2. Go to start menu
  3. Run the command prompt and type regedit and click enter
  4. Navigate to this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER_SOFTWAREVALVE
  5. Now right-click and select permissions:

4. Black screen and Windows is shutting down

This seems to be a memory leak issue, and the solution with the best result so far is a simple restart of your PC. Try it and let us know if it works.

5. Tropico 5 does not launch in full screen

This is a known DirectX 10 problem. Try and download Directx 11 on your system and the problem should get resolved. The fastest way to do this is to install the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows, as it includes the latest DirectX version as well.

6. Asking for Email and password

If you find a screen after starting the game which asks to enter your email and password, do not panic. There is a small button at the bottom of the screen named Skip. You can just skip and the game would start to load.

7. DirectX Error notice

If you are getting such an error then, run dxdiag and this would show where the errors lie. If your system has a graphics card, updating the drivers of the same mostly solves the problems. Also make sure that your Windows is on the latest service pack.

8. Missing DLC code

If you are getting such an error, try reinstalling the game again as the DLC code is said to be downloaded along with the main code of the game. Completely remove your current Tropico 5 installation and try reinstalling it all over again. This should resolve the issue.

9. Final notes: Other basic troubleshooting tips for Tropico 5

If you’re still getting crashes and errors, make sure you try the following as well.

  1. Check your Adobe Flash player, if it’s installed and updated properly or else the same can also be download online.
  2. All the sound drives of your PC must be updated
  3. Enable the third party cookies and watch out if any pop up blocker is running in your system.
  4. Sometimes the game server may be down if you have any issues with the speed try playing after some time.

That wraps up our quick and easy guide to fix Tropico 5 crashes, errors, and bugs. If you continue to experience problems with the game, drop a comment below to reach out to the community!

Tropico 5 Review: A Beautiful Second-fiddle to its Predecessor?

While large gaming websites tout Tropico 5 as a worthy successor within the franchise, user reviews argue that Tropico 4 is still the superior version. Here is a low down of Tropico 5 pros and cons versus its predecessor, according to first-wave users:

The Positive

  • Better graphics
  • Longer play time
  • New dynasty feature
  • New trade route feature
  • Better wars and riots
  • Co-op feature
  • Managers for buildings
  • New edicts

The Negative

  • Lack of character customization
  • Faction leaders no longer provide recommendations
  • Poor implementation of the new notification box and overlays
  • Colonial era is uneventful
  • Very limited building models
  • The happiness chart of classes are worse then Tropico 4
  • Limited stock islands
  • Gameplay is oversimplified

In summary, Tropico 5 is a decent game with a fresh injection of good ideas, albeit not all of which are well executed. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.