10 Fixes for Toribash PC Crashes, Doesn't Start, Not Responding, Connection Issues, Slow multiplayer, Stuck in Fullscreen

Toribash, the free-to-play martial-arts simulator, has become extremely popular in the years following its initial release in 2006. In 2013, the game was Greenlit on Steam, resulting in even more players being introduced to its physics-based duels.

However, as with any game, there are bound to be technical issues that can prevent users from playing or even successfully starting the game. Here’s a list of possible errors, along with helpful tips and fixes that will get you back to experiencing what Toribash calls “Violence Perfected”.

#1 Toribash Doesn’t Load

Toribash occasionally does this, even appearing in the Task Manager before abruptly closing. A possible fix for those with ATI/AMD graphics cards involves following the instructions from Sharkfood on the user forums – he even presents two different ways of accomplishing this:

Method 1: Using the older OpenGL driver file

  • Download the following OpenGL driver file
  • Unzip this file and within you will find 64-bit and 32-bit directories. This specifies whether you have 64-bit or 32-bit Windows 7 or 8.
  • Copy the appropriate “atioglxx.dll” file for your operating system into the game directory where Doom3BFG.exe is located.
  • Launch and run the game normally (no need for anything else)

Method 2: Doing it yourself from the AMD drivers

  • Obtain the older 13.1 Catalyst drivers for your system. Go to the AMD Graphics Driver site for your videocard and operating system, then click the “Previous Drivers and Software” link on the bottom RIGHT side of the main driver page… then look for the 13.1 drivers. Download this driver set.
  • Run the 13.1 installer and CANCEL on the first window after it uncompresses the drivers.
  • Go to the C:AMDSupport13-1_vista_win7_xxxx_xxxx_dd_ccc_whql appropriate to your system
  • Inside that directory, traverse into PackagesDriversDisplayW86A_INFB151068 and look for the file: atioglxx.dl_
  • Create a writable directory somewhere (for example, C:Expand) and copy this file to that new directory.
  • Open a command window (On the start menu, type “cmd.exe” in the search box, you should see “cmd.exe” appear at the top search results. Click on this to run it)
  • You should now be in a DOS prompt/DOS box command shell. CD to the directory where you copied the atioglxx.dl_ file (type CD EXPAND and hit enter, for example)
  • Type at the command prompt: EXPAND ATIOGLXX.DL_ ATIOGLXX.DLL
  • It should say the file has inflated or expanded like 127% or similar factor.
  • You may close the command prompt now and navigate to the directory (C:EXPAND) and see both files now: ATIOGLXX.DL_ and the new ATIOGLXX.DLL
  • Copy the newly expanded file (ATIOGLXX.DLL) directly into the Doom3 CFG Edition directory in the same place as the Doom3BFG.exe file.
  • Launch and run the game normally (no need for Administrator or compat mode).

#2 Toribash is stuck in Fullscreen Mode

The fix for this is simple – uninstall and then reinstall Toribash. However, make sure you backup any screenshots, mods, ect. that you would like to keep before doing so.

#3 The fonts in Toribash aren’t displaying correctly

This is almost certainly a driver error. Try updating your graphics card drivers and see if that fixes the problem.
#4 Toribash crashes in Multiplayer

Although this issue affects many players, it seems to be far less prevalent among those who play the game through the Steam client. Make sure that Toribash is allowed through your firewall. Others have also reported being able to bypass this by typing /jo (roomname) to circumvent the issue (instead of using the server list.)

#5 “The program is not responding” error before Toribash starts

Make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements:

Toribash PC Minimum requirements:

  • Intel: GMA 950 (or GMA Mobile 945) and up.
  • ATI/AMD: X-Series 300 and up, Radeon-Series 9600 and up.
  • Nvidia: Geforce 6000 and up.

If this doesn’t work, there are three other possibilities:

  • Make sure your graphics card drivers are updated
  • If you have an Intel, ATI, or SIS GPU, alter your memory managements settings as follows:
    • Right click your Toribash application short cut.
    • Select “properties”.
    • Find the “Target” field.
    • Alter the Target field to read: \Toribash-3.9tb.exe -chatcache 1 (Where ‘\’ is your Toribash installation location (The default installation location for Toribash is “C:/Games/Toribash-3.9/”))
    • You should try -chatcache “1” through to “5”, you should notice a recognizable performance increase if your performance was low before.
  • Update SDL to the latest library, found here. Extract the sdl.dll file contained within to the Toribash folder, overwriting the existing file.

#6 Connection Problems in Toribash

If you are having trouble connecting to matches, your problem may be one of these four issues:

  • Your belt has ranked up – this affects what servers you are allowed to play on
  • Your firewall is blocking the Toribash executable file
  • Your router is blocking the ports Toribash uses to connect – visit portforward.com to learn how to set up your router
  • Your Toribash client is out of date – download the latest version of Toribash

#7 I’m getting glitches during duels in Toribash

Your opponent has likely disconnected from the match, either on purpose or accidentally.

# 8 Toribash works slowly when opening multiplayer

Try running the game in 256-color mode to solve this issue. It won’t look pretty, but it has been reported to fix the slowing issue.

# 9 The shaders in Toribash 4.0+ cause my game to crash.

Open the default.cfg file in Notepad and search for a line contain the word “shaders”. Change the value here from 1 to 0 to disable shaders.

# 10 The Steam version of Toribash won’t start

Try first verifying the integrity of the game cache in Steam. If this doesn’t work, completely exit out and restart Steam. If this still doesn’t work, a full computer restart may be required.

These are several of the most common issues encountered while playing Toribash. Is your problem not covered here? Post it in the comments section!

Toribash Review: Challenging, Funny, Fulfilling

Ever wanted to be your own Bruce Lee? Wanted to pin someone to the floor with nothing but brute force? Or did you ever want to gracefully pluck your opponents’ head off their shoulders before splitting apart the rest of them with one kick? Ok maybe not the last one, but if this sounds interesting you’re definitely gonna love this game. Now seriously I have never loved gore fighters. Wrestling was more of an afterthought than anything else. But there is a certain thrill you get when you’re able to do a backflip and kick your opponent’s arms off. This game combines the freedom of ragdoll stick figures and mortal combat in a really amazing turn-based but rapid action masterpiece.

Performance and Gameplay

I first heard of this game about a year ago and I was interested then, but my machine at the time couldn’t run it. But I got a new one and when it came out on Steam I quickly checked it out to see what would happen. The small download size was really great as I didn’t want to wait long. My first experience in the tutorial made me feel almost helpless as my character seemed to have so many parts and possible actions I didn’t know how I could remember all this. The fact that it was turn-based made it seem quite complex. Fast forward 1 day later and I was a Green Belt. After looking at a few moves online and trying them out, I found a couple easy to do, easy-to-remember moves which brought me success in my games.


This game is really hilarious. I mean ‘drop down dead laughing’ hilarious. In low belt ranks, people who don’t know how to control their characters leads to one hell of a ridiculous experience which has everyone wishing for more. The wait in large lobbies can be a little tiring but most of the time I’m enjoying watching others play and I can learn from them. The wait is also great for the moments when you wanna take a bathroom break or try to memorize a new technique online.

Mods Available

What makes this game stand out to me are the mods that are currently avaliable for it. Right now I can’t count the number of mods that are in the list and I’ve only tested about twenty now. From sword-fighting to pool diving to racing, this game has it all! I could not believe my eyes when I found myself in something like a drag racer that raced down the map into the oncoming wall. Needless to say I had a very good laugh.

Already my review is really long, so I’ll say this last. Download the game. Play it for even a day or two. You won’t regret it. And it has a very good community, perfect for taking my mind off bad experiences in League of Legends.