How to Get Free 1,000 VC in NBA 2K15 Using Locker Code

Here’s a quick guide to get 1,000 VC using your first locker code in NBA 2K15.

Go to “Options/Features.” Scroll all the way to the right until you see “Locker Codes.” Type in “IWATCHEDNBA2KTV.” You will receive your first 1,000 VC to use on NBA2K15.

This code was obtained by watching the first episode of NBA 2KTV. Highly recommend watching the following episodes as some nice goodies may be there.

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Top 10 Fixes for NBA 2K15 Crash, D3D11 Error, Freezing, Change graphics, Connect online, Poor FPS, Facial scanning, Stuttering

Alright gamers, are you all ready to experience the best of gaming? Who isn’t? This is the final part of the year, meaning the fun is about to begin. Various games are in the line of release, and our favorite sports genre is definitely not lacking behind. It’s about time, we all get our yearly dose of sports gaming, especially the NBA fans. NBA 2k15, combined with all the new gen technology, features and game modes, is nothing but a treat for basketball lovers.

However, PC version of this game is nothing but a headache for many fans. Errors/Crashes/Bugs are killing the mood. And the fact you’re here means you know what I’m talking about and are eager to find solutions as fast as possible. Here is the list of some relevant solution for your problem.

Top 10 Fixes for NBA 2K15 Crash, D3D11 Error, Freezing, Change graphics, Connect online, Poor FPS, Facial scanning, Stuttering

#1 NBA 2K15 Crashes after Splash Screen

If you are experiencing this problem, you can take following steps to make it run.

Disable your internet connection. This will stop the game to connect to 2k servers by itself. This method worked for some users as they have reported it as working solution to the problem.

But if it still persist, try disabling the Steam overlay option’ & reboot your system. Updating drivers can also resolve the issue.

#2 Direct3D11 Error

Just try reinstalling DirectX and update your GPU drivers. Some users reported that it worked for them.

#3 NBA 2K15  Game Freezes Randomly

Stuck at the loading screen, or during the match? Well try going offline. It seems that the problem is on 2k’s end, their crappy servers are the cause of this problem. So until they find a solution, offline mode is all you got. Don’t give up though, if you can find a solution, then don’t forget to share in comments!

#4 Can’t Change Graphics Settings in NBA 2K15

Some users have complained about graphics settings, that the game doesn’t allow them to change it through in-game menu. To overcome this issue, try to change it from your GPU control panel. If you are a Nvidia user, go to the GPU control panel > 3-D settings, and add NBA2K in the list of program and tweak it as you wish.

If anyone here has this issue for AMD GPUs, try to figure the solution and post it here for others.

#5 Unable to Connect to NBA 2K15 Online Servers

Try waiting for some time and log again. This is again the issue of their great servers.

#6 Performance Issue

Try looking at the system requirement first, and if your PC doesn’t come in high end category, lowering graphics setting is your best solution. Otherwise, forcing Vsync via GPU control panel is something you can try. Make sure, that you don’t run any unnecessary background app.

#7 Game Crashes to Desktop

So much effort to bypass the issue of game not starting just to end up facing this. It’s definitely a bummer, if anything, right? Just disable you internet and make sure you set the game’s refresh rate to match your screen refresh rate. Trying #6 in this case might also work.

#8 My Player is a Monster!

This one is the most funny (scary) glitch ever. 2k introduced their next gen tech. called facial scanning. Never in their wildest dream could they have imagined that this is how it will turn out. To work around this glitch you can download a guide. Read this to know more.

#9 Stuck in the Loop

If you are experiencing a loop, in Heat vs Spurs, with only music and no commentary; try updating to the latest patch. It worked for many users. Also make sure that your game is complete, if you have downloaded it from steam. Even if download status shows 47/47, it’s still incomplete. Wait for it to show COMPLETED, and you’re good to go.

#10 Heavy Stuttering in NBA 2K15

If you’re experiencing temporary stutter during game-play in which a player magically disappears from one court and appears on another, try updating your drivers. That’s the first thing you should do. Some users reported that it worked for them. See whether it solves your problem or not.

If you have followed every step here, and your problem still persists don’t forget to comment here. We’ll see to it as soon as possible. In addition to this it’s always necessary for you to keep your drivers updated, as it always solves half the problem.