Murdered: Soul Suspect Complete Collectibles Map

Here are maps containing the locations of all collectibles in Murdered: Soul Suspect. You can use your bonus code in to check points.

1. Apartment

2. Church

3. Police Station

4. Graveyard

5. Mental Hospital

6. Museum

7. Judgement House

8. Salem

Top 15 Fixes for Murdered: Soul Suspect PC Crashes, Missing Exe, No Sound, Corrupt files, VSync 30FPS lock, Failed to Launch, Stuck controls

In spite of its hefty price tag, Murdered: Soul Suspect packs an exciting plethora twists and turns that will definitely leave you drooling for more. It focuses on a Salem police office whose life is abruptly cut short by a brutal killer and in the afterlife seeks to find his killer. However, constant battles with demons plus the mysteries at hand are proving to be hard to bear alone.

Interesting, isn’t? Well, unfortunately problems are bound to occur which often leave gamers failing to enjoy the game. Fortunately, we have the solutions to some of these common problems.

Top 15 Fixes for Murdered: Soul Suspect PC Crashes, Missing Exe, No Sound, Corrupt files, VSync 30FPS lock, Failed to Launch, Stuck controls

1. Murdered: Soul Suspect PC crashes after first investigation

Check your Graphic Settings: too much of anything is poisonous. This may occur due to high graphic settings that the game finds it hard to accommodate. Simply open the graphics settings and lower them and as you do so ensure that FXAA is not selected.

2. Downloaded Murdered: Soul Suspect Missing an Executable File

People who have recently downloaded this game may already be familiar with this problem. There seems to be a mix up with the actual game download directory path and the update path. Although the link categorically states that it is the full game download link, the actual thing being downloaded is the game update. This should be fixed any time from now. However, if the executed file existed earlier, then it may have been lost to a virus attack or fallen victim to disk malfunction.

If the problem persists, we recommend that you verify the integrity of your game cache. Simply right click on the game icon and click on properties. Next click on Local Files and you will get the option to verify the integrity of the game cache.

3. Headset Issues: Sound Comes Out Through the Monitor During Cut-Scenes Instead of the Headset

If the headsets work perfectly well on other stages of the game, then the problem lies with the default audio playback device selection. Simply go to your device settings and check whether your monitor is still the default playback device.

4. Why is The Download Only 115mb Yet It is Supposed to be 8gb?

As stated above, there is an issue with the download path downloading the update instead of the actual game. The actual game is approximately 8gb in size while the update is 115mb.

5. My Game Files are Corrupt. How Do I fix This?

Corrupt files and folders are usually as a result of virus infestation or a damaged disk. Ensure that your anti virus is always up to date. If you are convinced that your PC is malware free, look for any signs that may indicate drive error such as loud noise from the rotating disks in the hard drive as well as the computer taking long to boot up. If you encounter any of this, your best option would be to buy a new drive.

6. Murdered: Soul Suspect is Lagging

Game lag is usually as a result of your PC failing to meet the minimum game specifications. Ensure that your PC meets these minimum specifications for the game to run smoothly.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual Core CPU / Quad Core CPU
  • AMD Radeon 4800 Series Video Card/ NVDIA GTS 250
  • RAM: 4GB
  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Disk Space: 20GB Free

7. My PC Fan Makes A Lot of Noise When Playing the Game

Devs confirmed that this not particularly isolated to Murdered: Soul Suspect, but is in fact a hardware issue. It happens because the fan is rotating at a much faster rate to cool down the PC. If the noise is frightening then it may be because the fan is about to malfunction and may require replacing.

8. Steam Version of the Game Won’t Start Even After Uninstalling and Installing it Again

In such a situation, Steam first requires you to verify the integrity of the game cache before you can play the game.


  1. Right click the game icon and click Properties.
  2. On properties, click on Local files and verify it.

9. The Game Opens Up in a New Window and Freezes. No controls work.

Try and install the game a fresh. If it persists verify the integrity of the game cache and make sure the system specifications are enough to run the game.

10. Mouse Sensitivity is High

Simply go to the game controller settings and play around with the mouse sensitivity settings until you settle for the best option.

11. Game will not run on DX10 on Vista

The specs state you need the service pack for Vista which enables DX11 on Vista

12. Game will not run on 32-bit

Unfortunately, the game is designed for 64-bit as stated in the specs, there is no 32-bit fall back executable.

13. Game won’t launch, Error: failed to launch game (unknown problem)

That error is related to the Visual c++ redist. Download the latest update here.

14. Vsync locks the game to 30FPS

Follow these steps:

  1. Disable Vsync in-game
  2. Find FateEngine.ini in your documents/mygames/murdered soul suspect.
  3. Open FateEngine.ini and go down to where it says bsmoothframerate=False and change that to true.
  4. Next, find usevsync=False and change that to true.
  5. Make the FateEngine.ini file read only (right click > Properties > Read only)
  6. Run the game. Game now plays at 60fps.

15. Keybinding and mouse control getting stuck

If you’re controls get stuck on certain commands, a simple reboot of the game should fix it.

Bonus: How to Fix “Murdered.exe stopped working”

This seems to be a common issue, but it’s easy to fix. Go to Program files>steamapps>common>Murdered Soul Suspect>Binaries>Win 64 then find the exe and right click on it and select your graphics card. Let me know if this works for you.

Although these are some of the major problems so far, these are definitely not the only ones. Feel free to post any other Murdered: Soul Suspect PC crash problems that you may encounter in the comment box below and we will be glad to assist.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Reviews Are In – "Not Worth Your Time and Money"

Early reviews suggest a resounding “Don’t play it” after experiencing a poor storyline, weak gameplay, and lots of bugs and errors in Murdered: Soul Suspect. Here’s a condensed take of reviews by IGN, Joystiq, Kotaku, EscapistMagazine, and PowerPyx.

IGN’s Review:





Sadly, most of these investigations involve little more than hunting for clues and solving a deductive reasoning puzzle or two. They can also quickly become unduly frustrating when the game decides not to highlight an important object until you’ve looked at it in just the right way. You don’t even have to find all the clues to solve a particular mystery, since more often than not you can just brute force your way through merely by picking random topics until you hit the right combination. It was a real shame to realize that after several different investigations, I was encountering the same types of easy to solve puzzles over and over. In fact, other than ruining your chance for a perfect score, there’s no penalty for mucking up an investigation. This just about kills any weight behind Ronan’s supposedly urgent quest to solve the Bell Killer murders when you don’t have to worry about any real risk of failure.




I actually wanted to work out some video guides for this game, but at this point I am seriously re-considering if I want to spend any more time with this at all. What a shame, this game could have had some real potential. Gotta give it a 1/10, most disappointing thing I’ve ever bought.