How to Get a Level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Looking to get a level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor? Here’s a detailed description on how to do it. In order to get a level 25 Rune, you must kill a level 20 Uruk/Orc with + 5 levels. You get + 1 level from making him a revenge target, + 1 for intel to know his strengths and weaknesses, + 1 for activating his Hate or Fear, + 1 for killing him with his weakness (ex. Combat Finishers), and + 2 for him being a Warchief. Now I know this adds up to 6, but I’m not so sure about knowing his strengths and weaknesses and kill him with his weakness. I’d suggest you do all of this anyway.

First of all, people often mistake that they should send a Death Threat to increase the Captain’s or Warchief’s level to 20. DO NOT send a death threat. It will make it nearly impossible to get a regular rune since epic runes don’t have levels. So now onto the steps.

How to Get a Level 25 Rune in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Step 1:

Find a Worm (Green targets on map) and use the intel to know the strengths and weaknesses of the targeted Uruk. He can be either a Captain or Warchief but it’s easier if he’s a Warchief. Make sure he has a Fear or Hatred and Weakness of something. If he doesn’t, just ditch that Uruk and find one that has a Fear or Hatred AND Weakness. Once you find one with a Fear or Hatred (For example, fear/hatred of fire, caragors, etc.) You’re good to go. Knowing the intel adds a point.

Step 2:

It does not matter what level or rank (Captain or Warchief) they are in the beginning. The closer they are to 20, the faster it’ll take to get the rune. And just make sure in the end, the Uruk is a Warchief. If they’re level 16, just die 4 times to them to get them to 20 and you also complete the task of making him a revenge target, which adds a 1 point. If it’s a level 20 Warchief with a Fear or Hatred and Weakness that you found immediately, you must die to him anyway.

Step 3 (Optional):

(Note: Ignore this step if your Uruk is already a warchief): If the Uruk is only a Captain and you did these steps, do not fear. You can just find out who he’s connected to (what Warchief and what other Bodyguards he has. In order to make this simpler, you can send a Death Threat to the warchief which means when you fight him, the Warchief and all his bodyguards will come out. Kill the Warchief and the other bodyguards the ones that you aren’t making level 25 and then Uruk that you’re making level 25 will become a Warchief, adding 2 points.

Step 4:

At this point, the Uruk should be a Warchief, should have killed you once, be level 20, and you should know his strengths and weaknesses. What I did was in the beginning, I immediately set off his fear or hatred, in my case, hatred of fires. Then after that I just kept on getting combos so I can do an execution move on him. If he’s not affected my execution moves, you can just spam Wraith Flash (default bind R) until he’s low enough for you to grab and shank him, or until he dies.

Step 5:

Once the Warchief is dead, you should get the level 25 Rune.

How to Increase Difficulty in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

This isn’t really a guide, but more of a pro tip. I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed-style games for several years, and even with several abilities unlocked, the game’s very difficult with these settings, and the battles you win feel intense. Give it a chance!

How to Increase Difficulty in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

What you need to do:

  1. Turn off all HUD options, including combat counter notifications.
  2. Never upgrade your health.

On basic health, Uruk Warriors can kill you in roughly 8-9 hits. Uruk Defenders can kill you in anywhere between 2-5 hits. Uruk Berserkers can kill you in anywhere between 2-5 hits. Uruk Archers can kill you in anywhere between 7-10 hits. Uruk Hunters can kill you in anywhere between 4-7 hits. Uruk Captains and Warchiefs, depending on their strength, vary, but 99% of the Captains and Warchiefs I’ve fought, regardless of level, can kill me in 1-3 hits. Caragors can kill me in 3 hits, usually, and Graugs are, of course, an instant kill. Ghuls also can be very dangerous.

So if you think the game’s easy, turn off the HUD options and leave your health on the default level. It’s insanely difficult, but insanely fun.

Top 10 Fixes for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Crashes, Errors, Won't start, Black screen, Config, Nvidia SLI, DX11 support, HD textures, Slow mouse

The new RPG title developed by Monolith Productions has finally been released this Tuesday, 30 September 2014. The game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor brings you a large open world free to explore based on Middle-earth, a fantasy world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. The graphics are amazing, and the storyline is heavily influenced by the players choices thanks to the revolutionary Nemesis system, allowing the players to create their unique stories and experiences as they go along. Nothing less was expected from Monolith Productions, a Washington game developer, who already proved their experience in RPG titles in the past. However the final results upon Shadow of Mordor’s release reminds us once again that even the most experienced developers can find it hard to create a perfect product that would run smoothly at first try. Until the developers release patches that would solve the problems the player community has encountered while running this game here is a list of things you can do yourself to make running the game a little easier and your gaming experience smoother.

Top 10 Fixes for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Crashes, Errors, Won’t start, Black screen, Config, Nvidia SLI, DX11 support, HD textures, Slow mouse

1. Stuck downloading Shadow of Mordor

It’s very frustrating when the game you spent your hard earned money on stops downloading at 99%. Having this happen that late into the download might make you think that the developers have done it on purpose to mess with you. However this is not a real problem. The game appears to be stuck on 99% but is actually working properly and takes about 20 minutes to make that 1% step. Don’t be impatient and don’t restart the download. Wait it out.

2. Can’t start the game, Crashes on start

After waiting for the 30 GB download, and the installation of your new game the last thing the players expect is not even being able to start the game. You have installed your game on Steam and eagerly pressed the play button but unfortunately nothing is happening. Don’t lose your nerves just yet, there is a solution to the problem.

  1. Go to documents/WBgames/Shadow of Mordor
  2. Create three notepad files, game.ini, render.cfg and setting.cfg
  3. Paste the following lines in the appropriate file:

In render.cfg:

“Render.Setting.AmbientOcclusionQuality” “0.000000”
“Render.Setting.AspectRatioLock” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.AutoDetectedGPURating” “4.000000”
“Render.Setting.AutoDetectionVersion” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.DepthofFieldToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.FrameRateLimit” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.LightingQuality” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.MeshQuality” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.MotionBlurQuality” “0.000000”
“Render.Setting.OITToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.ShadowQuality” “2.000000”
“Render.Setting.TessellationToggle” “1.000000”
“Render.Setting.TextureFiltering” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.TextureQuality” “3.000000”
“Render.Setting.VegetationQuality” “4.000000”

In game.ini:

Build=Build 1636

In settings.cfg:

“DeviceAdapter” “0.000000”
“DeviceOutput” “0.000000”
“ScreenHeight” “1080.000000”
“ScreenWidth” “1920.000000”
“UIHeight” “0.000000”
“UIWidth” “0.000000”
“VSyncOnFlip” “0.000000”
“Windowed” “0.000000”

3. Shadow of Mordor Crashes after pressing play

Finally you press play effectively, but the game crashes after five minutes or even less. Creating files mentioned in the problem above usually fixes this problem too, however if it doesn’t, try moving the folder “Shadow of Mordor” including the three files from “WB games” to the desktop. That could fix the problem.

4. The game doesn’t recognize your Nvidia graphics card

All you have to do if you encounter this problem is add ShadowofMordor.exe to the Nvidia control panel:

  1. Open the Nvidia control panel and go to 3Dsettings/Program Settings/Add
  2. Then go to Steam/SteamApps/Common/ShadowofMordor/x64/shadowofmordor.exe
  3. Don’t forget toupdate your drivers

5. Graphic bugs

The game demands a lot of VRAM. A lot! If you want to run it on ultra settings, follow our HD textures guide here.

6. The dual monitor glitch, won’t work

How long has it been since you updated your graphics card? Remember the game is brand new, so in order to run it, your software might need renewing too. Updating your graphics card should do the trick.

7. Working SLI profile (Only for Nvidia users)

  1. Go to the Nvidia inspector
  2. Select Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  3. Go to add application and add Shadow of Mordor from your browser to the current profile
  4. Select Fear 3 on SLI bits Compatibility bits and hit apply

8. Black screen issue

Enable V-sync and Triple buffering in Nvidia control panel and turn off Tessalation in game options. This should fix the problem.

9. DirectX11 features not supported by the installed video device

Make sure to disable any onboard video cards in your bios. The procedure is slightly complicated, but should not be an issue. Enter the BIOS upon restarting your PC and find the appropriate settings in the Video Configuration options. Solving this problem will be different on most personal computers, so don’t be embarrassed to consult somebody with more expertise than you. Or just ask google.

10. The mouse problem

If your game starts slowing down when moving the mouse cursor try turning off “order independent transperancy” and vsync, or enabling a 60 fps frame cap via the video settings in-game.

It’s not unusual for new games to exhibit strange behaviour in the first few days after release. The developers are working hard to fix all the problems the community experienced in the first few hours of playing. You can get involved in solving Shadow of Mordor’s many issues yourself and help by posting your experiences, problems, and solutions in the comments section.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

Update: If you stumbled upon this page looking for our Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor troubleshooting guide for crashes, errors, and bugs, click here.

Here are some things I would like to touch up on after playing this game for only a few hours and the differences in what I expected and what I (we) got. For one I expected there to be a big focus on the lore of the story and for the first open world LOTR game I expected you to be able to travel around the whole world. I also expected there to be more stealth elements and a rich storyline.

Here’s what we got. Little lore so far except the fact that we know we’re in mordor before the great war with Frodo and The Ring. That’s about it. We know we we’re in Gondor but now we’re in mordor. And we have to get our soul back because we’re in between life and death. And we do this by defeting sauron’s army. From what I can tell, that’s the basis of this game. As for open world you are limited to just Mordor. Don’t expect to go visit the shire, or Rohan, or Gondor because you’re just not gonna. Another thing is the stealth in this game, while not broken, is not what I hoped for, I hoped for a cover-to-cover based stealth system and this is not that.

But the game does excel in some things. For one, you are punished for dying, you die and uruki take new places and gain ranks and you have to kill them over and over till you defeat them all. Which makes for some very fun and very angry gameplay. Another thing I love is the combat system. It is beautiful, the flow of combat is smooth and it has a very definate lord of thew rings feel with you being able to take on 30 Uruki by yourself. Another thing they did very well was the interogationing and the runes. Another is that you really want to pay attention to strengths and weakneses of the commanders because they allow you to play tactically and plan your combat and moves.

But unfortunatley this feels like it’s it, run around, kill Uruki, upgrade you character (who looks pretty ugly by the way). and Don’t try to leave mordor because you don’t get to. Oh and there’s some story loosly tying into LOTR to keep fans interested due to lack of lore.

Overall the game is still fun to play and the combat is exciting. But for the First “LOTR Open-World RPG” they could have done better on the Open World aspect (much better), and for announcing a game’s storyline that takes place during the rise of sauron it lacks lore to keep you interested and the game starts to get kinda old pretty fast.

Verdict: 7/10

How to install HD textures in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (3 Steps)

Curious as to how to install the HD textures in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor? You’ve come to the right place. Make sure you have competent PC specs (at least 6 GB VRAM!) and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to download and install the HD textures (official link)
  2. Then go to your library, right-click Shadow of Mordor & click on “View Downloadable Content”.
  3. Finally mark the “HD Content” for installation & an additional download of 3.7 GB will start if the game is already installed

Again, please note that your videocard needs 6 GB of video RAM to use the HD textures. Don’t have it? Well, no one’s stopping you from trying.

Hope we were able to help out, feel free to leave comments below if you’re having trouble setting up HD textures.