Child of Light: All 12 Confession Locations

Child of Light has a total of 12 unlockable Confessions. These Confession Pages not only uncover more of the game’s events, but also will unlock the Perfect Sonnet achievement in Uplay after you have found all the Confession Pages. This guide will help you find all 12 of them.

Mahthildis Forest

There are a total of five Confessions to be found in Mathildis Forest. If you get stuck on finding one, You could watch the video below which will show you all the areas of where they are located.

Confession Page #1

  • Location: After Flying out of the Old Monastery, right as you start “Chapter 3: Into the West”.
  • After acquiring the ability to fly from the seer, enter Chapter 3 and fly back to the right and keep on gaining altitude until you see shrine of the Queen of the Night.
  • There, you will see an old rusty diary page drifting through the winds.

Confession Page #5

  • Location: Left of starting area, before Tree of Thrones.
  • You need to net this Confession Page before going into Tree of Thorns through the arched passageway.
  • While you are on the junction, gain some altitude and you will come directly to the old diary page.

Confession #8

  • Location: Just after exiting the Tree of Thrones.
  • This Confession Page is hoarded from Tree of Thorns.
  • While you’re playing the chapter, fly right from the Capilli Village signboard and you will come across an enclosed branched area containing the diary page.

Confession Page #3

  • Location: In the cave you enter through a well in Capilli Village.
  • Once you’re done with the puzzle in the Deep Dark Well, head over to the larger side of the cavern, fly upwards, and it will be right next to a dangling spider.

Confession Page #6

  • Location: Left of Capilli village right before Plains of Rambet
  • While traversing through Windy Tunnels, head left from the Plains of Rambert and Capilli Village signboard and you will get to a wind spout.
  • From this point forth, fly upwards and you will net the Confession Page.

Plains of Rambert

Confession Page #7

  • Location: Near where Norah joins your party in Windwheels.
  • While you’re roaming the Windwheels, you need to cross the first Windwheel Tower and speak with Norah under the broken bridge.
  • After that, head left and you will get straight to the Confession Page.

Confession Page #2

  • Location: Same as above. Enter cave in the bottom left of the area.
  • Keep your eyes peeled on the ground near the second Windwheel Tower and stick to left side to come across Twin Doors.
  • Go through these doors and into the Treasure Room to claim your diary page.

Confession Page #9

  • Location: Inside the Magna Golem near the heart.
  • You need to head inside the central chambers of the Magna’s Vault.
  • Just as you stop seeing his beating heart, head left and grab the diary page.

Cliffs of Eren

Confession Page #15

  • Location: Just below entering the area where you find Tristis.
  • This Confession Page can be found drifting near the gateway of floating Temple of the Moon.
  • This area is quite foggy and hinders your vision so it may take some time to spot it.

Confession Page #10

  • Location: Above the mirror that leads to the Temple of the Moon. T
  • his Confession Page can be spotted directly above the Magic Mirror in Temple of the Moon.

Confession Page #4

  • Location: After meeting Oengus.
  • Fly up above a tree in Forgotten Tower.
  • As soon as you reclaim your freedom after escaping from the pesky cage, head left and fly upwards to find it near a large grotesque tree.

Confession Page #14

  • Location: In the outside area after doing Oengus’ quest.
  • As soon as you travel through the Magic Mirror with Norah, head left and fly upwards to grab this Confession Page.

Cynbel Sea

Confession Page #11

  • Location: Just to the right of Piscean Village.
  • Head to the shrine thing and fly up and a little to the right.
  • At the entrance of the Cynbel Sea, you need to levitate up in the air to find this Confession Page.

Confession Page #13

  • Location: In The Gate of the Sun “crystal cavern” area
  • As soon as you enter Palace of the Sun, head over to your left and you will come across four fallses.
  • Among the three fallses that are aligned together will be a Confession Page.

Confession Page #16

  • Location: Just to the left of the previous one at boss fight location.
  • While you are in the Palace of the Sun, look for this Confession Page in the area where the mini-boss fight occurs.

Confession Page #12

  • Location: In the Temple of the Sun where Nox flies off.
  • After completing the perplexing Eclipse Puzzle in the Palace of the Sun, head inside the Poisoned Chamber to reunite with Norah and net this Confession Page.
There you go! All Confessions in Child of Light are yours! 🙂
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Child of Light: Oculi Crafting Guide (with Recipes)

Child of Light has a very basic crafting system. However, the game does not tell you what recipes or combinations make what, and what they all do at a glance. This guide will do just that.

Oculi Stats


  • Weapon – Adds fire damage to melee attacks.
  • Armor – Fire damage resistance.
  • Trinket – Increases max HP.


  • Weapon – Adds water damage to melee attacks.
  • Armor – Water damage resistance.
  • Trinket – Increases max MP.


  • Weapon – Adds lighting damage to melee attacks.
  • Armor – Lighting damage resistance.
  • Trinket – Chance to dodge while casting


  • Weapon – Chance to cause paralysis.
  • Armor – Magic damage resistance.
  • Trinket – Increases magic stat.


  • Weapon – Adds light damage to melee attacks.
  • Armor – Increases chance to dodge while defending.
  • Trinket – Chance to bump creature back on timeline.


  • Weapon – Adds physical damage to melee attacks.
  • Armor – Physical damage resistance.
  • Trinket – Increase magic damage when your HP drops below a certain %.


  • Weapon – Increases speed.
  • Armor – Gain additional EXP from battles.
  • Trinket – Casting speed Increase


  • Weapon – Increases spell damage.
  • Armor – Reduces physical and magic damage when your HP drops below a %.
  • Trinket – Increases chance to dodge while casting when your HP drops below a %.


  • Weapon – Increases attack power by a %.
  • Armor – Increases your speed when interrupted.
  • Trinket – Begin every turn % forward on timeline

Princess Stone

  • Weapon – Increase Attack Power by 40%
  • Armor – Reduce Magical and Physical Damage by 25%
  • Trinket – Increase Spell Power by 35%


  • Tumbled/Faceted/etc

    Any 3 Oculi of the same name and type make a a larger one of that type

  • Amethyst

    Sapphire + Ruby = Amethyst

  • Citrine

    Emerald + Ruby = Citrine

  • Tourmaline

    Sapphire + Emerald = Tourmaline

  • Diamond

    Sapphire + Emerald + Ruby = Diamond

  • Onyx

    Tourmaline + Amethyst + Citrine = Onyx

  • Spinel

    Diamond + Onyx = Spinel

  • Princess Stone

    Picture Pending

    Brilliant Spinel + Brilliant Onyx + Brilliant Diamond = Princess Stone

Hope this helped anyone with questions on the crafting and saves you some Oculi instead of having to waste them experimenting on your own.

If I missed a recipe/if you have a comment/just want to say thanks, please leave it in the comments section below.

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DayZ Standalone: The Only Survival Guide You Need

This will guide to help you know the needs of your character in DayZ Standalone — How much they need to eat, drink and kill in order to survive. We’ve got it all, even detailed information on blood loss and gain, and details on melee weapons and guns.


Table of Contents:

  • This page: Understanding the Basics of the Game
  • Page 2: Blood, Health and Consciousness
  • Page 3: Melee Weapons
  • Page 4: Guns
  • Page 5: Guns (continued)
  • Page 6: Hunger and thirst
  • Page 7: Navigation of Chernarus

Understanding the Basics of the Game

First off, let me tell you about the day the world became what we are struggling in today. A large zombie outbreak smashed through containment in the north west of Russian Chernarus. Military forces could not stop them, they plowed through the cities and killed almost every inhabitant of that god forsaken area. Not much is known if Z Gene (the virus’s name) left Chernarus, outside contact has almost been cut. But some people survived, scattered, outnumbered, malnourished, dehydrated and dying these people began to scavenge, kill, and build their way out of the situation. That’s where you come in good sir/ma’m…

When you spawn, you have nothing but the clothes on your body and a flashlight with a spare battery in your pockets. not much to survive on, unless you like eating torches and drinking battery acid! wherever you spawn, a town will be to the coast on the left or right. Stick to the coast for the begining of the game, more chance to die, but a lot more to scavenge. Inland dangers include heavily armed bandits, Mike Tyson Zombies and less loot. Usually leaving you lost, starving, shot or just plain dying… search buildings around cities for varied loot.

Your inventory is where you store any found items. Items, depending on their type can vary in size, meaning more slots in the inventory are required. As you pick up clothing, remember to check your space before swapping out for something with less inventory space than what you already have!

Search places for this basic supply. food and drink can also be found in most types of buildings.

FOUR classes of building include:


Industrial buildings consist of large grey sheds, smaller barn sheds and even smaller… well… sheds! These buildings can contain small amounts of food/drink, basic melee weapons such as spanners or axes and vanity items such as hard hats or motorbike Helmets. Useful for a quick run through if your bored more than likely.

Residential buildings usually involve small houses or larger 2/3 story houses. Inside they spawn canned or rotten food, drink or bottles and clothes… LOTS of clothes… Change your style as you wish, but watch your inventory space.

Commercial buildings usually look like a supermarket or a corner shop. These places can have backpacks that are usefull for extra space, food and drink and basic tools like can openers! For all your can opening desires!

Finally we get to the scrumptious military structures. These usually look like cylinder sheds, Barracks building or air control towers. Some other buildings are the prison building and the police station/fire station found in some cities. These buildings have delicious loot such as HUUUGE backpacks, BADASS rifles and pistols and vanity gear that makes you look like you just ran through a battlefield to get here! Attachments for weapons can be found there if needed as well.

Whilst doing this fancy looting process, you may encounter other players sometimes doing the same thing. It is up to you how you react, learn your controls and talk to them through microphone, or just blow there head off and take what they had left. If you do desire to blow them apart, aim for the head to avoid damaging items, which brings me to our second to last subject.

Quality, Item quality to be exact. Different quality on an item means how much damage you take from hits, how you look and if it is actually able to be used at all! The quality of an item depends on if you took damage with it or where you got it from. Use found loot to upgrade the quality of an item, disinfectant, weapon cleaning kits and sewing kits can be used for repairs.

The list goes like this in quality, going down it gets worse till the point of no use…

  2. WORN

Ruined is unusable, Pristine items look and work very well.

In your inventory you have a food rectangle and a drink rectangle, as the colour changes so does your characters desire for this supplement. Red is on the edge of death from it, green means you have had it lately and you are OK. Other bars may apear, such as soaking from the rain, Hydrated, full or sick. Read other guides for full analysis.

Extra tips:

If you get to Balota airstrip, (A large militiary base) watch out for other newspawns trying to make their way in the world through killing and looting. Banditry is common in parts such as Balota and The large cities of Chernogorsk and Electrogorsk.

Do not spend too long in a militiary base, people will come. People will kill. People WILL loot…

An extra map has been added here for your use. Please enjoy our help and use it wisely!

And as a final reminder, follow the laws of:

  1. Be polite,
  2. Be efficient,
  3. And have a plan to kill everyone you meet

Next page: Blood, health and unconsciousness

Blood, Health and Consciousness

The Basics:

The player has a blood level and a health level, both of which starts at and is capped to 5000. Heath levels can be recognised by how blurry the screen is while blood levels can be recognised by how greyscale the screen is.

Blood can be lost through melee attacks, being shot, poisoning, dehydration and starvation. After being melee attacked or shot, there is a chance for the player to start bleeding. At this point they will rapidly loose blood until they bandage themselves and stop the bleeding. Having low blood makes you more at risk to shock damage, which is received from being melee attacked or shot. If the shock damage level is ever higher than the blood level, the player will become unconscious. If the player’s blood level drops below 500 they will fall unconscious regardless of shock. Health is lost by taking damage of any form. Once the player’s health reaches zero, the player will be killed regardless of anything else.

Unconsciousness can be caused in two ways, shock or blood losses. If blood drops below 500 the player will immediately become unconscious and unable to be revived until they are stabilised. As previously mentioned shock is gained by taking melee damage or being shot and will make the player unconscious if it exceeds the blood level. Shock depletes naturally over time, or can be reset to zero with epinephrine. Epinephrine as it sets shock value to zero, if an unconscious person is stable and above 500 blood, it can be used to instantly revive them. However, if the person is below 500 blood or on low blood and bleeding, they will immediately become unconscious again. Unconscious players can also be revived by using a defibrillator. It works the same was as epinephrine, but it can be used more than once.

Regaining blood and health:

Natural regeneration is the most common way to regenerate blood that has been lost. There are two types of natural regeneration the player can undergo, slow regeneration and full regeneration.

Slow regeneration will begin once the player has reached the dark green energized indicator and is not thirsty. Once this has been reached, the player will start to regenerate lost blood at a rate of 1 blood per second. Full regeneration is the second type of natural regeneration. Full regeneration will begin once the player has reached the bright green energized status and the dark green hydrated status. Once this has been reached, the player will start to regenerate lost blood at a rate of 3 blood per second, making for a much quicker recovery than slow regeneration. Heath can only be regenerated naturally, in the same fashion as blood. Once the player has reached the requirements for full regeneration and has capped blood to 5000, heath regeneration will begin. During health regeneration the player will regenerate at a rate of 1 heath per second. This will also cause the status effect healing. Once the player has reached full health, the status will change to healthy.

Saline transfusions are the second way to replenish a player’s lost blood. Saline can only be used for a transfusion if it has been crafted into Saline IV. To do this, the player must combine a saline bag and an IV Start Kit. Once administered, a saline transfusion will instantly restore 500 blood to the player.

Blood transfusions are the final method of restoring a player’s blood. Blood transfusions begin with a blood bag which is used to collect blood from a donor. Once collected, the bag must then be made into a blood bag IV before a transfusion can be done. This is done be crafting the filled blood bag with an IV start kit, in the same fashion as saline.

Now comes the more difficult part of using blood bags, having to work with blood types. There are 8 different blood types in the game, these being the same as real blood types. The blood type of the donor and recipient can only be determined by using a blood test kit.

When preforming a blood transfusion it is critical to ensure that the donor and recipients blood types are compatible. Below is a blood type compatibility table for reference.


Here are the 7 rules for blood transfusion, though it is much easier just to refer to the table.

  • O can transfer to O, A, B or AB
  • A can transfer to A or AB
  • B can transfer to B or AB
  • AB can only transfer to AB
  • (-) can transfer to (-) or (+)
  • (+) can only transfer to (+)
  • O- is the universal donor and AB+ is the universal recipient

Melee Weapons

Some of this information has become outdated due to the recent update, an example being the severe nerfing of the fire axe. Infomation will be updated as more information is collected.

Weapons. These infamous objects can do many things, kill raging zombies, kill wild animals (when they are released into the game) and kill the other players… A list of the weapons that are in the game are found below. Melee weapons are first, then ranged…

Baseball Bat

The humble Baseball bat is a weapon found in residential, commercial or industrial buildings. It is not a very ‘powerful’ weapon, as it several body hits to kill a zombie. Use it to hit them in the head for a good kill. This weapon has a 40% chance to make another player bleed, causing damage over time. (As discussed before).


Gordon Freeman would be proud of the crowbar in the game. It takes 2-3 hits in the head to kill naother player, and only takes 3-4 hits to a zombies body to kill it, meaning it is only 1 hit in the head to kill it. It is also the most quite melee weapon in the game, making it practical for stealth jobs. Also has 40% chance to make a person bleed.

Farming Hoe

No not a woman. Not much is recorded on the hoe as of yet. From our personal experience we know it takes 4-5 hits to a zombies body to kill it, and 1 hit to the head. Bleed chance currently unkown, along with damage to players.


The exquisite Machete is a very close range weapon, Meaning that you have more chance to get hit by a zombie or other player. 2 hits to a zombie kills it, 1 hit to head also kills. But this weakness is made up for in strength, it takes 1 hit to another player (usually newspawn) to kill them.

Combat Knife

Militiary standard Combat knives are VERY rare and can only be found at militiary loot spawns. They swing fast and do 3 hits to a zombie to kill it, 1 hit to head. Again, they are a close range weapon, but anything else on it apart from our own experience has not been recorded yet.


The farming sickle is a mostly unknown weapon in the game. Rarity is undiscovered, bleed chance unrecorded. Pretty much a ♥♥♥♥ty weapon beofre it is recorded… But it does take up a 2×2 slot in the bag and can be found in residential and industrial spawns.

Can Opener

Really? A can opener? Yeah, ok, you open cans with it AND you hit zombies with it? Would you like some blood with your Spaghetti sir? It does slightly more damage than your fists if you have no other option, but c’mon man, don’t. It is also a rare item, spawning in commercial, residential and industrial. Nothing else is recorded on it’s use. (Because no one wants to use it…)


The hacker Hacksaw is not as powerful as it sounds… It is slightly better than the can opener, i guess thats something… Most is unknown when it comes to this item, it takes up 2 slots sideways, can be used to make the IZH43 sawn off and can open cans (with some spillage though, we’ll get to that later).

Pitch Fork

Grab your torch and pitch forks! No, we ain’t hunting ogres with this thing, but we are hunting zombies, because this thing is a killing machine! from experience i know that it takes 2 hits to the body of a zombie to kill them, one hit tothehead. It uses a double combo attack, a swing then a thrust. Any still targets will get pumelled by this. It has a great range of 3m but can only be found in industrial loot spawns. Also has 100% chance to bleed! A good weapon to get early on before your more powerful melee machines…

Splitting Axe

Splitting heads with a splitting axe is always fun! This axe used to be the same as the firefighters axe just with a different texture, but now it has been nerfed. it takes 2 hits to a zombie body to kill it, 1 to the head. This weapon has good range, good damage, but is a rare find only in industrial and commercial spawn areas. Not much is known on this weapon other than these facts.


Shovels, the most common zombie killer of our age! This weapon takes 3 hits to a zombie body to kill, 1 hit to the head. Bleed chance is also 40%, making it a good weapon to use on players as well. Not much else has been recorded on this weapon, but maybe later we could dig graves, pick up bodies and have funerals for our fallen buddies… Get to work Dev team!


The puny hammer, Thor is not pleased! This weapon is used as a makeshift if your ♥♥♥♥ has been chopped off! This thing is so bad that the can opener would be a savior! The amount of hits it takes to kill a zombie isn’t tested because no one wants to try. That’s right, if their’s one weapon here we say no too, it’s this one. If you pick one up. Go. Crawl. Away. And. Die.

Fire extinguisher

Good fun for putting out fires as well as killing zombies! This blunt weapon takes up alot of space in the inventory and is not that good. It takes 4-5 hits to kill a zombie in the body, 2 to the head. Bleed chance is thought to be 20-40%, but this may not be true. A very basic item found in industrial spawns and also found in commercial.

Pipe Wrench

Who needs a plumber when you got your own pipe wrench? This thing isn’t half bad, but it is not half good either. Taking 3-4 hits to the body to kill a zombie and 1 to the head. It spawns in industrial buildings only, if other weapons are found, replace this immediantly.

Firefighter Axe

And finally the killer, the FIREFIGHTER AXE! This beast weapon has a 60-70% chance to make you bleed. 1 hit to the body of a zombie kills it, same to the head. Making this the most O.P. melee weapon in the game. Also an almost instant kill for players, 2 hits to the body usually safices in damage. If they still ain’t dead, watch ’em run and bleed until they drop… This weapon is a cold blooded killer…


The Amphibia S

  • Damage: Low
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Medium
  • Noise: Quiet
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The Amphibia S is a semi-automatic silenced pistol. It fires .22 rounds and can have a clip of 10 rounds. It has high accuracy and low noise, but it is also the least powerful gun available. Zombies can be killed with a single headshot but humans can only be killed with multiple headshots or many more body shots. This makes having a clip almost essential to using the Amphiba S. The Amphiba S should be avoided if possible, with any other weapon being a better alternative.

The CR75

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Medium
  • Noise: Loud
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The CR75 packs decent damage and good accuracy in a small and loud package. It fires 9mm rounds, being the only weapon to use that type of ammunition. It has a clip of 15 rounds and does enough damage to kill with headshots. Compared to other pistols like the 1911 and FNX45, it is a solid alternative to both of them with only very minor differences in performance.

The 1911

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Range: Medium
  • Noise: Moderate
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The 1911 is a moderately powerful and accurate pistol. It fires .45ACP rounds and can be single chambered without a clip, though a clip is recommended. It has a magazine of only 7 rounds, compared to the FNX45 which shoots the same rounds and has a magazine of 15. Compared to the FNX45, the 1911 has smaller clips, less customisation and is less accurate. The 1911 is useful for players finding their first weapons, though it is recommended to upgrade to the FNX45 when you find one.

The FNX45

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Medium
  • Noise: Moderate
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The FNX45 is a semi-automatic, high accuracy pistol. It fires .45ACP rounds, like the 1911. It can be chambered or used with a 15 round clip. The weapon is powerful enough to kill with a single headshot, while two body shots are enough to bring down most targets. In comparison to the 1911, the FNX45 is more accurate, has a higher capacity magazine and can be modified further. With its accuracy and power, it is an ideal sidearm for any player.

The Magnum Revolver

  • Damage: Very high
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Short
  • Noise: Very loud
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The Magnum is an extremely loud and powerful revolver. It fires .357 rounds and being a revolver, doesn’t require a clip. It can hold up to 6 rounds at a time and can be reloaded with a speed loader to make reloading extremely fast. It is one of the most common handguns that can be found, its ammunition is usually quite plentiful and it doesn’t require a clip, making it an ideal weapon for looters without heavier rifles. It also makes for an ideal weapon to be concealed in a backpack until it is needed to quickly take something down. It’s small, loud and packs a huge punch, so if one is ever pointing at you, ask yourself, “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

The Sporter 22

  • Damage: Low
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Medium
  • Noise: Quiet
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The Sporter does low damage and multiple headshots are required to put down almost any target. It fires .22 rounds which can be chambered or used in a clip of 10 or 30. Given its low damage, the only advantages of this weapon over other rifles is it has a faster fire rate than some other rifles and it has low noise and recoil. The Sporter should be swapped out for any rifle as soon as you can get a better one. If you’re stuck with a Sporter, the best tactic is to use it as a panic device by making people bleed, rather than trying to kill with it.

The IZH-43 Double Barrel Shotgun

  • Damage: Very high
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Range: Very short
  • Noise: Very loud
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The IZH-43 is an extremely powerful shotgun, at close range being the most powerful weapon available. It can easily kill zombies and humans alike at close range with a single shot. However, given the spreading of a shotgun, if used on other players, it is almost certain to ruin their gear. The weapon doesn’t need clips to be used, but speed loaders can be implemented to reload the weapon faster. The IZH-43 can also shoot two types of ammunition, being buckshot and slug. Buckshot does more damage at shorter ranges while slug does increases range while reducing damage. It can also be converted into a sawn off shotgun with the use of a hacksaw, making it more concealable. Even with short range and extreme noise, with the IZH-43, whatever is standing in your way is going to have a very, very bad day.

The Blaze 95 Double Rifle

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Long
  • Noise: Loud
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The Blaze 95 Double Rifle is a long range, moderate power rifle. It is the longest range iron sight only weapons in the game, giving it long range but not as long as a rifle likes the Mosin with a long range scope. The rifle doesn’t need a clip to be used, being a double barrel rifle. Both rifle barrels can be fired as fast as the trigger can be pulled, letting the player take two shots in rapid succession. It fires 7.62×51 rounds, which are relatively common when searching for ammunition. With decent damage and long range, the Blaze 95 is a good transition rifle for players as they move past small arms, but have yet to upgrade to SKS or Mosin.


  • Damage: High
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Long
  • Noise: Moderate
  • Rarity: Uncommon

The SKS is a long range, semi-automatic tube of death. With a proper scope and prone stance, its range reaches up to a kilometre, a ranged rivalled only by the Mosin. It fires 7.62X39mm rounds and it can be used without a clip, by chambering the rifle, but to use it effectively a clip is required, which can often be difficult to find. It is a less than opportune close combat weapon, though it can still be used at medium range with iron sights. However, if there are multiple targets at long range, the SKS becomes a highly effective weapon.

The Mosin 9130

  • Damage: High
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Long
  • Noise: Very loud
  • Rarity: Rare

The Mosin 9130 is a high power, slow firing hard hitter. It’s a bolt action rifle and fires 7.62x51mm rounds which up to 5 can be loaded into its internal clip. It is a poor choice of weapon for short range combat given its long range sights in combination with its slow rate of fire. However at long range, it is the most powerful rifle available. With proper scopes and prone stance, it can hit accurately from over a kilometre, making the most long range weapon in the game. Its high damage means even a body shot is almost always an instant kill or unconscious. For long range situations where you really, really need something dead in a hurry, the Mosin is the rifle of choice. Shoot first, shoot last.

The M4A1 Assault Rifle

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Accuracy: High
  • Range: Medium
  • Noise: Loud
  • Rarity: Rare

The M4A1 Assault Rifle is a medium range, moderate power, rapid fire rifle. It is by far the most customisable weapon in the game, as almost every aspect of the weapon can be modified. It can be outfitted with AGOC sights for medium range and reflex sights for close quarters. The rifle fires 5.56x45mm rounds which are quite common to find. Clips for this weapon are by far the most common clips to find. The rate of fire of the weapon combined with clips as big as 60 rounds, the M4A1 is an ideal weapon for dealing lots of damage, quickly at decent range.

Hunger and thirst

The player has two levels which they must manage, hunger (energy) and thirst (water). Energy and water are consumed at different rates, for instance water is always consumed at a faster rate than energy and overall consumption changes depending on the activity of the player. Below shows how much energy and water the player consumes per minute, when on the move and when idle.

  • Consumption per minute:
  • Idle: Water – 8 Energy – 4
  • Active: Water – 20 Energy – 15

The numbers on the left show how much water the items gives and the number on the right is how much energy it provides. Here are all the available foods/drinks available, ordered according to energy value (For multiple use items the value is per use).

  • Rice: -50, 250
  • Powdered milk: -20, 66
  • Cereal: -13, 62
  • Tuna: 7, 32
  • Baked beans: 17, 31
  • Sardines: 5, 22
  • Spaghetti: 16, 20
  • Banana: 6, 10
  • Soda: 17, 9
  • Apple: 9, 5
  • Orange: 7, 5
  • Kiwi: 3, 3
  • Canteen: 1000 (full)
  • Water bottle: 500 (full)

From this data it shows that energy wise, nothing compares to rice with it being almost 5 times better than its nearest competitor. It also shows how little energy and water are gained from fresh fruit, with a kiwi having only enough energy to sustain you for less than a minute.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_251175476_preview (1)

Above is a chart on how status indicators change depending on energy and water levels. The chart also shows how much energy and water the player can have.

Given how little energy and water fresh fruit, soda and canned foods provide, it is advisable to eat them when you find them and not carry them around. If you have not reached the bright green status indicator for water or energy, you should always drink and eat what you have until you reach the limit. This allows the player to be healthy and have full regeneration (mentioned in blood and heath) and frees up inventory space.

Navigation of Chernarus

Chernarus is a huge place, 225km squared big to be precise. When you are new to the game, navigation and meeting up with people can be a nightmare, but as you begin to learn the map, navigation becomes relatively easy.

First of all, spawning. When you first join a server, you are most likely, but not garunteed to spawn along the right hand side of the map (Anywhere between Kamyshovo and Berezino). The shore is probably the most useful nagvigation tool at your disposal, as if you know what town your in and which direction to run, shore navigation is easy.


When players begin to go inland, things become more complicated, but well cover that later.
There are a few cities and towns you will want to remember.

Here are a list of cities and towns going from the top right hand corner of the map (Berezino) to the bottom left corner of the map (Kamenka)

  • Berezino – Березин
  • Nizhnoye – Нижнее
  • Solnichniy – Солнечный
  • Kamyshovo – Камышово
  • Elektrozavodsk – Электрозаводск
  • Chernogorsk – Черногорск
  • Balota – Балота
  • Komarovo – Комарово


Dark Souls 2 Co-Op Guide: Faster and easier way to connect to your friends

While online play for Dark Souls 2 has improved a lot compared to its predecessor which used Games for Windows Live, the problem is, there are so many people playing right now that even though the system works it’s still an ordeal to play with your friends.

There is a very simple solution.

Step 1:

Gather about 6000 souls (5500 exactly).


Step 2:

Travel to Majula (The starter/hub town).

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Step 3:

Talk to Sweet Shalquoir (The awesome cat that keeps covenant records and sells things, in the house across from the armor merchant and near the locked mansion).

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Dark Souls 2 PC Basic Controls: How to light torches and more

It seems that Dark Souls 2 on the PC isn’t just peppered with bugs and crashes, they have also missed out on explaining some of the more basic controls — including how to light a torch. Crash Wiki has compiled a guide to help all ye lost souls out.

Basic Controls

First up, here are the basic controls you might be missing out on:

  • Left Click x 1 Will do your first attack with the left hand
  • Left Click x 2 Will do a stronger attack with the left hand


  • Right Click x 1 Will do your first attack with the right hand
  • Right Click x 2 Will do a stronger attack with the right hand


  • Hold “Space” for Sprint or tap to roll / evade
  • Whilst Holding “Space” and moving press “F” to jump


  • “Shift + Left Click” is used to interact with all objects
  • Becareful as “Shift + Right Click” or “E” is used to consume a life gem


  • “M” is used to toggle guard or block on
  • “N” is used to switch stances with your weapons


  • “Z” toggle walk
  • “X” toggle run


  • “Enter” Confirm
  • “Backspace” Deny

Lighting The Torch

The first torch and area to light it is found in the back room of the second cinematic house.


Beat the cart on the right and loot the body and get the torch then go to the campfire on the left and press “Shift + N” and then it should switch from Rest at Bonfire to Light torch. Congratulations you have successfully lit your first torch and you are on your way to become a true warrior.

If “Shift + N” isn’t working for you another alternative that works is “Control + Mouse Wheel Click”.

Advanced Techniques

Guard break I tap “W” and Right Click or Left Click” depending on what hand your weapon is in at the same time. This may take a few tries for you to get it to work but it is a completely different animation so it is easy to distinguish.

Backstep Charge is a very good PVP technique that allows you to gain distance to dodge one of the enemies attacks and then charge back into them with your own. This is done by pressing “Space” with no direction and then attacking with your weapon right after this is done.


Thanks for reading and enjoy your Dark Soul 2 experience. If you believe something should be added to help other people feel free to post in the comments section below. We strongly recommend to use a controller but keyboard and mouse have been made viable so if you cannot get one don’t worry.

Dark Souls 2 PC: The Recommended Keyboard Layout to Improve Control

After setting my keyboard and mouse controls back up to emulate the setup I had back in Dark Souls 1, I realised it may be useful for people for me to put it out there, especially because of the default control scheme.

There’s some other helpful information present as well.

The main layout


Here’s a textual rundown of all the settings as they’d appear in the key configuration menu:

‘Face Buttons’:

  • E = Interact (Represented as the A symbol in-game)
  • Q = Use Item (Represented as the X symbol in-game)
  • R = Wield right weapon two-handed (Represented as the Y symbol in-game)
  • Left Shift = Dash/Backstep/Roll (Represented as the B symbol in-game)


  • X = Switch left weapon
  • C = Switch right weapon
  • Mouse wheel up = Switch spells
  • Mouse wheel down = Switch items

‘Shoulder Buttons’:

  • Right click = Attack (right hand)
  • Double right-click = Strong Attack (right hand)
  • Left click = Attack (left hand)
  • Double left-click = Strong Attack (left hand)


  • WASD = Movement, as always
  • G = Open Gesture Menu
  • Left Alt = Walk
  • Space = Reset camera/Target Lock/Release

Menu Controls:

  • F = Stands in for the ‘X’ button in menus
  • V = Stands in for the ‘Y’ button in menus
  • Enter = Stands in for the ‘A’ button in menus
  • Backspace = Stands in for the ‘B’ button in menus

Keep in mind that this layout is made in mind for the ‘jump’ setting set to ‘B’ and not ‘L3’. If you want a seperate control for jump, Caps Lock or F may be appropriate.

More esoteric attacks:

These attacks are subject to trouble with mouse lag. Read workarounds for this problem in the next section.

  • Press W + Light attack with your primary weapon to perform a guard break.
  • Press W + Strong attack with your primary weapon to perform a jump attack.
  • Tap Shift, then immediately Light attack with your primary weapon to perform a sort of ‘dash attack’.

Things particular to the R key:

  • Tap R to use your right-hand weapon in two hands, Hold R to do the same with your left-hand weapon.
  • Hold R when dual wielding weapons that you have 150% skill requirements for to enter a ‘power stance’. This acts as a different moveset from normal dual-wielding.
  • Press R when the prompt ‘Y – Toggle’ appears to toggle through actions. This is important for lighting torches or for reading messages.

On the next page: other things to keep in mind when working on your keybindings for Dark Souls 2 on the PC.

Dark Souls 2 PC Covenants Guide

This guide describes all the covenants in Dark Souls 2 for the PC.


Multiplayer Items

There are nine covenants in the game, each with different goals and different means of achieving those goals, all through multiplayer interaction. While most of the covenants have at least one exclusive multiplayer item for use to this end, there are certain multiplayer items that can be used regardless of covenant:

  • White Sign Soapstone;
  • Small White Sign Soapstone;
  • Cracked Red Eye Orb; (edit: must be in human form to use)
  • Cracked Blue Eye Orb. (edit: can only be used if you are a blue sentinel, needs confirmation)

In this way, any player regardless of covenant can be summoned by another player or invade them, or even if they are in no covenant at all.


Most of the covenants allow progression within the covenant in the form of ranks, starting at base (referred to as +0), and maxing at +???

  • Base/+0: 0 offerings
  • Covenant rank +1: ??
  • Covenant rank +2: ???
  • Covenant rank +3: ???

Breaking/Abandoning a Covenant

You may abandon your current covenant by seeking out Sweet Shaliquour, a cat NPC in a small building by the large hole in Majula. You may also abandon your covenant by attempting to join a new one.

Co-op Covenants

These are the covenants which seek to lend assistance to other players through the use of the white sign soapstone, or through special abilities that assist their allies in cooperative player-versus-environment play. Note that while these covenants may be co-op flavored, there are still ways for members of these covenants to invade and kill other players, and even something as seemingly innocuous as a group healing spell can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of a savvy invader.

Heirs of the Sun

Similar to the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant for Dark Souls. These players will focus on co-operative play and assistance, and strike a special pose while being summoned. Additionally, their golden signs are expected to be more noticeable and thus be able to assist others more often. Sunlight warriors also gain sunlight medals upon helping a host in their world which they can use to rank up in the covenant in the first game.

  • Initial Reward: Sun Seal.
  • Rank 1 (Offer 10 Sunlight Medals): Sunlight Parma.
  • Rank 2 (Offer 20 Sunlight Medals): Sun Sword.
  • Rank 3 (Offer 30 Sunlight Medals): Sunlight Spear.

Way of the Blue

While travelling the kingdom of Drangleic, dark spirits may invade your world. If you’re a member of the Way of Blue, you’ll receive assistance from the Blue Sentinels. Sentinels are automatically summoned to the world of another player who has been invaded to defend the host.

  • Initial Reward: Blue Seal.
  • Rank 1 (Defeat 1 invading phantom): Bloodbite Ring.
  • Rank 2 (Defeat 5 invading phantoms): Hush.
  • Rank 3 (Defeat 10 invading phantoms): Blue Tearstone Ring.

On the next page: PvP and PvE covenants.