Destiny Mars Dead Ghosts Locations

Mars Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Hint
1 Barrens There is heated combat at its doorstep.
2 Scablands Wonder what’s on the other side.
3 Firebase Rubicon Where the lonely tree grows.
4 The Hollows “CB” marks the spot.
5 Dust Palace Window washer.
6 Overwatch Get a desk job.
7 Giants’ Pass Root of the problem.
8 Valley of the Kings Climb, beyond the outpost – not too high, not too low.
9 Valley of the Kings Skirt the edge.
10 The Drift Signs of life.
11 Buried City Get some height to get Off World.
12 Freehold Station Like a tiny star in the night.
13 Tharsis Junction In the shadows of the M line.
14 Iron Line It hides above.
15 Trenchworks Hug the walls.
16 The Legion’s Keep Column of stone.
17 Upper Garden ?????
18 The Black Garden ?????

Destiny Venus Dead Ghosts Locations

Venus Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Hint
1 Headlands Third puddle to the left.
2 Shattered Coast backseat driver.
3 Ishtar Academy Bookworm.
4 Ishtar Cliffs Over the muddy waters.
5 Waking Ruins Take the high ground…then go a bit higher.
6 Campus 9 Let your exploration reach new heights.
7 Ishtar Commons Under the tarp. Above your head.
8 Ishtar Commons small dark rooms.
9 Winter’s Lair Leave no dark corner unchecked.
10 Ember Caves It’s not called Ember “Caves” for nothing.
11 Hall of Whispers It’s in here…somewhere.
13 Dig Site 4 Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
14 Endless Steps Good luck.

Destiny Moon Dead Ghosts Locations

Moon Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Hint
1 Archer’s Line Acceleration.
2 Archer’s Line “Crack beyond the dome. “
3 Anchor of Light Climb the girder.
4 Temple of Crota You gotta go down, to get back up.
5 Hellmouth Explore our past.
6 Circle of Bones Complete the circle.
7 Gatehouse Look to the depths.
8 Hall of Wisdom Edge of the abyss.
9 Shrine of Oryx Deep within, upon the bones.

Destiny Earth Dead Ghosts Locations

Earth Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Location
1 Breach Got your gun? Watch the ceiling.
2 Breach Stand in the puddle, look left.
3 The Divide Look up…and follow the signs.
4 The Divide Round and round.
5 The Steppes Shed your fears.
6 The Steppes to Mothyards Watch your throttle or you’ll miss the ditch.
7 Mothyards Not all caves are on even ground.
8 Lunar Complex Search the dark, to find the Light.
9 Skywatch Nice view…but you’re not alone.
10 Terrestrial Complex Open locker.
11 Rocketyard Above the Servitor.
12 Forgotten Shore Gonna need a bigger boat.
13 Refinery Find a small room. Look for the Light.
14 The Blast The Devil Walker guards more than a locked door.
15 The Grottos Just beyond the unseen door.
16 Forgotten Shore: Bunker RAS-2 Search the bunker.

How to Play Destiny on University Internet

Thousands of students in North America have been complaining about getting connection errors and error codes “Centipede” and “Chicken” among others, and this is due to certain router restrictions on their University LAN. Basically, the University network administrator must allow certain NAT configurations that are specific to the Xbox and Playstation.

If you’re a network administrator of a university, please follow our guide here in order to allow students to play Destiny, that is, if this is allowable by institutional policy.

How to Fix Destiny Error Codes

You pop your freshly purchased Destiny disc into your console and you are met with funny Destiny error codes. Hassled players would go as for as calling these error codes the “Noah’s Ark of Errors” as you will see Error names such as Centipede, Chicken, Bee, Groundhog, Hare, Lion, Fly, Gopher, and Cattle. These appear after the notice “ATTENTION: Contacting Destiny Servers…” or “Lost connection to partner services.”

These Destiny error codes are usually related to connectivity issues, and a particular item you want to look at is NAT (network address translation). Your NAT will need to be configured correctly on your router. A Type 1 NAT (PlayStation) or an Open NAT Type (Xbox) is preferred.

Here are the detailed the steps you need to configure the proper NAT for your PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, courtesy of

If you are still getting Destiny Error codes, feel free to drop a comment below.

How to find Destiny Pre-order Bonuses (PSN) – Vanguard Weapons, Emblem, Ghost Skin, Spaceship Skin

If you’re one of the thousands who pre-ordered Destiny looking forward to some awesome freebies, you’re probably scratching your head now trying to find Vanguard Weapons, Emblem, Ghost Skin, and Spaceship Skin among other bonuses.

Fortunately this is really easy to fix. Follow these steps:

  1. Exit game (via options menu on main screen)
  2. Go to settings > PSN > Restore licences
  3. Start game
  4. Go to tower

After this you should get a batch of e-mails with your freebies.

Bonus tip: If you’re getting the notice that you have to renew your Destiny pre-order and pay, you have two options: 1) Add funds, then buy
2) Set the “Automatically add funds to renew subscriptions or pay content pre-ordered” to YES (And probably you need to set also “Ask password to pay” to NO) and you can pre-order.

Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Destiny Achievements and Trophies Guide – The Complete List

Here are all the achievements and trophies you can get in Destiny.

  • Change of Heart Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid
  • Ship Rite Rebuild a Jumpship Lucky 7s Attain a Grimoire score of 777
  • Decryptologist Decrypt 25 Engrams Use of Weapons Dismantle 50 pieces of armor or weapons
  • The Life Exotic Obtain and equip a piece of Exotic gear
  • A New Steed Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle Suited for War Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic Gear
  • Bane of the Emperor Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying
  • Bane of the Kell Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in 1 mission without dying
  • Bane of the Dead Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in 1 mission without dying
  • Bane of the Machines Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in 1 mission without dying
  • Blink of an Eye Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds
  • Valorous Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score
  • Notorious Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score
  • Public Defender Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events
  • Finders Keepers Assist in capturing 50 capture points in Control
  • Relic Hunter Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage
  • Hunter Killer Kill 100 Hunters in PvP
  • Giant Slayer Kill 100 Titans in PvP
  • Witch Hunt Kill 100 Warlocks in PvP Ask Questions Later Earn a first strike kill in PvP
  • Excessive Force Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons Triple Play Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PvP match
  • Raider Complete a Raid Raiding Party Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members
  • Epic Raider Complete a Raid on hard difficulty
  • Inspector Inspect another player
  • Vanguard Honor Attain a Vanguard Rank 3
  • A Friend Indeed Resurrect 5 fallen players
  • Rising Vanguard Complete a Strike
  • Strength of the Pack Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members
  • Flawless Striker Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying
  • Ghost Hunter Discover 50 dead ghosts
  • Dragon Slayer Kill a champion of the Dark
  • Hunter Mastery Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass
  • Titan Mastery Fully upgrade a Titan Subclass
  • Warlock Mastery Fully upgrade a Warlock Subclass
  • Packing Heat Fully upgrade an Exotic weapon
  • Fully Weaponized Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!