Battlefield 4: Confirmed Weapons List

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Credit to u/ww2kev

Assault Rifles

  • QBZ-95-1 (Seen in leaked Alpha screenshots)
  • CZ805 (Seen in leaked Alpha, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • M16A3 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • AEK-971 (Seen briefly as a dropped weapon in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • HK416 (Seen used by a squadmate in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)


  • M4A1 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • AK5C (Seen in “Angry Sea” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

Sniper Rifles/Designated Marksman Rifles

  • Steyr Scout Elite (Seen in leaked Alpha images and E3 Footage)
  • QBU-88 (Seen in leaked Alpha images)
  • SV-98 (Seen in leaked Alpha images)
  • Kel-Tec RFB (Seen in E3 Footage with blue Digital camo)


  • Mk. 46 Mod. 0 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • Ultimax-100 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, “Angry Sea” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • QJY-88 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, Alternate Multiplayer Trailer)

Submachine guns/Personal Defense Weapons

  • CZ3A1 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • P90 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer as a dropped weapon)
  • U-100 M5K


  • M9A1 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • QSZ-92 (Seen in Alternate Multiplayer Trailer)
  • MP412 REX (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)


  • Serbu Super Shorty (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • Saiga-12 (Seen in “Angry Sea” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer)
  • Hawk 12 Gauge (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer)
  • M26 MASS (Seen in E3 Footage, customizable)
  • Norinco V1218 (Seen in the Multiplayer Trailer)

Other Weaponry

  • Milkor MGL Mk 1S (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer)
  • M320 (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • RPG-7 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • FIM-92 Stinger (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)
  • XM25 CDTE (Seen in E3 Footage)
  • SRAW (Seen in E3 Footage)
  • C4 (Seen in Leaked Alpha images)


  • M67 (Seen in all trailers and E3 Footage)

This is a hand thrown fragmentation grenade

  • M34 WP (Seen in E3 Footage)

Is a White Phosphorus Smoke Grenade this has been described in live stream to be an incendiary grenade which “Explodes with a cloud of fire damaging any targets in the area of effect” ( *credit to u/Chitect) * M84 (E3 Footage)

This is a non lethal “Stun” grenade

  • MTN-55 (E3 Footage)

This is the motion sensor ball

Bladed / Melee Weaponry

  • M9 Bayonet (Seen in “Fishing in Baku” Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage) Used as a knife, not mounted on weapons.
  • Improvised “Shank” type weapon.
Weapons camo selection screen
Weapons camo selection screen

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