My vision for an error-free digital world

It’s inevitable. Users all over the world occasionally run into technical bugs and glitches on their PC, mobile device, tablet, or whatnot. It’s a painstaking process to find the right solutions each and every time they encounter such problems. My vision for Crash Wiki is be a key online portal that will not only provide quick fixes to these pesky headaches, but also to provide a community zone where users can interact and help each other overcome them.

My dad taught me when I was a kid to “always seek another’s help, even if you’re dealing with the tiniest problem.” He says it’s the human interaction that’s most important in the process, and to this date I am a firm believer in that. In the computer world, it’s basically the same. Whether it be the littlest glitch or the most vicious black screen errors, knowing that people all over the globe are willing to help you is probably one of the more profound feelings in online life.

And so I embark on this journey to provide the most searchable solutions on the planet for even the most cunning of digital bugs, errors, crashes, and glitches. I’ll be collecting user-based solutions all over the world for your games, apps, and any computer-related service. Let me summarize them for your reading pleasure in times when you need them most. And then, with the light commenting section provided, I encourage you to ask, share, and help others with their digital predicaments.

Wish me luck, and it’ll be my pleasure seeing you around Crash Wiki!