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About Crash Fix Online

Crash Fix Online is committed to being your digital repair man. Operating since 2012, Crash Fix Online has since grown from simple beginnings to a professional web portal where readers can find the latest and reliable video game content — from game previews, reviews, troubleshooting guides, walkthroughs, videos, memes, and more.

Having said this, our vision is to become a real, relevant player in the video game information industry.

Stephen R.

Publisher and Editor In-Chief

Stephen serves as the web site lead. He has deep experience in the video game industry, having worked for various game publishing and development companies. More importantly, Stephen is also a passionate gamer and enjoys all types and genres of games.

Sandy V.

Associate Editor and Head of Entertainment

Sandy is in charge of sourcing and producing entertainment content, as well as managing Crash Fix Online’s social media assets. In her free time, she sinks into her collection of J-RPGs and manga.

Seth S.

Infrastructure and Recruitment

Seth handles our web infrastructure as well as our outsourced assets. Seth enjoys beer, pizza, FPS games, and beer. He also loves beer — did we already mention that?

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