The 9 Fixes for Injustice: Gods Among Us PC Crashes, Errors, Low FPS, Slow, Stuck at logo, Blank screen, Control bugs, D3D

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is currently down 75% at the on-going Steam sale, and gamers worldwide are going nuts over crashes, errors, slowness, blank screen, control bugs, among other bugs. Fortunately we took note of the most notorious issues and their solutions in this troubleshooting guide.

The 9 Fixes for Injustice: Gods Among Us PC Crashes, Errors, Low FPS, Slow, Stuck at logo, Blank screen, Control bugs, D3D

1. Full speed rendering in the PC version – Low FPS

Due to the game porting process, the engine just pumps all the frames (rather than skipping) without thinking the pressure that the engine is putting on the poor processors. The best way to get around this problem is tone down the graphics a little bit by reducing the shadow effect.

2. Injustice: Gods Among Us runs very slow

There are multiple fixes which you can adopt and see if any of them works. While we can’t confirm which one will work for you, best to try one or more of the following.

  • Turn down the Anti aliasing
  • Avoid people with less bandwidth. You wouldn’t want to spoil your gaming experience just because someone doesn’t want to spend much in bandwidth.
  • Another fix that you can try (sometimes it might not work) is push your opponent to the right side and do a stage transition. Once you get the scarecrow, just pause it and once the animation is over the lag will be over.

3. Pause doesn’t work

I am sure this is the most irritating thing that you will ever get while playing. For some reason I can’t find the pause button. The problem is that you don’t get to see the pause button anywhere in the gameplay. Turns out that it is whatever you set at the controls set up.

4. Stuck at start up (logo screen)

Try deleting all files in your AppData. Hit Windows+R then type in %appdata% and open the Injustice folder and delete the files in it (be sure to make a backup). Hope this will remove the problem of getting stuck at the logo screen itself.

5. Blank screen

For this problem you will have to drill down to Option.ini file in the appdata (Windows+R, type %appdata% and then go to roaming) and change the resolution from 1920×1080 to your native resolution. Again, be sure to make a backup before doing any changes.

6. Online controls

There is a glitch where the controls simply go to default when in the multiplayer mode. To fix this, first go to single player before connecting. This way it will keep your preset values.

7. Frequent disconnection

This could be because of too many pings. You might want to try one to one but for this to fix completely you might want to wait for the next version of the engine.

8. Unable to initialize with Direct3D

This could be solved by changing the video card itself with one which supports, unfortunately!

9. Microsoft Framework 4.0 Error

This could be because of corrupt files. Update and reinstall with the latest version of Microsoft Framework.

This is most comprehensive list of issues and solutions we have for now. We encourage you to post your problems and fixes as well so that your fixes can help other gamers as well.

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  • Aiman Danial

    mine injustice was stuck at the logo and i do as what you told but it stil doesnt work 🙁 please help me

  • CT

    I start game and it gets to the first logo at the very beggining of boot after the banner. Right away it freezes with the circular loading mouse ring but i hear a couple seconds of sound and then nothing and i have to go to task manager to end it. I’ve looked everywhere for fixes and everything i try has the same results with the same freezing moment at logo. Would be awesome to do atleast one battle since i never played the game before. Thanks for failing developers

    • anonymous

      first of all ur pc should meet the needed requirements for the game and also make sure to update ur graphics and audio drivers.
      and if all fails just install a fresh windows with ur graphics updated. that has helped me alot with almost every game i tried.

  • anonymous

    i have the application error what should i do?

  • I have just downloaded it and I have an error where it WILL NOT OPEN! Regardless wether or not I use the launcher, it just won’t work! I tried what you said, and it still didn’t work, so I put all the files back in the AppData folder. PLEASE HELP! I just bought the game and I really would like to play it now!

  • cape crusader

    I played the game till 4th chapter…next day when I started the game…all progress was lost.unable to save game.plz help

  • Shadab

    i have a weird problem after i unlock a badge while playing battles it says press g to continue i press g but nothing happens nor any other key works

  • M.Usman

    it only displaying “Bug Me” everywhere inside game