12 Fixes for Mount & Blade: Warband Crashes after Intro, Multiplayer Mac Crash, Invalid Entry, BEX, Can't Host, Stopped Working, Achievements, Failed to Contact Key Server, Mac Install

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Mount & Blade: Warband is on a whopping 75% price drop on Steam this weekend, yet still suffers from major crashes, bugs, errors, and performance issues. This guide will help you resolve these pesky issues and get you up and running in no time.

12 Fixes for Mount & Blade: Warband Crashes after Intro, Multiplayer Mac Crash, Invalid Entry, BEX, Can’t Host, Stopped Working, Achievements, Failed to Contact Key Server, Mac Install

1. Mount & Blade: Warband Achivements not working

You cannot get achievements with cheats on, so be sure to disable any cheats.

2. Failed to Contact Key Server

Occasionally Steam may run out of keys to provide for your purchase. This error will appear if this happens. You will be issued a key as soon as Steam has been given more by the game’s publisher.

3. Crashes when Creating Character, Firing, First few Seconds of Game

If your game crashes when creating a character, firing a crossbow, or during the first few moments of a new game, do the following:

  • Verify integrity of game cache
  • Disable Steam Community
  • Disable any other Overlay software such as Overwolf and Mumble
  • Update your Nvidia and ATI drivers
  • Start Steam in offline mode
  • turn off Enable Cheats in the console when you press Play
  • Try renaming the rgl_config.txt file in your ‘my documents/warband’ folder.
  • Make an account and then Register your Steam copy of Mount and Blades to http://www.taleworlds.com/ then download them to play the game without the broken patch.
  • Change language to something other than english

4. Mount & Blade: Warband Crashes after Intro Logo

If Mount & Blade: Warband crashes after you start up the game and reach the intro logo, try restarting your computer and running the game again. Doing this basically addresses a memory leak. If that doesn’t cut it, check the solutions for #3 in this guide.

5. Mount & Blade: Warband Multiplayer Crashes on Mac

First try to delete your game saves in in ~/Library/Application Support/MBWarband and try running the game again.

If that doesn’t work, install this FREE Crossover Trial and do the following:

  1. Once Crossover trial is finished open it up and go to the install games button and install the windows steam version.
  2. Once windows steam is downloaded open it up and go to your library and go to Mount and Blade Warband and install it. (You have to install it here again because its not the same steam)
  3. Once the download is finished open the game up and you should get the launcher and be able to play

6. How to install Napoleon wars on mac

  1. Make sure you do all of the 4 steps above first and also make sure you have bought Napoleon wars.
  2. On the launcher screen there should be a tab where it says Native. Click it and right below it should say Napoleon Wars.
  3. Run the game.

7. Mount & Blade: Warband When Entering Cities

Start Steam in Offline mode and rn the game. An alternative is to enable cheats in the Configure menu (the purpose is to disable Steam Achievements which is causing the crashes).

8. Mount & Blade: Warband Error: Warning Invalid Entry

This bug is due to an in-game movement script and should have been fixed by now. If you’re still getting this error, let us know in the comments section below.

9. BEX: Buffer overflow exception

  1. Try turning off the DEP for that particular program. Go Google “DEP Add Exception “. You can do it, only a short step.
  2. If that fails, you can try turning DEP off entirely, though be warned that nobody is about to take responsibility for that. Not like your computer will blow up, but if you DO have any wonky programs, you’re dead.
  3. If that still fails, then run the exe directly, not through the launcher. I trust you have the brains how, to navigate to install directory and open the right exe.

10. Can’t host game

  1. In your wifi router, put Mount & Blade: Warband in DMZ mode.
  2. On your PC, temporarily disable your firewall and anti-virus while playing Mount & Blade: Warband.
  3. Try hosting a game again.

11. Mount & Blade: Warband Stopped Working, FMOD.Dll

If you’re getting the crash with the FMOD dll error, disable any headsets you might have and leave your normal speakers unplugged and enabled.

12. Still getting crashes?

Run through these other troubleshooting options and see what works for you:

  1. Load textures on demand: Is it on or off? Try changing it’s status to see if it helps.
  2. Is your computer/laptop hot enough to fry eggs? Might be overheating problem.
  3. Is there any pattern to crashes? Like only when fighting against faction X? Or when you enter a certain town?
  4. Are you using DX11? Try using DX9 and DX7 in your options?
  5. Try setting the slider to minimum for everything graphical to see if that’s the cause?
  6. Try checking if your antivirus is being evil and scanning your game as it runs, causing immense lag/crashing? I’m pretty sure that was my issue once.
  7. Enable/Disable cheat mode?
  8. Most graphic cards come with their own “control centers”, I use ATI and have Catalyst. Is it forcing antialiasing or filtering onto your games? Make it “application controlled”. Sorry, nViDIA people, never touched a comp with a nViDIA card yet for some reason and I have no idea how PhysX or whatever it is works.

Did you fix your Mount & Blade: Warband crashes, errors, and bugs? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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  • brett nuelle

    When i try to start up my game it still crashes on the initial loading screen. i tried about every single thing the guide said and it still fails. i heard renaming that rgl file works but i have no idea how to access it. is there a more detailed way you can tell me of how to find it?

  • Kev

    I tried like over 10 different solutions and any of them worked. Then i started messing around to get it working and i came up with solution. When your computer has nvidia card, then open up nvidia control panel, go to Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings. Click add and choose Mount&Blade: Warband. Then you have option to select preferred graphics processor, choose Integrated Graphics and click Apply and you are done. I hope it works 🙂 Sorry for bad english, hope you understood everything.

  • Jose Luis

    Every time i select mi save spot it crashes, i try rename the file “last_savegame_backup.sav” and doesn’t work, i try to disable steam community neither….do you have any solutions?