10 Fixes for Warlock – Master of the Arcane Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Stuck Loading, Win 8, Create device, Multiplayer, Key Server

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It is very obvious that you have to be ready to fetch several problems when you are going to play a new game. Also you have to keep in mind that there is solutions where there is problems. Similarly, Warlock Master game has several problems. Problems may come from viruses, other installed programs, hardware problems, graphic problems etc. So, number of problems are not limited; they are huge like other software problems. I am going to show you top common 10 problems and solutions of this game. Don’t panic; let us know your problems using our forum below of this post if you have new problems.

10 Fixes for Warlock – Master of the Arcane Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Stuck Loading, Win 8, Create device, Multiplayer, Key Server

1. Stuck at game loading:

This problems may occur for various reasons. Here are a few possible solutions of this problem:

  • Set video cards to their reference (not stock) values if your video cards are overclocked.
  • Play in Windowed mode.
  • Before running the game, restart your computer.
  • Switch off any other 3rd party overlay program such as MSI’s afterburner, EVGA’s Precision X, or FRAPS.
  • Switch off Steam’s community overlay.

2. Problem to store game in memory location for recovery purpose:

  1. Install new steam in new hard drive (lets name it d:)
  2. Start d:gamessteamsteam.exe and update it.
  3. nstall warlock in new hard drive (d:gamessteamlibrary)
  4. Run warlock and quit warlock after having loaded). Rename d:gamessteam to d:gamessteam-newf) Copy/move your new steam folder to g:games to d:gamesg) Start d:gamessteamsteam.exeh) After making updated, run warlock and you will be able to solve this problem.

3. Freezes game in Win 8:

Update your computer’s video driver and do it on your vendor’s site (nVidia, AMD or Intel) NOT here in the Steam or in the Windows Updates. Additionally, ensure that you have made your computer/motherboard such that it is fully compatible with the Windows 8. Until you are fully confirmed about this, do not try to update your nice video driver.

4. Problem to create device:

Enter using safe mode of your computer and change graphics settings in game.

5. Game staring problem and Crash To Desktop:

Run using safe mode and make some suitable changes to the graphics configure in the game. After that, start again using normal mode.

6. Problem to click buttons:

Make the game configured to its primary resolution. Moreover, try to keep video drivers are up to date.

7. Multi player Loading Problem:

a. Warlock hates Hamachi. Switch off Hamachi completely.
b. Warlock doesn’t like to be windowed. Warlock has more to perform locking up with the game and to lag over time.

8. Unavailability of multiplayer bots:

When you start the game with the unfilled player slots, these unfilled slots will become bots.

9. Restart computer at the time of play:

check your computer virus using latest virus scanner ( example: Microsoft security essential, Kaspersky etc). Also check other installed running programs in your computer. It is the best practice to keep your computer up to date.

10. Failed contact to key server:

If your game is installed, you can easily go to C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonWarlock Master and run Game.exe to start the game.

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