10 Fixes for Magic 2014 Crashes, Errors Won't Launch, File Missing, Black Screen, Connection Issues

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Magic 2014 (also known as The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014) is on Steam sale this weekend, and lots of gamers have been complaining about numerous bugs, crashes, and errors with the game. Here’s our handy troubleshooting guide to help you sort out any game-breaking issues in Magic 2014.

10 Fixes for Magic 2014 Crashes, Errors Won’t Launch, File Missing, Stuck at Ignite Your Spark, Black Screen, Connection Issues, Blurry GFX, Win XP

# 1) Magic 2014 won’t launch

If you have trouble with starting the game, the quick fix is to try re-installing Magic 2014. Also restart the Steam after the completion of installation process.

# 2) Black Screen Crash

If the screen of your PC blacks out when launching the game and sound continues to play in the background, you should try to change the resolution of the game to your PC’s resolution. To do this find config file in Steam apps folder of your Magic 2014. After this open the file in text editor and change the resolution to the resolution of your desktop. The problem will be fixed after this. If this doesn’t work, try this other known fix: disable mouse pointer shadow from your control panel of your desktop.

# 3) Connection Issues in Magic 2014

If you can’t connect to Magic 2014’s multiplayer servers, then there is a chance that your anti-virus or firewall is blocking it or there is a issue with the game servers. Two things you can try. First, try running Magic 2014 as administrator (right-click > Run as administrator). Second, temporarily disable your anti-virus and firewall while playing the game.

# 4) Magic 2014 File Missing Issue

If you get this error, make sure that your game is downloaded completely before you run it. If it shows an error of missing file then try to restart Steam. Sometimes at the end the downloading fails because your anti-virus may be interfering in it. Disable the anti-virus so that you can complete your downloading process.

# 5) Blurry Graphics

If you are playing at high resolution then there is a chance that the screen will be blurred and with bad or weird graphics. To solve this go to the Steam Apps folder and find the config file. It will show [ fullscreen ] 1. Change that value to zero. Also see that the game’s resolution and PC’s resolution are same.

# 6) Random crashes in Magic 2014

If Magic 2014 crashes and always creates a dump file then follow these steps:

  1. Go in the Steam and login
  2. Disconnect the desktop internet connection.
  3. Now, launch the game the game will start without crashing.
  4. Exit the game.
  5. Again connect your Internet connection and start the game and the issue will be fixed.

# 7) Non-supported Resolution

After you launch the game, if the game crashes by showing a black screen and it shows the error that “resolution is not supported” then follow the steps in fix #5 above.

# 8) Startup freezing Issue of Magic 2014 – Stuck at “Ignite Your Spark”

Sometimes when you launch the game it freezes by saying “Ignite Your Spark”. For this if you are using a Ethernet cord then just unplug it at the time of launching and plug it after you reach the main screen.

# 9) Issue with Windows XP OS

If you have issue with running the game in Windows XP then follow the following steps:

  1. Exit Steam.
  2. Go to Start menu and select Run and type regedit and press enter
  4. Right-click and select Permissions and Allow the boxes for both System and Admin for Read and Full control.

# 10) DLC Issue

Addon content or DLC such as Foil conversion and Deck key will be unlocked automatically after you have purchased the game. If you find any difficulty with any contents you have purchased then try contacting Magic 2014 support.

We hope our guide helped you. If you continue to encounter persistent crashes, errors, and bugs in Magic 2014, we encourage you to post in the comments section below.

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